“We need to exclude some of the most marginalized and traumatized women from safe spaces for women because they might look too much like men” is one hell of a take by a so-called ‘ally.’
That was some well-lubricated transmisogyny. It’s much more impressive than the standard fare transphobia most articles spew, which is exactly why it’s so dangerous. A well-known cis gay man who is an outspoken trans ally was even stanning it.
Here’s an idea: sounds to me like folks, traumatized or not, need to stop with the “trans women are men/male BS.” This is a violent lie that’s enabling danger to trans women in the name of safety for cis women. Putting women in danger for the safety of women. Can’t make it up!!
So many trans women need help, safety, recovery just like cis women. The rates are staggering, particularly for trans women of color.

I’m not insensitive to cis women’s trauma, I just want my sisters who need it to be able to access help the same.

• • •

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More from @emmy_zje

6 Oct
Just because a woman is trans doesn’t mean she has a penis.
Every transphobic ‘debate’ in media about where trans people are allowed to be in the cis world frames the conversation from the perspective of assuming just because a woman is trans she will have a penis.

“Trans women can’t come to our shelter because penis!” is the argument.
FTR trans women with a penis are just as much women as those without and should be treated as such.
Read 4 tweets
5 Oct
I don’t identify as a woman.

I don’t want to be a woman.

I tried for decades to NOT be a woman.

But the reality is I just AM a woman!

And only after embracing that truth in a transition that would otherwise be absurd to make was I able to genuinely *appreciate* being a woman.
I didn’t transition to be a woman, I transitioned to be me.

Turns out me is a woman, so a woman I shall be.

(and a bald one for good measure :)
“trans people are nothing but stereotypes, ugh”

I adhered to gender stereotypes when presenting as a man for survival. I spent so much energy thinking about how to act, what to say, but now I just be.

Truth is I didn’t transition into stereotypes, I transitioned out of them.
Read 4 tweets
5 Oct
parents: you hold the powers of your universe. you can be whatever you want, and I’ll be right behind you to support you through it all 🤗

trans girl: wow 🥰 ok, so, by the way, I’m a girl 🥰

parents: NOT LIKE THAT 😡
me to parents: NOT LIKE THAT! 💀
When you reject your trans kid, you’re not only signaling your ‘support’ of them is conditional on aligning with who you think they should be, you’re also telling them who they are in the deepest part of the core of their identity is invalid, wrong, and shameful, which is trauma.
Read 4 tweets
4 Oct
To deny the word cis is a form of supremacy since it leaves the only identifier of gender modality as trans, which implicitly elevates cis to default. Cis is the most common modality, but that’s doesn’t make it supreme.
Supremacy should be reserved for people who like pineapple on pizza, for example. When it comes to gender, people are just people, and no one is better or worse for being any particular one, whether it makes them cis or trans.
Without the word cis it becomes really difficult to discuss certain things without invalidating myself.

“If I were born a _____ woman, I wouldn’t need [treatment].”

Without cis I’m left with “normal,” “natural,” “biological,” etc., which is what cis supremacists want.
Read 4 tweets
11 Aug
Cis people just don’t understand how awful dysphoria can be, especially when you’re a pubescent child. They just don’t get it. They can’t, really, which is why they need to listen to trans adults.
I can forgive your ignorance of transness because you’re cis, but I cannot forgive your refusal to learn from trans adults with lived experience.
Cis folks have told me that I’m biased when it comes to objectively determining whether I’m a woman or not, but somehow their cisness isn’t bias in their evaluations of me, even though the whole point is to evaluate the validity and reality of a trans state of existence. Sure Jan
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10 Aug
Preventing trans kids from learning about trans people is just another form of conversion therapy since it confines their understanding of who they are within the bounds of a cis identity.
“ROGD” oh you mean kids found out about trans people on the internet and you’re mad?! Right. Gotcha. Keep them confused and shape their identity for them.
If you don’t support trans kids, you don’t support trans people. It’s honestly that simple.
Read 7 tweets

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