Regarding the odd spectrum of toxicity - adverse events observed with the spike genetic vaccines compared to other vaccines, and what might be driving these effects. Just a few observations to consider.
1) for J&J and Sanofi/Oxford. Adenovirus vector gene delivery tech is not without its own adverse event issues. Remember that high doses of adenovirus vectored gene therapy is what killed Jessee Gelsinger by a U Penn physician group.
2) there is a clear overlap in disease associated with SARS-CoV-2, the AdV spike vaccines, and the mRNA vaccines. What do they all have in common? Spike. So applying occams razor, Spike protein is the likely culprit.
3) for the mRNA vaccines, there are at least two novel chemicals not previously widely used in humans.
3a. First novel chemical is the tertiary amine cationic lipid that (in the case of Pfizer) notoriously disproportionally concentrates in bone marrow and ovaries
3b. Second novel chemical is the pseudouridine, which is the basis of the Kariko and Weissman (U Penn) patent and invention. This has never been widely deployed in humans. It is actually not necessary, as demonstrated by the CureVac SARS-CoV-2 vax product.
further regarding 3b. This is a modest improvement on the core tech platform which I developed. This is why they were not awarded a Nobel despite all of the media push. I know senior people at the Karolinska. The significance of this discovery was evaluated and found wanting.
in contrast, the switch from a quaternary amine to a tertiary amine by the Peter Cullis group was, in fact, critical tech for the major enabling improvement. Which is why all three mRNA companies use this tech.

• • •

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29 Nov
Link to the WHO tech briefing on Omicron.
Note: from WHO doc: "spike protein in the receptor-binding domain suggests that Omicron may have a high likelihood of immune escape from antibody-mediated protection"
Below screen shot of the vaccine section…
WHO admits the current vaccines won't likely work well against Omicron, but seem to be wanting to use the threat of this variant to push vaccines into populations/countries that aren't vaccinated. Such as African nations?
Despite WHO advice that current vaccines probably won't work against Omicron, WHO recommends more vaccination, with vaccinating priority for "older adults, health care workers and those with underlying conditions putting them at risk of severe disease and death."
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25 Nov
More on hunting of physicians. Here's the thing. Corporations want the future of medicine to be checklist driven. Follow the protocol. But humans are genetically and behaviourally diverse, not inbred mice. Lots of variables. This is the art of medicine.…
If we, as a society, allow "medicine by checklist and protocol" to win, we will find ourselves being diagnosed and treated by artificial intelligence - driven algorithms. Further reducing us to cattle. So, careful what you wish for. Speak now or forever hold your peace.
This is the ultimate endpoint and embodiment of medicine as a "disease/therapeutic" driven rather than a health and wellness-based enterprise.
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25 Nov
This bears restating. We are allowing individuals untutored in biology and medicine to determine Scientific "Truth". We call them "reporters" and "Fact Checkers". When we tolerate these as the arbiters of "Scientific Truth" the ability to accurately discern reality is compromised
We have allowed computational algorithm-based method designed to resist hostile external intervention in a political process to be repurposed in support of the objectives of a Large Pharma- captured and politicized global public health enterprise.
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25 Nov
Fundamental common "belief system" logic flaw - "Life should be fair". Sorry, life is not fair. Never was, never will be. "The Press" is not fair. "Politics" is not fair. "Infectious disease" - not fair. Since "Fair" is always subjective, these things cannot be made to be fair.
So get over it. This is the central flaw in much of the thinking that has pervaded current "liberal" thought - critical race theory etc. That somehow the "unfairness" of the past can be corrected in the present. You are responsible for your current condition. Own it. Move on.
This is the central thesis of my position, the core truth. Call it "cowboy" logic - the fundamental truth that every farmer knows. You have no choice other than to deal with the world as it exists in the present. So get to work. No whining. You create your own heaven or hell.
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24 Nov
Kabuki Theater (Japan) vs Kabuki Dance (Washington DC) disambiguation - good to know.…
In common English usage, a kabuki dance, also kabuki play, is an activity or drama carried out in real life in a predictable or stylized fashion, reminiscent of the kabuki style of Japanese stage play.
It refers to an event that is designed to create the appearance of conflict or of an uncertain outcome, when in fact the actors have worked together to determine the outcome beforehand.
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13 Nov
"the Democrats had a major defeat at the polls... the major unspoken reason was their imposition of excessive closures & mandates related to the COVID pandemic."…
I am a retired physician, and yes, COVID-19 is a true pandemic that has killed 750,000 Americans in the last two years. However, for healthy younger people, a COVID-19 infection presents minimal health risks.
"To better put the deaths in perspective, 200,000 of them occurred in people aged 85 and older. Another 195,000 deaths occurred in people aged 75 and older. Taken together, more than 50% of all COVID-19 deaths occurred in elderly people at high risk for death due to other causes"
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