🧵1/ So, the men who dispute they have a mum and dad and enterally argue biology such as created them are now attacking us gay men.

No human entered this world but through a woman's legs.

The acolytes of unreason, who hate women today attack gay men.
2/ The context is this. Biology denial woke bro pronoun in bio/blue hair people are attacking decent lesbians like Professor in Stock in the UK.

Biology denial people are angry that gay men are supporting her. Angry that we, gay men, support a lesbian.
3/ Allow me to assist you in this way. When you attack gay men this is what you attack.
(1) They grew up in a world where they were "misgendereded" every day at school by bullies
(2) Their father and their brother beat them and that was ok
(3) They could be socially humiliated
4/ Further:

(4) There was no internet or social media and they felt truly alone
(5) Many of them underwent conversion therapy
(6) Many of them were made homeless or hospitalised by "loving family"
(7) They grew up never seeing their lives socially or on TV
5/ Even further:
(8) When the plague came they slept with people/dated or live themselves with HIV
(9) Just at the point they could be themselves HIV took that from them
(10) Just at the point they accepted themselves they lost their mates to HIV
(11) They now live with it HIV
6/ People often say "why do only the lesbians say anything?"

One of the reasons is this. We lost a generation to the plague.

This is why you awful Vichy gays, rainbow borg, witch hunters who love attacking lesbians have no idea what you're facing.
7/ We survived the plague because the only people who would come and nurse the AIDS fatalities, do you know who they were?
They were lesbians.
When even our own families wouldn't come in.
It was lesbians. Our sisters in the gay community.
Not trans or "non binary". Lebsians.
8/ So this is the deck of cards. This is what you are dealt. You blue haired "queers", you Vichy gays, you pronoun fetishists, your vast incursion into our community.

This is what you deal with.

You attack lesbians. Like you you did today.
9/ The old warriors from the AIDS wards are arisen.
We GC Gay men are not asleep anymore.
These women held our hands. We belong to movements like LGBA led by gay women. We stand with lesbians. We always have. We've never tried to guilt them into shagging them. They're our mates.
10/ I like that you're attacking GC Gay men.
But know what you're attacking. We've survived the plague. We've survived homelessness. We've survived conversion therapy. Remember they always thought lesbians were for sex, like you do. Men were the focus of their hate. Like yours.
11/ Come for gay men.
But know we are the generation who only just survived the plague with our lesbian sisters holding our hands.
Fight us.
But know you are fighting men with scars.

• • •

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7 Oct
🧵1/ Social media today lays bare the anatomy of a botched cancellation. The target was Professor Stock, respected academic, LGB Alliance trustee, author of the excellent book "Material Girls". The impotent would-be assassin, a University colleague, Francesco Ventrella.
2/ He's a beard and pronouns sort of chap with the mandatory ludicrous claim to compassion and now obligatory rainbow-borg claim to "queer" in some capacity and a far more dubious claim to some sort of "feminism". This morning it seems the green eyed monster arrived.
3/ Francesco here this morning posted a three tweet thread explicitly NOT calling for Professor Stock's sacking in the same way the Kray twins aren't explicitly saying they will burn your shop down when they say "Nice business you got here, shame if anything were to happen to it"
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5 Oct
🧵1/ "Do you renounce Satan and all his false promises?" So go the Catholic last rites. Today the last rights over the failed transubstantiation of young gays are said by two trans doctors who, finally reject the false promises of a cause more of the faith than it was scientific
2/ Their interview speaks of "zigs and zags" as if the trajectory of life changing medical "care" for children was some uncontrollable natural force on a graph as unknowable as some esoteric economic trend.

It was no of course. It was a human conceit.
3/ There was no unchangeable force of nature that told children they were born in the wrong body. That was people like @Mermaids_Gender (until they stopped doing that because it was pointed out it was harmful). It is people like the director of the @GoodLawProject who still do
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30 Sep
🧵1/ Strange though it is, but the truth is this, Stonewall is a homophobic hate group. It defines straight as attraction to the opposite sex. It does not afford such clarity to it's notional constituency gay people. We are "same gender attracted"
2/ We are in a different, more nebulous category to good old straights, our sexual attractions are obviously easier to assail perhaps. Gay men and women have been unilaterally told by their notional charity we are not attracted to bodies but to gender souls.
3/ This is news to us. Gay men, for whom I can speak authoritatively on this subject are attracted to gay male bodies. We are attracted to male genitals. We are attracted to penises. We are attracted to testicles. We are attracted to male socialisation.
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30 Sep
🧵1/ Stonewall. Answer me this from behind your block.
2/ Your definition of heterosexual. It seems to acknowledge the existence of two biological sexes:
3/ Your definition of homosexual does not:
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30 Sep
1/ 🧵From Glinner responding to @RealMattLucas : "While I was in Wales ...I met Kate Harris (top right) for a drink." She had just spent another long day dealing with the fallout from people like you smearing her."

2/ Kate is a longtime campaigner and I’m used to her responding to every setback with a joke and a shrug. But on that night, the stress was such that she burst into tears and we hugged until it passed.

That’s what harassment does. It wears you down.
3/ Kate is a senior figure in our movement. She use to work WITH Stonewall with account managers there and raised huge sums for it. She fights every day to avoid lesbians like Kiera Bell going through tragic life changing medication.
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29 Sep
1/🧵@Grammarly would you mind looking into this issue please. Your app is effectively suggesting the word "homosexual" is in some way offensive. You should be aware that, like the word "Queer"(which I and many others object to)this is a piece of contested language in LGBT debates Image
2/ The position your app has adopted supports one side of that debate which in the UK is associated with the trans pressure group Stonewall and their glossary.

3/ Under s.12 of the Equality Act 2010 same sex attraction/sexual orientation is a protected characteristic in law. This means the legal definition of the protected class is same sex (rather than "same gender") attracted people.

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