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11 Oct, 7 tweets, 2 min read
Fun fact: if your fursona is drawn holding a floppy disk, I will retweet it. No exceptions.
(OK, I guess actually there is an exception. I try to keep my timeline SFW, so if they have a floppy disk and also some other floppy bits hanging out, I won't)
And yes this is OBVIOUSLY a big invitation to link me any fursona art you have which has floppy disks in it.
I'm only like... A barely committal furry. (I'm not a big believer who comes every Sunday and volunteers at the church, but I nominally am one and I show up for the big holidays)

But if there was a floppy fandom, I'm all in.
I'm that weirdo who makes it to every con and has multiple fursuits and has commissioned enough art of their niche fetish to significantly skew the tag counts on e621...

But for floppies, not furries.
Which is funny because it's a joke but also not exactly a joke? I have taken this to a lot of Vintage Computer Festivals.
Although I missed the last VCF:PNW and the last VCF:W.
PNW I was worn the fuck out and VCF:W was in the middle of a pandemic.

• • •

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More from @Foone

11 Oct
I got reminded of this by @benjedwards so I put it on the internet archive. It's Willow Pond's Media Rack! This is an amusingly skeumorphic all-in-one media player from 1994-1997, which was licensed by many OEMs for personalized versions.

It's here:…
It sadly won't run on 64bit windows.
The installer is 16bit and I believe all the programs are too, so while it probably would work just fine on 32bit windows, you can't get it to work on 64bit windows without an emulator of some sort, like wineVDM or DOSBox
Willow Pond made this software freeware at some point, but the original download of it was only available through cnet or fileplanet or something, and that means the internet archive wayback machine never got it.
I was only able to find it on an old warez site.
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11 Oct
One thing I keep seeing get missed with this silly Metroid Dread emulation debate:
People associate emulation with pirating ROMs, but it's completely orthogonal.
You can (and I have!) emulate games you legally own, even off the original media. This is both legal and ethical.
Nintendo has spent a lot of time and money trying to disparage the idea of emulation, in the name of fighting piracy, but emulation has never been ruled to be illegal in any way. It's perfectly fine.
the only part that's illegal is if you pirate ROMs/ISOs to play on your emulator.
And while most people do that, that's simply because it's hard to plug an NES game into your average PC, there's no port for it
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11 Oct
I need to hurry up on stealing every nft and then I'm going to print them all out and use them as kindling to burn the world down
I'm applying for funding from the EPA to study how effective it is to capture carbon by burning it all down.
Also you know what this is? This is a Z-grade Twitter bot.
Like @all_out_of_bots
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11 Oct
It's been like 30 hours, so it's clearly time for another death generator.
This time it's Crazy Cross, aka Taisen Puzzle-Dama, a 1994 Konami arcade game with a penguin that loves talking about balls.
and see the dev thread for a bunch of screenshots about balls:
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11 Oct
don't nobody tell konami
ahh yes, two kinds of balls
that's a little extreme, penguin
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11 Oct
Here's an interesting card on ebay.
It appears to be both PCI and ISA, and it's got what looks like a lot of RAM or flash on it?
and on the end: covered VGA/DB-9 serial ports? and 5 RCA jacks? or no, they're too small for that.
but yeah, that's a PCI slot and an ISA slot.
It uses BOTH
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