Good Evening, Good Morning, and Good Afternoon World.. Because My comments seem to disappear on their own, I would suggest you take notes on the upcoming class, describing the workings of the Federal Reserve and IRS.. That class will begin in a few minutes, but first..cont
Due to the controversial nature of the subject being discussed, and the fact that alot of the material will cause you to become highly agitated, I will require all those with the problem of Bursting into Flames (Internal Combustion) have a fully charged Fire Extinguisher..cont
Before entering the classroom.. And PLEASE, sit to the rear of the class so in case you do Burst into Flames, you can make a hasty retreat out the back door before scorching your fellow classmates or the classroom.. And, as per usual..NO SIGNING OF BODYCAST DURING CLASS!!..cont
This class will discuss how badly your financial system rips you off while allowing the ones ripping you off to make Billions!! That's right, Billions!! Later I will discuss the origins of the IRS and how its practice of collecting Taxes is Un Constitutional, and ..cont
How the forefathers set up the Federal Government with ample ways of financing their endeavors.. This was all fine and dandy until greed set in and Politicians felt the need to live beyond their means.. Yes, it's true, America had a system that was independent of any need...cont
For outside financial assistance.. That all came to a halt after the phony baloney Civil War.. ( A subject for another day) Right after peace was established between the North and the South, the Union was broke.. In come the Rothschilds who were kind enough to..cont
Finance both sides of the conflict.. Most conflicts all over the world could find the Rothschilds involved with the financing of both sides, creating wealth from within those Nations thru debt.. The Rothschilds offered to bail the US out under one condition, ..cont
That they become incorporated into the World Corporation.. Hence, THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY was created, shelving The Original Constitution, The Republic, and causing each Citizen to become a fictitious corporate entity for collateral on that loan.. ..cont
All this activity was born out of the Act of 1871.. The Union was saved and the Citizens were screwed without their knowledge.. Things remained bumpy over the next several years because of the problem of multiple different currencies being used.. Some currencies..cont
Weren't even recognized the further you traveled West, causing major problems with commerce and the economy in general.. Then around 1912, Morgan gathered a bunch of wealthy bankers to Jekyl Island, where they discussed the future of Banking.. The complete control of it..cont
Than, during the Holidays of 1913, while Congress and The House of Representatives gathered together with their families away from Washington, Morgan and his Mobsters, strong armed President Wilson into signing the Federal Reserve Act into law.. Again, fooling the American..cont
Citizen into thinking The Federal Reserve was part of the government.. In reality, they are a privately owned Corporation connected to the World Bank and The World Corporation.. The owners were and still are, the Rothschild family.. In fact, the Rothschilds own most Nations..cont
In this manner.. Quoted from a Rothschild, shortly before establishing the England Central Bank, "I care not who makes the laws.. Whomever owns the currencies of a Nation, owns the Nation".. Now, consider that they own the England Central Bank, which is the Headquarters..cont
Of "The City Empire".. Three city states that dictate what happens in the World.. The District of Columbia in America, a 100 mile square area that controls all Military activity in the World, London, the one mile square area in London England.. They control all ...cont
The Economies in the World.. And finally "The Vatican". A city state that controls all the Religious activities in the world.. The Federal Reserve, owned by The Rothschilds, literally owns America and YOU!! After the installment of the Central Bank in the US, Fractional, or..cont
"Fractal" banking, came into existence.. Let me explain how this works.. All those with Internal Combustion Problems, please be warned, this information will most likely cause you to become highly agitated.. Please have Extinguishers at the ready.. cont
Let's say, for instance, you go into a Bank and borrow 100,000 dollars for a home.. The Banker hands you a "Promissory Note" that states YOU owe 100,000 dollars. Keep in mind that no cash changes hands.. The Bank authorizes a Realtor to give you the property in exchange ..cont
You sign a contract promising to pay off the loan.. Meanwhile, The Banker has taken your Promissory Note and placed into their vault, instantly turning that note into 100,000 dollars.. The Bank is now 100,000 dollars richer.. They have created money out of debt..cont
You, of course, have no idea this has taken place.. The Banker is only required to hold onto 10 percent of that 100,000. The remaining 90,000 is loaned out to some unsuspecting sucker.. The same trend continues.. That sucker signs a promissory note, creating 90,000 dollars..cont
After awhile, the Jeweler got clever and figured why not loan out the persons wealth, collect interest and have it returned before the owner returned.. They began making huge profits on money that didn't belong to them.. This went on until they were discovered..cont
The number of people returning to withdraw their valuables overwhelmed the Jewelers existing cash flow.. A similar thing happened that caused the great depression.. People didn't even bat an eye at why Bankers continued to live high on the hog compared to the people..cont
Rummaging in the garbage for something to eat.. Then came along the insurance of peoples wealth using Gold and Silver to back the Dollar up.. Whatever dollar amount you held in your hand could be matched in Gold or Silver.. Again, greed set in, and soon that backing ..cont
Became less than was represented by the Banks.. The government, now known to be "The Fake Government" due to its Corporate structure, began robbing Gold from Fort Sumpter.. Ironically, most of the Gold being held there, was from Foreign Nations, who trusted the US..cont
If you do any research at all that uncovers activity by the "Fake Government", what you'll find is a steady stream of fraud, theft and misrepresentation.. All the Politicians in Washington DC belong behind bars.. The theft of the Gold from Fort Sumpter continued..cont
Until today, Fort Sumpter is bone dry.. The Federal Reserve Chairman just recently admitted to Congress that they haven't owned any gold since 1933.. Fancy that!!.. What happened shortly after the rape of Fort Sumpter, Silver was introduced as the backing of the dollar..cont
This was made possible after the creation of the Petro Dollar. Whatever balance was needed to equal a Gold Backed dollar was represented by the Petro Dollar.. This was the main reason behind the invasion of Iraq, and Libya. Both Nations were refusing to use the Petro Dollar..cont
Both Saddam Hussein, and Ghadaffi, were switching to their own currency.. No, it didn't have anything to do with terrorism or any other lie you were told.. Yes, Saddam Hussein was a monster, but he maintained peace within his borders.. After the invasion of Iraq..cont
The area became highly unstable due to the vacuum of power created by the US. In Libya, the people loved Ghadaffi. It can be proven by the book he wrote describing his intentions for Libya, called "The Green Book".. You should find a copy and read it.. It'll blow your mind..cont
While everyone was trying to appease the US, so as not to be experiencing a Regime change or other atrocities, such as Military strikes with high explosives, The Fake Government continued it's practice of NOT living by it's means.. This could be seen thru their dealings ..cont
With the Post office.. Since the beginning, Politicians had access to unlimited funds thru the post office.. They simply wrote a check, and the funds were provided.. Who knows how much money was lost due to the greed of these politicians.. It was only recently ..cont
That they were discovered and the practice halted.. Meanwhile the Dollar was barely holding on, seeing as how Silver DID NOT cover the total balance.. President Nixon ended the Silver Backed dollar during his Presidency, literally making the Dollar worthless.. To this day..cont
The US dollar is not worth the paper it's printed on.. You carry in your wallet currency that is worthless.. This could all be changed if power was restored to Congress and The People, enabling them to create and distribute their own currency..cont I need to step out for a minute
Tomorrow I will have a class on the IRS, and the extent to which they rip you off as well.. You might as well face it,. You live in a country that is riddled with deception and lies.. Everything from it's name to its form of government and economics. Everything you've been..cont
Taught during grade school thru College, is information designed to keep the lies alive.. All you youngsters out there, do yourself a favor and DO NOT attend a College or University. They are designed to continue your indoctrination, further brain washing you to abide by..cont
The Agendas surrounding the NWO.. Become a Pioneer and self educate yourself thru on the job experience.. I was a Rebel from day one.. Never obeyed authority except when in the Marine Corps.. Always in trouble because of it.. But, when becoming an Adult, my mindset was..cont
Free of the Bullsh#! everyone else was believing to be true.. Everything I know was self taught.. Believe it or not, ALL information is free for the taking.. It's not necessary to pay a dime for it.. If you need help in your quest for knowledge, DM me...

• • •

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Quantum Mechanics is merely mathematical descriptions, and their practical implications are often counterintuitive.. Classical concepts such as length, time and energy, can also be approached with similar descriptions. By building on Broyz's equations, you can substitute..cont
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This is the Template for the Universe.. It's also the thing that'll twist your mind in directions you never thought possible.. It's important you pay attention and take notes.. I need to fly through this.. Once your in, there's no turning back...cont
What's amazing is it's all within your base 10 decimal system.. Numbers are real and alive, not merely symbols for other things and amounts.. You will soon see that the relationships between numbers are NOT random, or manmade, but instead are actually elementary particles...cont
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