Common Misconceptions about Semen Retention (SR)

SR is one of the most powerful tools for young men to supercharge their masculine energy, bringing an extra level of vibrance into all areas of their life. But some coomers or otherwise misinformed people rally against it:
- If your argument is ‘I get too horny’

GOOD. This was DEFAULT state of man - this force is what encouraged man to CONQUER - TO achieve things in this life, to accomplish great tasks so that he becomes a man worthy of a high quality mate.
The key is too transmute this horniness energy into creation, into physical activity, into singing and dancing, into LIFE. Even if you want to satisfy that horniness, then talk to real life girls! Do not allow yourself to fall into debase activity of touching yourself like monkee
- If you don’t do semen retention because ‘finishing feels good bro’

Know that if you retain your semen and shift your energy up the spine you can access full-body orgasms that are far more pleasureable and lengthy than the standard ones AND keep your masculine power
but not busting = Feels WAY better bro. Imagine pulsing waves of pleasure similar to when you bust, but through your body and up the spine to the point where your head feels light and you merge with your girl. Read Multi-Orgasmic Man for more.
- If your argument is that you enjoy sex

You can still have sex! Just eliminate the 15 seconds of ejaculation at the end of that activity.

IN fact, when you remove the end-based goal of sex of orgasm from the equation, you become much more present and conscious of entire
process of sex. Each moment within that is a different experience that only gets better the longer you do SR.
Practice your kegel exercises to have control over your muscles and slow down if you are getting too close. Make sure to breathe.
- If your argument is that your girl wants you to finish

Then make sure she knows why you’re doing it. When you’re harder, more often, when you have an insatiable desire to consume her,
when you feel more radiating love for her, when your energy fields merge together in the heights of tantric passion - she will understand why you’re not busting and support it.

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“And therein we find, neglected by us, the simplest, the most accessible key to our liberation: a personal nonparticipation in lies! Even if all is covered by lies, even if all is under their rule, let us resist in the smallest way: Let their rule hold not through me!”
And this is the way to break out of the imaginary encirclement of our inertness, the easiest way for us and the most devastating for the lies.

For when people renounce lies, lies simply cease to exist. Like parasites, they can only survive when attached to a person.
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This is the ONLY body you're going to get.

it is your vessel through which we experience the universe

To strengthen it, nourish and look after it?
is the most high of callings.
Do not see training, eating right and stretching as a chore - as something you HAVE to do.

See it as a beautifully of reverence to the temple that you inhabit.

You can mentalise these beneficial habits as this tough task,
OR you can be grateful tha you have the opportunity to improve and strengthen In the physical realm.

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there is no such thing As a coincidence...
A coincidence is another name for a synchronicity

Coincidence implies that it is meaningless, that it ‘just happens’, that there is no meaning behind it...
But I’ve experienced far too many chance ‘coincidences’ for them to ONLY be a random event
The term synchronicity is coined by Jung to express a concept that belongs to him: the acausal connection of two or more psychic and physical phenomena.

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On Excessive Ejaculation:
- It dissipates energy needed by nature to maintain physical health. Sex is nature's most useful therapeutic force.
- It depletes the magnetic energy which is the source of an attractive, pleasing personality.
- It removes the sparkle from one's eyes and sets up discord in the tone of one's voice.
- It destroys enthusiasm, subdues ambition, and leads inevitably to the habit of drifting on all subjects.
Controlled sex supplies the magnetic force that attracts people to one another. It is the most important factor of a pleasing personality.

- It gives quality to the tone of voice and enables one to convey through the voice any feeling desired.
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you train every part of your body...

but not the muscles that keep your BRAIN secure and safe?

Train your neck bro
Learn how here
Increasnig the strength and thus mobility of your neck will eliminate neck pain

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