Reasons why Networking threads and "skinny ratio" doesn't work: CONVERSION. Just bc someone follows you on Twitter doesn't necessarily mean they'll watch you on Twitch and YouTube. I'm willing to bet most of the average viewership of folks like this comes from Twitch, not Twitter
If her Twitch viewership looked anything like her networking threads, which gives an illusion of high engagement periodically, then her numbers would be much higher than what meets the eye as well
All in all, I'm BEGGING y'all to stop doing "engagement bait". It's actively harming your branding and is a cheap marketing gimmick that doesn't convert well for a loyal following that's there for *you*, *your content*, and *your community*. It's SPAM. No more. No less.
@BxnnyVT if you're seeing this, I HIGHLY suggest either taking advantage of my sale or working with someone like Jusagi for a branding and marketing consultation to get higher conversions and have a marketing strategy that is data based and not spam.
I understand the grind is tough and I understand that we gotta do what we can to get ahead to make ends meet. I'm only here to help.

I work with other vtubers to make sure that they actually have a real connection with people that isn't incentive based, but something stronger

• • •

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4 Oct
At 3pm MST on 10/08, I will have my subathon debut to raise money to move out of this hellhole I live in as an abuse survivor living with my abuser.

The theme of my debut is: “Fuck y’all. I’m here to stay” to haters, my abuser, and friends who never believed in me. FAQ subathon debut  Raising money to move out of an abusive Uncapped. 1 sub = 5 min. 100 bits = 1 min. $1 = 1 min. 1 com
If you’d like to support me now, then please use my Ko-Finto do so! I’m currently having a sale underway with my consulting services 50% off!

I have memberships as well with different benefits!

Likes and RTs of this subathon are also appreciated
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4 Oct

Here’s one of the first surprises I have!

10 new emotes drawn by my lovely bab @Slayer_Kid!!!


@Slayer_Kid works really quick and prides themselves in that work ethic!
Wait, I’m a fucking bimbo aaaaaaa @Slayer_Kid made 11 for me!!!
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3 Oct
One of the most amazing things about good sex with a person who actually genuinely likes you and is quite literally interested in you is the way it makes you feel *wanted*, y'know what I mean??

Genuine curiosity in *you* as a person. It's incredibly wholesome.
Im passing and Im blessed to be beautiful, but transphobia is still there and present for me even if it's not intended with even friends who for nearly all contexts are amazing to me, when it comes time to have fun with one another in a sexual way

When it isn't, it's blissful
It's a weird feeling when subconscious transphobia is the reason you get rejected for something while you have sex. The rejection you feel even if you're passing and beautiful like I am is that you know fully well that a person is attracted, but has psychological blocks
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26 Sep
The way in which misogynists in fandom expect women to dress, how to behave, how to exist is not a truth to market demands, but a constant, reinforcing cultural decay born from objectifying us.

The misogynist's illogical idea of how we ought to be trumps our needs as people
What exists as a market, born from fandom, are the collective norms created (in real time) by fellow misogynists, amongst themselves, irregardless of how anybody thinks outside of their narrow-minded bubbles.

What is true FEELS true bc it FEELS normal among them and friends
Misogyny sits in a weird place in society as being absurdly normal while actively being discouraged and undermined everywhere. In the digital abyss lies corners of the internet that create alternative realities for themselves to escape reality itself and coddle one another's egos
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25 Sep
Like and Retweet if you think it's fine for VTubers to show who's behind the model.

Also, being an thot that makes people think kinda owns. Fuck you. I hope you don't come back to making content, you vile, misogynistic, soggy chicken nugget looking motherfucker
What point is there to disprove? You want to talk about virtual talent, but don't care about the talent behind the model?

People are still human and have every right to showcase who they are regardless of market demands and what "should" be normal

Misogyny isn't an opinion, it's bigotry. There's nothing to respect here and you deserve every bit of backlash and ire coming at you rn

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24 Sep
I know how delicate and tense things are with emergency funds and scammers with ENVTubers, so I plan on being transparent with the necessary expenses despite being frugal.
I need my Estrogen for HRT and my insurance is being stupid. I also needed gas ($111.73)

I'm sorry
I don't use my car much at all and stay at home as much as I can. I know I'll be needing to drive to different friends houses anyways just in case the abuse situation at home gets bad again like it almost did today

I'm trying my best and I'm sorry for spending emergency funds
My family doesn't ever fill up my car when they use it and a bunch of lights were on despite me doing maintenance on it regularly. The last emergency fund I needed ended up going to maintaining this damn car. You can't go anywhere in Arizona without a car and I hate it
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