When I have had occasion to prepare people for television appearances I give them the following advice. There are only three types of questions. 1. I KNOW 2. I THINK 3. I FEEL questions. Bad answers are almost always a result of responses that are misaligned by category. (1)
Most people prepare for big interviews by talking and rehearsing speech, which is the wrong approach given that listening is the essential skill. Answering an “I know” question with “I feel” answers can make the interviewee seem flaky. Likewise, answering “I feel”questions with
an “ I know structure” can make the interviewee seem autocratic and arrogant. Relying, on “I think” answers to questions built around eliciting “ I know” to “I feel” responses can leave the interviewee seeming indecisive, weak or lacking empathy. Remember, there are only three
types of questions. @SRuhle delivered a perfect “I feel” question to Facebooks Antigone Davis who exposed herself and the company with an “I know” declaration that was as ludicrous as it was evasive and dishonest. Monika Bickert and the other Facebook spokespeople peel out of
every “I know” question in search of the safety of “ I think” and “I feel” answers. In the end, all of the spokespeople are defending a proposition as ludicrous as Sean Spicers crowd size lie. Facebook is unique. Specifically, it is uniquely dangerous and powerful. It is not
benign and the damage it is causing is not incidental or providential. Understanding how it works is essential. It is essential to understand the nature of all threats. Threats to the nation and our peace and prosperity are amongst the most dangerous threats of all.
That is why reading the stories and books like “An Ugly Truth” @ceciliakang @sheeraf are so essential. They give a foundation to understand the mendacity of a Trillion $ company run by an autocratic moral infant and the damage his dorm room monstrosity is doing to our society.

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6 Oct
I’d like to unpack this interview and critique it from the perspective of someone who has been involved in many corporate crisis situations. The Harvard Law graduate, Bickert, is clearly viewed as the best and most credible spokesperson at Facebook. She is senior enough
and credentialed enough to insulate Zuckerberg and Sandberg from the building stories. She is skilled at making declarative assertions that sound credible, real, believable and responsible at first blush. Her confidence and assertiveness quickly pull the interview into a
discussion about Facebook process. The quagmire that results is purposeful. The answers are supposed to be stultifying, boring, inaccessible and incomprehensible. She is skilled at delivering an authoritative, “Don’t worry about it, I got this. We got this. Trust us. We have
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6 Oct
Here you can watch @SRuhle throw a question that deeply disorients Antigone Davis. She is the Facebook Global Head of Safety. A bit Orwellian n’est pas? How should we think about her public lying and the damage her company is doing to children all over the world? First, there
is no question that she knows her answer is an evasion. It is as deeply dishonest as the answers Cigarette spokesman used to give around how benign the smokes were. It is as deeply dishonest as anything that comes out of the mouth of an NRA spokesperson. Every parent knows our
children are harmed by the unscrupulousness and greed of these giant companies. These companies must be brought to heel. They are immensely damaging to American society and our future. Facebook has built an Algorithmic Gulag Archipelago that imprisons the mind by assaulting
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5 Oct
👇 Look at the idiocy below. It is evidence of a deep rot, intellectually and morally. The @Harvard educated @EliseStefanik has embraced this stupidity as a Member of the House GOP Leadership in charge of “messaging”. She has aired ads advancing white supremacist replacement
theory. The magnitude of @EliseStefanik’s cynicism is hard to overstate. It is poisonous. The consequences of electing the worst among us isn’t just tragic for this moment but for the future generations of Americans who are dependent on our stewardship of what Churchill called
“The great Republic” We have become hostages to the mendacity and stupidity of our most venal politicians. It seems there is no lie, no stupidity, no malice that is too great for the @EliseStefanik’s and hundreds of her colleagues to strive towards every day. Instead of
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4 Oct
Must Read. The brilliant @AdrienneLaF defines Facebook as an authoritarian power, which it is. The American approach has been flaccid and chained to the notion that regulation is the appropriate remedy for a rogue and harmful company like Facebook. It should be viewed as a
hostile, non state actor, that is acting malevolently towards the United States. Bringing this terrible company to heel is an urgent matter. The development of the legal, regulatory and legislative strategies to cripple this Trillion dollar open sewer are past due. The
psychological effects of social media should be considered within an ethical framework that is not dissimilar to the great ethical questions that will arise from CRISPR, AI, and other advances. It is time to define privacy and protect both the system and the Nation from a
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30 Sep
.@johnpavlovitz wrote this piece in early September and it is profound. I encourage everyone to read it. Here are some additional thoughts around the subject. What all three acts of unmistakeable cruelty share is a foundation of antipathy built on the dehumanization of other
people. Each act is a rejection of the divinity and grace of human beings at an individual level but also at a cultural and tribal level. This is the place where sparks have caused great conflagrations in our shared history. When individuals and entire groups are dehumanized
whether it be on the basis of religion, culture, race, belief ect…an hour of great tragedy always looms near. The man who interrogated Adolph Eichmann, Captain Avner Less did an interview about the experience in 1983, more than 20 years after the fact. He said the experience
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30 Sep
What is the greatest difference between the Democratic Party and the Trump/GQP ? What matters most? I believe it is this. Democratic candidates will abide election results and GOP candidates will not. GOP candidates will seek to seize power from defeat by any means necessary.
The GOP is playing by a completely separate rule book. Mainly, they burned it and before this all ends, they will likely burn more books. Neo-Nazi replacement theory has been mainstreamed by Tucker Carlson and Fox News and has been embraced by House Leaders like @EliseStefanik
Yet, the Congressional Baseball game goes on? What is the purpose of comity with people who seek to topple the Republic with lies, conspiracies and violence. Churchill said in another time “ the malice of the wicked was aided by the weakness of the virtuous.”
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