Four deadly foods you shouldn't even allow animals to eat.

1. Soy
2. Corn
3. Wheat
4. Sugar

Unfat yourself
Modern corn is Genetically modified to boost production.

Thereby increasing its sugar contents and robbing it of vital nutrients and fiber

So it causes blood sugar especially in countries like America and Europe

It's now spreading down here to Africa.
Corn starch from this corn is subjected to rather an unnatural process to extract High fructose syrup(HCFS) a very deadly sweetening agent in 88% of processed foods.

Fructose is the worst thing that can ever happen to your liver.

Fructose is in abundance in modern fruits.
If you can avoid them good for you.

Fructose is the cause of addiction to processed foods.

Because while glucose is used by your body cells fructose is shunted to the liver and the liver not knowing what to do with it
Shunts it to Fats.

The deposit of the fats goes to the abdomen, liver itself, and heart muscles.

But the blame goes to eggs and meat.

Fatty liver is the origin of all Metabolic diseases

Diabetes type 2(Disease of processed food)


Heart Disease

Kidney Disease

On the other hand.

Soy is estrogenic, it contains high amounts of Isoflavone an endocrine disruptors

Endocrine disruptors are substances that mess with your hormonal balance.

E.g wheat, plastics, junk, seed oils. Etc

Soy can have the following effects on men
-Broader hips
-Dwindling/weak erection
-Weight gain
-weakness of the body.
-Central Obesity.

This is due to the Aromatization of testosterone to estrogen.

It can also happen to females causing hormonal imbalance.

Avoid Soy.
Wheat is too energy-dense plus it contains inflammatory gluten in Abundance.

Gluten is also an endocrine disruptor.

Cause a lot of issues on Sugar control


ditch wheat.
Sugar is very Ubiquitous yet deadly.

It's found everywhere, put conscious effort to avoid the white stuff

Instead, take Salts

Buy good and minimally refined salts like pink Salts.

Normal table salts contain a significant amount of microplastics.

An Endocrine Disruptor.
Make sure you are in my Telegram channel…

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12 Oct
The risk factors of prostate Cancer are much.
Cancer cells thrive on stressed body.

Because when under stress your immunity is down.

Apart from other factors like excessive consumption of high carbs foods.

Bad oils, Sugar etc.

Niger Delta Men consume a lot of
Wild caught fresh fish and seafoods.

Recall I have always mentioned seafoods being the most Nutrient Dense of foods

Seafoods contains significant amount of natural omega 3 essential fatty acids and Zinc

Very essential nutrients for proper cellular development and immunity.
I have done a lot of research on red meat.

Most research are from America,and other western countries

Who feed their cows with corn, Soy and a lot growth hormones.

Their beef maybe problematic because of excess omega 6 from corn and Soy they are being fed with.
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3 Oct
Portion control and choice of foods is very necessary even after intermittent fasting.

You can't fast for 18hours and then Binge on bread or rice.

You should avoid Bread, your rice should be portion controlled cook with mixed or leafy veggies with plenty eggs, fish or meats.
Especially when dealing with stubborn belle fats

Make sure to hydrate properly, pay attention to how you feel after taking a particular meal

Proteins and fats stimulate leptin(a satiety hormone)

Makes you full easily and keep hunger pangs at bay

Refine carbs like bread, pasta
Stimulate ghrelin factor(hunger hormones)

It will push you to binge, ghrelin stimulates hunger

And will make you overeat.

Low carbs, high protein and medium healthy fats diets is all you need.

Small rice, 5 to 6 eggs, mixed veggies, with sauce on side.
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27 Sep
I laugh when health professionals are still posting sugar doesn't cause Diabetes.

The problem started when you eat foods solely for calories.

And not how the food affect your body, the standard paradigm is you eat more and move less you get fat

What if your body is resisting
Using fat

What if you can't just stop eating

Refine carbs and processed food doesn't make you fat because of calories

But because of hormonal dysregulation

How this foods affects your hormones is the problem

Take for instance hypertension

HBP is not a Disease but a symptom
Standard practice requires you to take drugs and cut out SALTs.

Have seen 18, 23, 35, 30 years olds with hypertension

Do you expect them to be on low salts diet and drugs for the rest of their lives?

Hypertension can show you

Insulin Resistance (elevated Insulin)
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25 Sep
Three levers of Nutrition

Time restriction
Calorie restriction
Dietary restriction

A mini thread
Nutrition Is the most complicated field because of different variables in individual response to a given stimuli

You and I can eat the same thing at the same time under similar conditions, and it produces very different results

Doesn't invalidate the fact that you shouldn't
Eat certain foods.

Foods like wheat, soy, seed oils(canola, sunflower, margarine, soy, and so-called vegetable oil are very inflammatory)

You don't need modern fruits too, most of you are suffering from one chronic diseases or another

But the general rule is to eat more
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19 Sep
An environment that makes Obesity Culture

Mini Thread
Other animals are evolving into stronger species, humans are devolving.

Recall my tweets a few days ago that man has not changed biologically, but a lot of cultural changes have detached us from the evolutionary pace we have to be.

Instead of concentrating on the ingredients
In food.

Our instinct goes to the number of calories therein.

Let me break it down for you to understand the deep sh*t we are in.

The ubiquity of sugar ladened inexpensive, good-tasting, super-sized energy-dense foods aka convenience food

Even children's foods are now laden
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17 Sep
Anybody saying you should be eating up to 6 meals a day hates you.

If you do that continually, you will overwork your pancreas, and put your body in extreme insulin dependence

Subsequently insulin insensitivity and prediabetes.

Eat 1-2 times a day, live life to the fullest.
Eating too frequently is stressful to your body in a lot of ways.

Digestion requires a lot of energy, and constantly being in a fed state distracts your brain from performing other functions.

You are constantly having to use up glucose neglecting the use of fat as fuel.
Fat is the chief source of energy and the most efficient fuel

Your mitochondria(power house) are very okay with fat as the source of fuel

Your heart health will improve tremendously when you start controlling your eating frequency

Your liver will afford more time to work more
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