I Know, I know, that idea of entering a different structure every day, became more of a pain in the ARSE finding and deciding which structure.. I DIDN'T REALIZE THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE PRIVY TO SO MANY STRUCTURES!!! Let's go ahead and cancel that exercise for the moment...
Tonight, I have a Humongust Bone to Pick,, "Boy do I"... WHERES MY CHICKEN"!??!... No, No, No, BIGGER than that...... "WHERE'S MY TURKEY"??.....NO, NO, NO, BIGGER THAN THAT!!... GEEEEEEZE!...... "WHERE'S MY DINOSAUR"!!??... "Great, NOW GIVE ME A BONE TO PICK!!..cont
No animals were harmed during that "Bit"... .. Now that I've got some of yours attention, I wanted to make sure that I've got all this right... Each day that passes leaves the inhabitants a little more confused, and closer to death.. PEOPLE, Am I the only one noticing??...cont
I mentioned before how the Politicians, all over the World, since America's last experience with the Fake voting poles, are "LAWLESS".. Doesn't matter what country your in, they're all playing the same game. I've said it before.."YOURE NOT PAYING ATTENTION"!!..cont
I'm serious folks.. I am so close to losing my sh#! on one of these maniacs in Washington DC.. A bunch of children in adult bodies.. Most have never experienced the real world.. For the past 150 years, people with no experience in the real world, have been telling you..cont
How to live your life.... WHO THE HELL ASKED EM!!.. No matter the country, The Heads of State have been meeting and planning your demise while divying up the spoils.. Each death from the vaccine represents maybe a Pension they don't have to pay out now, or SSI ...cont
You start adding up large numbers of Folks in Retirement, Dying, it counts for alot of money no longer needed. WHERE DOES IT ALL GO?? You can bet The American people won't see a dime.. And that's including the deceased siblings.. When you pay into SSI, or a 40K, ..cont
You're putting money into a "Trust Fund".. There is no individual money bag with your name on it.. If you die, everything that WAS coming to you, now belongs to the Government.. PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT..!!!
Your World is beginning to experience irreversible damage's.. A Revolution is on the Horizon... THATS RIGHT!! There are people with a pair, willing to risk their lives to defend America.. And that goes for all Nations that are screwed up.. It can't continue...
Here's the bottom line Folks.. Or at least how I see it.. I would call this description I'm about to give you, "Accurate", give or take 25 years... The NWO is slated for completion January 1st 2050.. Population down to a manageable number.. Suburbs, Neighborhoods, ..cont
Small Towns, ALL GONE!! Humans now have a restricted living arrangement.. Everything they need is within walking distance.. Nobody owns a vehicle, or anything for that matter.. Most no longer even work.. They receive a monthly allowance.. Just enough to pay monthly...cont.
Bills, and afford a diet of fake food... Ambition and Goals are no longer needed.. Whatever you were hoping to do in your spare time, well, you can forget it now.. Your time belongs to the State.. And if you don't like it, they just shut your chip off... Remember...cont
Way back then during the phoney Pandemic.. Everyone was getting stuck.. By 2050, with the added Flu shot, and Boosters out the Ying Yang, people will have enough Nano Particles to build a small village inside your stomach.. Picture The Green Zone in Iraq...cont

• • •

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I have a small bone to pick... "WHERE'S MY CHICKEN"?.. (This is to notify everyone that no harm came to any animals during this "Bit").. I was just curious as to why most of my followers hide behind something or someone else.. I've got males with a Beautiful woman..cont
As a Profile Picture.. I've got women with male jargon for a Profile Picture.. I know, I know, anything that'll represent you without letting on that it is actually YOU!! OK, OK, I get it.. It sure would be nice though to see who I'm actually talking to.. cont
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Good Evening, Good Morning, and Good Afternoon World.. Because My comments seem to disappear on their own, I would suggest you take notes on the upcoming class, describing the workings of the Federal Reserve and IRS.. That class will begin in a few minutes, but first..cont
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HERE HE COMES FOLKS,... NO SENSE GETTING YOUR ATTENTION FIRST,... DID YA NOTICE??... WILLIAM LOGANJ IS ENTERING HIS BRAND NEW "AIRCRAFT CARRIER"... ... ,,. "Show off", Boooo, Where dya get it, CHYNA!!! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.......; "Go ahead and laugh...cont
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Alright Folks, that thread was a little long and I've had many questions.. First let me explain "Accountability".. I'm sure many of you have gone to Church and experienced what it's like to get Baptized.. The Pastor makes a visit with whomever is to be Baptized ...cont
And explains the importance of being ready for the event.. Any misconceived notions that you'll be saved are quickly put to rest once you are aware of the implications.. You see, like religion, which is manmade and should not be paid any attention to, ..cont
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Quantum Mechanics is merely mathematical descriptions, and their practical implications are often counterintuitive.. Classical concepts such as length, time and energy, can also be approached with similar descriptions. By building on Broyz's equations, you can substitute..cont
These concepts with abstract vectors, this is a probability oriented approach towards the basic and already existing concepts in physics, that allows you to unify Quantum Mechanics with Relativity.. All reference frames are Quantized, including all matter, and all energy...cont
Particle accelerators have demonstrated that matter and ant-matter are always created simultaneously. The Paradox of how reality can emerge from abstract building blocks that annihilate each other can be explained by using these Quanta as the frame of reference...cont
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I trust everyone is doing well, as well as can be expected anyway... The Class on Vortex Mathematics will continue in 5 minutes.. Tonight I will expand on areas for easier comprehension... Remember what I said at the beginning.. Saturation and Repetition are the keys ...cont
To getting your head around this quickly.. I want you to have an understanding of how free electricity is produced into a usable commodity.. After this class, I will begin showing you how to create your own self sufficient dwelling ..cont
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