And nobody will be, because the rot goes back years and indicts multiple admins and generations of military leaders, not to mention 20 years of congressional apathy.
The Afghanistan withdrawal was completely mishandled. It was far from the only thing mishandled over the course of 20 years. But the right seems to want to believe that failure in Afghanistan started and ended with the Biden withdrawal. This is just absurd.
The military and diplomatic leadership were given a mandate to leave under Trump. They had no intention of leaving, so did nothing while waiting him out. Then they were shocked when Biden, through stubbornness or senility, forced their hand. And they were totally unprepared.
A true reckoning for the withdrawal alone would wreck the elite levels of military and diplomatic leadership. A reckoning for the last 20 years would indict generations of civilian, military, and diplomatic leadership and kick too many former generals off cushy boards.
So 20 years, trillions of dollars, thousands of Americans dead, thousands more Afghan civilians dead, American openly negotiating with the enemy it was told to defeat, and we will have learned nothing. Grappled with nothing. Witnessed accountability for nothing.
I am passionate about a lot of issues in politics, but I don’t often get personally angry about much, otherwise I couldn’t survive my career choice. But I am deeply and profoundly angry about this.

• • •

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Congress's subpoena power is limited to a legislative purpose, which is clearly absent here. Moreover, under this Dem subpoena theory, Congress would be able to demand individual medical records possessed by Google, location data, search histories, etc. Yes, it's authoritarian.
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There are layers upon layers, years upon years, of failures in Afghanistan. Government lies, military lies, diplomatic coverups. But we live in a clown world, so there will be no investigations, no accountability, no attempt to set a new baseline of policy humility. Shameful.
If leaving 250 Americans in Afghanistan outrages you, if the slaughter of Afghan babies in US drone strikes curdles your blood, look backward. This is bad. But, and I hate to put it this way, it's hardly as bad as it's been. And it's been a uniparty effort to keep it this way.
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For 2 years I’ve been writing about the gov’t outsourcing of censorship, & the self-censorship that results from monopoly & regulatory capture of intellectual discussion, to much mockery from DC’s institutional libertarians. But now it’s actually happening - at a dangerous scale.
“…an answer in the affirmative would likely make theirs a true First Amendment problem, with an agency like the CDC not only setting public health policy but also effectively setting guidelines for private discussion about those policies.”
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Both the classical liberal and conservative intellectual traditions have, for centuries, recognized threats to liberty in the government and outside of it. Anyone arguing the opposite from the right hasn’t read their own cannon.
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