"turn up new facts"

well, the facts are what they are, it's not as if there is an equal amount of facts favoring both the right and the left.

the reason there is no respected right-wing journalistic source is that right wing ideas don't stand up to scrutiny.
like most news sources that are respected tend to have some level of "we are trying to find the facts of this" (as opposed to "i need to be objective, and by objective, i mean neutral, and by neutral, i mean give equal weight to people who are wrong as people who are right")
if you start your platform as "a right wing source for--" you will never build respect because you're already tainting everything you do with your ideology. you aren't looking at the facts anymore, and the talking points you have will largely be bought and paid for.
you can only build respect by providing reporting that is accurate and interesting

it is simply not possible to create a respectable right wing outlet. the only way to 'come up' with 'right wing facts' is to be a literal liar
"how are you so confident in this?"

well, if we look at history, every major conservative talking point has been annihilated with scientific levels of accuracy.
I swear, some people go "hmm, all major news sites say that vaccines are good. where's the news site saying that vaccines are bad?" because they think right and wrong are EQUALS, which is fucking brain worm, drooling vegetable territory
there is correct and there is incorrect. correct builds trust. incorrect is what "the boy who cried wolf" is about. and the conservative, right wing, whatever you want to call it, is immensely and consistently wrong about nearly everything.
like, let's take a current conservative talking point, the suggestion that columbus day should be celebrated and rejecting it is 'anti-italian discrimination'

that's obvious horse shit for so many reasons.
1) do italians celebrate it? no
2) did he discover america first? no
3) did he discover america at all? no
4) did he discover it on italy's behalf? no
5) was he a good or honorable person? hell no
no one is using his italianness to disavow his 'accomplishments'

but conservatives don't really believe the people they're hurting are hurt, they think it's all fake. so to them, they're really just copying outrage without being outraged.
so a 'conservative media outlet' has to cover this because it's a conservative talking point, but to do so, it has to start with the factually incorrect belief that it's anti-italian discrimination (when it isn't), so they have to start off by lying to you.
conservatism is fundamentally anti-truth because conservatism is one thing and one thing only: the belief that the way we've been doing things is the best way to do it because we should never have to change things. let's keep doing what we're doing and not feel bad about it.
NEWS tends to be "here is something you didn't know that will change how you view the world in some way." For instance, it would be news that an oil company was lying to people about plastics so they could continue polluting even though it was killing all of us.
Change _must_ come from that revelation. But to a conservative, the idea that the things we've been doing should change is upsetting, so they rally against it. They can't believe global warming is real or pollution is bad because then things would have to change.
So they believe a lie.

And that's why you could never have any real journalism happening under conservatism. Because conservatism wants to keep things the way they are at all costs, including the cost of one's integrity.
A right wing outlet must define itself by the group dynamics. It must support the right wing ideals and it must reject the left wing ones. Therefore it cannot tell the truth, because if the right is wrong, it must lie and say the right is correct.
It can't seek truth because its mandate is to pick a side to support.
Like, if someone joins an ideology, then they have to live by those ideals. If someone comes along and pushes the group to support an ideal that the person didn't hold and didn't think was part of the group, they are faced with a decision: quit the group or accept the change.
If I join a website that's "about celebrating Nintendo games" but an editor comes along and starts pushing more anti-competition messages over simply celebrating them, I either leave or participate.
So if you have a website that is about supporting a side, then its moral center changes based on the power structures inside the group. It cannot be trusted to do anything.
The reason the right is suckered into being anti press right now is because reality doesn't agree with the right and the press reports that, so now the right has to disqualify them any way it can
I think a site should favor the truth over anything else. If the truth supports the right, it supports the right. If it supports the left, it supports the left. Follow the truth, no matter where it goes.

But historically, the truth rarely favors the right lol

• • •

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