Hi. If you plan to run across the U.S. border, let me clue you in.

One of the reasons you want to come here is because you believe if you work hard, your children can move up. We were a socially mobile country.

The Democrats letting you over the border want to change that /1
You and your children will be part of the permanent underclass. Sent to work for a select number of oligarchs who can pay the onerous taxes & comply with the crushing regulation they propose. /2
If you send them to our public schools they “may” become proficient in English. In some urban school districts our own children do not. And asking them to become fluent in our nation’s language is “racist”, /3
They will be taught that men can become women & vice versa. Gender, you see is a social construct. So is the meritocracy, scientific inquiry & the free market. And we are the most inherently racist nation ever according to your Democrat benefactors. /4
Our biggest threat is white supremacist violence according to our elite intelligence & law enforcement agencies. If you are black or brown, our elites tell us you are at great risk. /5
But they still wave you in. Expecting you will be lured by free stuff. Healthcare, food, housing. Just please understand if you hook up to the free shit IV, your kids will be in line for the same program. The free shit IV is generational /6
It ties you to the worst schools based on the zip code you live in. The “American Dream” is being murdered by the very people opening the gates. If I told you our government wants to own 50% of the land in this nation by 2050 /7
and the owner of the largest amount of farmland in the US is an oligarch, does that sound like we are on the road to where you are fleeing? These morons want us eating bugs, not beef. /8
Turn back. Use your smarts, your will, and your fight to improve your own country while we fix ours. We let the “Shining City on the Hill” degrade & I am sorry. We took it for granted. We can fix it if we have the will /9
But to say we should be a nation of immigrants now is deceptive. People like @AOC need masked nameless people to hold up the train on her Met Gala dress, /10
@BarackObama needs masked servants for his birthday party & our corporate media needs cheap nannies & gardeners. Where you will live will put your kids in schools that let them be the next server, gardener, or nanny. Welcome to Neo-Feudalism. /11
Go home & build back better. Our elites see you as future voters & future cheap labor. You deserve better. God speed & blessings. /end

• • •

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30 Sep
Because we always study how to do things we aren't planning to do. Please stop. The foundations were laid under Obama with grants in a highway bill. Hello Easy Pass. Now it's figuring out the mechanics for implementation. /1
If your state took the grants under Obama that were supposed to fix our roads, but didn't, they have to participate in the project to figure out how to implement a per mile tax. So this "infrastructure" bill will work on a program to track your movements in a vehicle, /2
track any financial transaction greater than $600 to kill small banks and make the remaining "too big to fail." It adds onto the NSA tracking of your communications and the government's hammer on big tech to get information about what you read and search. /3
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19 Sep
I am proud to say no one from the right made an ass of themselves today in D.C. And happy to report the overblown “defense of DEMOCRACY” was comical.

HOWEVER, we have a problem as @julie_kelly2 has been reporting on so eloquently /1
People who participated in January 6 are being held & abused at a level far above what would be typical in our criminal justice system. So here’s my plan. One that once made John Boehner’s head almost explode voting on TPA under Obama. /2
We need people on the Hill who care about civil liberties shaming reps in both parties in person. Those activists need to be connected to social media influencers who can tweet out the way to contact your Congress critter in a coordinated effort to melt down their /3
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7 Sep
Great news aggregators are the best. The right used to have Drudge.

For freelance writers like me & many others theft of our content steals income from us when they just copy & paste our full content. Zero Hedge is the worst. /1
But there are other plagiarizers out there. I wrote this today & have seen no less than 3 accounts tweet my full article copy & pasted directly. /2

If you follow me, you know I have been writing about COVID since last February using my medical knowledge & combined knowledge to try & disseminate what you aren’t seeing in the MSM. It takes time & effort. Others write about things I am not knowledgeable about /3
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25 Aug
RSV hospitalizes nearly 60,000 children annually & leads to 100-500 deaths, mostly under the age of five.

We are experiencing a huge off season spike that impacts a higher than normal number of children because of lockdowns & school closures /1
You can look at CDC surveillance for yourself. COVID-19 has killed 361 children under 18. Last I looked it caused 1299 hospitalizations in children under 5.

There is no data from any country ahead of us in the Delta wave that indicates the variant is more dangerous to kids /2
In fact, their health systems alerted the public to the risk of a heavy RSV season. The CDC alerted the healthcare providers. The national media never reported it.

Instead they are having the vapors about increased hospitalizations of children & let you assume it is COVID /3
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22 Aug
It has well documented anti-viral effects in a number of RNA viruses & it’s developers won a Nobel Prize for it’s impact at preventing river blindness. /1

The reason people are using the animal formulation is because a coordinated effort by big pharma has hospital systems refusing to allow it, and pharmacies overriding doctors who prescribe it. No physician is recommending this version of the drug. /2
It is past time for governors to stop non-physicians from interfering with the practice of medicine. Doctors prescribe medications in approved dosages off label all the time. They prescribe known medications for inflammation, clotting & other symptoms regularly /3
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20 Aug
I have been told 3 stories today about doctors who will not treat unvaccinated patients & I will say unequivocally they should lose their license.

As as RN who treated every patient in my care when HIV was still a death sentence, when drug resistant TB was emerging /1
And when MRSA was a thing, if you are vaccinated and hiding from your patients you are a chickenshit.

Follow universal precautions, protect yourself & do your damn job. Or quit you arrogant fucks.

To this day, I have been treated for MRSA three times. Not because I was ever /2
negligent. I am colonized because of where I worked & when. Masks, gloves, and sterile gowns do little when the whole damn facility is colonized. If you are an MD you freaking know better.

My God. Your oath? I have literally drained & packed wounds that puzzle the infectious /3
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