Why you suddenly need to quit Google Chrome

While Facebook steals the headlines, Google’ alarming new update that hasn’t yet made headlines puts Chrome’s 2.6 billion users at risk of “surveillance, manipulation and abuse.”

Google has ignored security warnings and launched a new Chrome API to detect and report when you’re not actively using your device (idle).

Apple warns:
⚠️“this is an obvious privacy concern”

⚠️it’s “too tempting an opportunity for surveillance.” Image
⚠️“allowing websites to learn when users are active …allows sites to learn sensitive information...very useful to a malicious site (or script) that wanted to learn patterns.” Image
🚨“…it can be abused for behavioral tracking…”

“…it can be abused to know about when you might not notice if something is using your CPU... There are privacy implications that a user cannot be expected to realize.” Image
⚠️Google’s “…#IdleDetection API …exposes new data about a user's behavior to the entire web—data that will ultimately be abused for user surveillance and advertising…” Image
Safari has done the best job of exposing Chrome’s avaricious data harvesting machine at scale. Image
Apple has now introduced Private Relay, which breaks the identity chain between you, the sites you visit & the ISP through which you access the internet.

Fingerprinting opportunities
have been removed.
Apple’s Private Relay (currently in Beta) exposes Chrome’s systemic failings on the privacy front.

It blocks the exact type of web tracking / fingerprinting for which Chrome is lambasted. Image
Google’s latest [advertiser-serving] gambit isn’t yet generating headlines, but it will.

Rather than simply stopping web trackers from collecting your data, Google plans to introduce a “privacy budget” to police just how much data they can take. Image
Google is caught in a self-made trap.

Unlike other browsers, Google plays both sides.

Google talks about safeguarding your privacy, but its business model is literally about compromising your privacy to serve the needs of its customers — advertisers. 🤑
“browser fingerprinting is a major threat to user privacy; unfortunately, while we appreciate Google's exploration of solutions to this problem, we don't believe that the Privacy Budget is viable in practice."
“approaches that attempt to maintain an ‘acceptable’ amount of identification & tracking online…are antithetical to the goal of a truly privacy-respecting web. We expect that ‘budget’-based approaches to web privacy will not be effective privacy protections.”
The reality is that Google can’t back down—it HAS TO MAKE ADVERTISERS HAPPY or its machine stops feeding.

But there are no good solutions, the fundamental premise of a “privacy-centric” web that’s built around trackers and data brokers is nonsense.
Should you quit Chrome?
IDK, do ya value your privacy?

If Google’s hidden budgeting & monetizing of your data isn’t a reason to quit, add #IdleDetection, where you need to delve into settings to disable new tracking you’ve been told nothing about. Image
“We’d like to stop this highly pervasive tracking of users across the web.” 

Sure Jan Image
Google Domination of Web Tracking: Image
Google says
72% of users feel most of their online activity is tracked & 81% say data collection risks outweigh benefits, “which is why change is needed.”

Google says a lot of things.

But until 2.6B Chrome users take control of their own privacy, it’s nothing but lip service.

• • •

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