Marburg Virus thread Part 1

I am starting a thread on Marburg Virus. It stinks of the same criminality as Covid. Let’s see how this develops. Follow all the thread entries please.

Here is Dr Tedros warning of its appearance & fear mongering that there is no vaccine available.
Marburg Virus thread Part 2

This began with people at WHO namely the criminal Dr Tedros reporting on the 8th of Sept 2021 of an outbreak in Africa. Please note that the symptoms of Marburg are conveniently a perfect match for the side effects caused by Corona Virus vaccines. ImageImageImage
Marburg Virus thread Part 3

University Hospital Manager & Scientist Kieran Morrissey explains How it would be possible to cause belief of Marburg pandemic to cover current Covid vaccine illnesses & blame it on Marburg disease. See next thread tweet for part 2 of the video clip
Marburg Virus thread Part 4

Second part of the video clip from Scientist Kieran Morrissey. In this clip Morrissey mentions a potent deadly vaccine that people may line up for in fear over a second deadlier pandemic in the form of Marburg.
Marburg Virus thread Part 5

In April 2021 GAVI made a warning that Marburg disease could be the next great pandemic. They state it is one of the worlds deadliest illnesses killing 88% of those who catch it. Read what they say here. 👇… ImageImageImageImage
Marburg Virus thread Part 6

Let’s just note that Boris Johnson’s Father, Stanley Johnson a well know Eugenicist who has written many books on depopulation, and who advocates for a UK maximum population of 20 million, wrote a book on this subject in 1982. ImageImage
Marburg Virus thread Part 7

Could this be “the next Pandemic” that Bill Gates smugly promised is coming… and “would get our attention this time”, with a certainty and strangeness of grammar that seems to indicate some kind of insider knowledge?
Marburg Virus thread Part 8

Now ask yourself -Why is Soligenix in such a rush now, to trial a Marburg vaccine for which there has only been a total of 376 deaths since 1967 and only 16 deaths since 2005?

Let that sink in...

Dated August 23, 2021…
Marburg Virus thread Part 9

I wonder why more than 12 companies are developing treatments for Marburg virus- a rare disease that has only killed 16 people since 2005 ?
Marburg Virus thread Part 10

This GOV.UK page was updated with Marburg info TODAY.

Let’s see where this goes. Image
Marburg Virus thread Part 11

Adding this 👇thread to my thread.

Marburg Virus thread Part 12

Adding this 👇 Video. Engineered Marburg Virus.
From documentary “Plague War”
The doctors are bad enough but it’s the people who are finding it that are the real criminal monsters.

• • •

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7 Dec
My thread - BBCs interview with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.

The most chilling thing I’ve seen in my life.

1. He indicated Covid vaccinations will be a yearly event.
2. He said he didn’t do it for the $35 billion in profits but for love.
3. But he said they deserved those profits.
This is one of the vaccine companies that has ensured that they can not be held responsible for any adverse injury never mind death caused by their product.

And so far they have caused at least 1,298,807 serious adverse reactions and 1,814 deaths that we know about.
Fergus Walsh from the BBC never asked any of the important questions everyone has been wanting to know. Clearly the whole thing was a propaganda stunt.

So number 1 - Fergus Walsh did not ask 👇👇👇

If being a VET gave Bourla the required qualifications for the job?
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6 Dec
Please resist buying into the lie that anti maskers & anti Covid Vaxxers are in some way all right wingers. This is absolutely not the case in my experience.

Please understand that if you buy into the polarised theatre they call democracy you are the one being played & conned.
The people standing up to this come from all walks of life. They do so because they see the direction of travel. They understand its not about a virus but about implementing a control system. A system that will not differentiate on your personal political position when complete.
You have to notice that many countries are using this right wing Trumper narrative as a media propaganda tool to push ridicule & division while they continue with these medical & climate lies. Lies designed to control all of us, to further their interests, not the public’s.
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3 Dec
Life is currently a torture for my wife and child also. We have always paid our way and never claimed a cent ever yet we are being tested like second class citizens now.
My wife was in tears today. It’s not the shopping or being banned from everything. It’s the fact they are saying on the TV there is no Christmas for unvaccinated this year. She screamed “U DONT STOP CHRISTMAS FOR US ! YOU CANT STOP WHAT IS IN OUR HEARTS”.

Absolutely disturbing.
Only 2 people allowed to visit the homes of the “unvaccinated” over Christmas period.
We won’t comply.
Masks we won’t comply.
Jabs we won’t comply.
I feel it’s only a matter of time before we are in trouble with police and I am in jail.
I feel it.
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29 Nov
I don’t know if this is confirmed but, this Dr appears to have died very soon after releasing this video.
He was arrested last year in an armed raid by German Police at his home. 3 part thread.

Dr Andreas Noack explains graphine hydroxide…
Here is the original raid.

Dr. Noack had been intensively engaged in healthy nutrition and holistic healing.…
Here is his wife … yesterday saying he is dead. 1 day after he explains that the “v cc in es” contain g r a p h i n e hydroxide which act like micro razorblades. Which explains the deaths & why Pfizer wont release vax information for 55 years.

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13 Nov
My wife tells me many people at her work paid for false vaccine paperwork certificates becos they will be mandated soon. Apparently it costs 200€. She’s telling the time is coming soon when she will have too also. She was given a contact to a nurse taking the 200€ for this.
I said… “and when you need a booster?”. She say people are adamant they won’t take a 3rd.

But they will if it means their job. Then you will be paying again….

I don’t know what is worse the Nurse taking the money for this or the people thinking this will work for ever.
These measures only help bring in this system. And they won’t work once an electronic chip or smart patch is introduced.
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11 Nov
Here is why Sajid David is worked up, - he knows it’s out of the bag now. But no journalist will pin him on it.


They say jabs are 63% effective & 37% of people will catch & pass on Covid .

No .. 67% of the vaccines are a saline formula & 37% are spike protein.
Find the full exchange & you will see it’s common knowledge they are now trying to say there is a 63/37% split on “vaccine” efficiency.

That’s B U L L S H I T !

The truth is, it’s a 63/37% split of saline & spike protein “vaccinations” being administered.

David is rattled !
The full exchange is here on the Richie Allen show linked below at 7 to 20 mins.
Sajid David lost it completely at the open knowledge now that vaccines don’t work. Their claim is 73% effective. My opinion is a 2/3 saline formula 1/3 poison spike protein…
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