1. Here is a story for you from the Uttara Kaanda.

Ravana was a Brahmana. By killing a Brahmana Rama was afflicted with the curse of 'Brahmahatti'. He approached Saga Agasthya for an upaayam for the relief from the curse. Saga Agasthya asked him to do an 'Aswamedha Yaagam'.
2. In this Yaga the horse is let loose and an army follows it. Any territory that the horse treads belongs to Rama and any prince who would resist the horse will be met with by the army that follows the horse.
3. There were no princes on earth who would go against Rama and so they accept his suzerainty. But it so happened that the horse treaded into a territory of a hermitage where two little kids were living with their mother and their Guru.
4. These kids caught hold of the horse and tied it to a post. The army came to release but was completely routed by the little kids! The news reached Rama and he was wonderstruct at the ability of the kids.
5. So sent all his three brothers who were thorough with the art of archery and when they came to get the horse released, a big battle arose and the mother was sitting on top of a rock and watched the battle.
6. In no time the kids were able to disarm the Lakshmana, Bharata and Satrugna and took them prisoners.

The news reached Rama who was wonderstruck and at the same time perturbed by the feat of the little kids and decided to go himself to teach them a lesson.
7. He reached the place of the two kids and took his arrow and aimed his 'Brahmaasthram' when he heard a woman's voice that cried out "Stop Rama, Stop". He immediately recognized it was his wife Sita. He lowered the bow and looked at her.
8. She told the kids that the horse belong to their father who is ready to fight them. I know Rama is no match to you both but it is not wise to fight your father, so release the horse to him." And so they did.
9. Then Sita told Rama that these kids are his kids and he should take them home. "My job in taking care of them is over and my sojourn in this world is also at an end." Thus saying she walked to the end of the hill and disappeared.
10. Just like her mysterious birth her disappearance also became mysterious. Rama was non-plussed and had mixed emotions.
11. He was very sorry to part with Sita permanently but was happy to gain his sons, Lava and Kusha, and the horse with which he completed the 'Aswamedha Yaagam.'

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26 Sep
1. My न्यायावलिः tweets of yesterday was completely erased! Cant find them on twitter. No I cannot concatenate them with my new addition. Very sad state of affairs. Therefore I am starting a new chain for today's tweetstream onwards.
2. कूपखानकन्यायः
The maxim of digging a well.
The object of the maxim is to denote that as in course of digging a well the body of the worker becomes soiled with the dust, clay, etc., but these may be washed off again with the water of that well.
3. so the sins committed by one at
first may be removed by the merits of the virtous acts done by him afterwards.

The maxim of a well.
There is water in the well, but it cannot be obtained without the help of a jar and a rope,
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1. China's Evergrande, the real estate mammoth that is going under is compared to the U.S. investment bankers Lehman Brothers.
2. In U.S. no one rescued Lehman. Instead, the firm was allowed to collapse overnight, a decision that, in cool hindsight, let problems at one bank snowball into a full-blown panic. By the time it was over, nearly every other major bank had to be saved.
3. In China the govt coolly saved Evergrande by paying only the Chinese Bond Holders and refusing to pay the foreign investors. This lesson must firmly sink into the heads of those who try to invest in foreign countries.
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22 Sep
1. After Dhaksha insulted Sati so terribly that she immolated. Shiva got angry and sent Kali and Virabhadra to destroy Dhaksha yagna. Daksha created millions of soldiers to resist them. Kali say their existence meaningless and devoured them.
2.Virabhadra folded the unrequired space that Dhaksha had created for his puppet troops to stand on.

We know from this story that what is not required will vanish. And what is created by Shiva will be protected.
3. Let the asuras of America understand that as the expert killing masters now the tide is turning to devour them. Together with Britain they entered the first world war and they never turned back. It is over 100 years now.
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13 Sep
1. My father was born, I belive in the year 1878 or thereabout and my grandfather was born in the holy city of Varanasi in the celeberated year of 1857, the year of the Indian Revolution.
2. My great-grand father participated in it fighting the English shoulder to shoulder with his niece Manikarnika Tambe who was then Jhansi Rani. When the revolution failed he came down to south carrying his wife and new born son on a horse back. I am digressing.
3. My father was a friend or relative of one Narayanaswamy Aiyer who wrote on this Yoga-kundalini Upanishad of Krishna-Yajurveda and published it in 1914 and my father had a copy of it.
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10 Sep
Maarichi to Ravana (1)
Mariachi to Ravana:
राज्यं पालयितुं शक्यं न तीक्ष्णेन निशाचर।
न चापि प्रतिकूलेन नाविनीतेन राक्षस।।
O nightwalking demon! a kingdom cannot be governed by a king who is rude or hostile or impolite.
Marichi to Ravana (2)
स्वामिना प्रतिकूलेन प्रजास्तीक्ष्णेन रावण।
रक्ष्यमाणा न वर्धन्ते मेषा गोमायुना यथा।।
O Ravana, people who are ruled by a cruel and hostile king will not grow like the sheep protected by a jackal.
Marichi to Ravana (3)
अवश्यं विनशिष्यन्ति सर्वे रावण राक्षसाः।
येषां त्वं कर्कशो राजा दुर्बुद्धिरजितेन्द्रियः।।
Under a rude, crooked king whose senses are not under his control the subjects will surely perish.
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30 Aug
1.Valmiki says that Janaka let know of the princes in the world that he has a daughter for marriage but she would be given in marriage to the one guy who can lift the special bow and and tie it. He was going to conduct a yaga for the success of his resolve and had invited sages.
2. Viswamithra had Rama and Lakshmana with him who had killed Thadaka and her son who were disturbing his yaga and were about to return to Ayodhya. Viswamithra asked them to come with him to Mithila for Janaka's yagam.
3. Viswamithra had a secret purpose in this request viz. that on their way Rama has to step on a stone that was actually Ahalya who was cursed to become so and on Rama's stepping on it will end her curse.
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