Assuming Manchin demands heavy means testing on the child care, pre-k, and higher-ed pieces of the reconciliation bill, we’re going to have an odd situation where Democrats rely on UMC college grads to win elections while giving them very, very little on economic policy.
Maybe climate spending and culture war issues are enough for those voters? Except Dems have basically decided to fold on the courts, so they’ve more or less ceded the abortion battle nationally.
This is assuming the reconciliation bill passes at all, of course.
I guess you could draw an analogy between the segment of WWC voters who backed Trump b/c of immigration and racial conservatism but didn’t care much about abortion. Except I’m not sure how many hardcore climate voters there are in, like, the Atlanta or Phoenix burbs.
The flip side of course is that the GOP also really does not give a shit about this demographic. But it’s relatively easy to just offer them some tax cuts.

• • •

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24 Sep
Well, @Amtrak is a real clusterfuck today. Train delayed almost an hour with no explanation.
Apparently there is ‘no motor’ on train?
How do you screw up ‘having a motor on the train’?
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24 Sep
So, I highly recommend reading @Patrick_Wyman's essay on the American gentry—about how power and wealth in most of this country isn't held by billionaires, but local millionaires. It's all around excellent. And I want to offer a little chaser.…
A lot of leftist discourse focuses on billionaires like Jeff Bezos. But the reality of the top 0.1 percent is much more mundane—it's people who own regional companies. Construction firms, car dealerships, a local string of McDonald's franchises, etc.
Patrick seems to be going off intuition in his piece, as far as I can tell. But his point matches the economics research. There's a wonderful economics paper from a few years back called Capitalists in the 21st Century that looks at the business interests of the top 0.1%.
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24 Sep
That's...just not what this article says. I mean, this is the nutgraf.
Here's the chart of reasons people say they haven't yet been vaccinated, from the study the article cites. The only category that might include access issues like transport is "other. Just 10% checked it. About 1/2 were worried about side effects or were in "wait and see" mode.
I'd guess that a number of lower wage workers are very worried about side-effects costing them a day of work. (There's definitely reporting along those lines).

But in a strict sense, there's just not a lot of evidence that "access" is an issue at this point.
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24 Sep
San Francisco leans further into being a failed state
Oh man, this is extra funny. Apparently the Board of Supervisors made an exception to the chain retail ban for Trader Joes. National supermarket? Yes! Local taqueria chain? Nope!…
Mentally I tend to divide local politicians into ones who want to make their city more like San Francisco and ones who want to be less like it. And then vote for the latter.
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9 Sep
The idea that the estate tax is the issue that could make or break Democrats in rural America is just beyond laughable at this point…
Also, ffs
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6 Sep
There is a lot to ponder in this piece about collapsing male enrollment at colleges and universities, but I found this stat particularly startling…
Colleges seem to be having trouble squaring two realities:

1) The most lucrative fields of study are dominated by men for a complicated set of reasons, including ingrained sexism.

2) On average, men are struggling academically and getting little support.
Anyway, the most surefire way to prevent white men from embracing reactionary conservative politics is for them to graduate college. So this story is very depressing on a few levels to me.
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