I moved to Idaho recently and let me tell you something about living in a small town in fucking Idaho: Amazon doesn’t even pretend to offer you 2-day Prime delivery. You want something on Amazon? Congrats, it will be here in a week.
It’s the first time in my adult life that I feel like “there are things that I want, can afford, and am legally permitted to have but I cannot attain in a reasonable amount of time simply because of societal failure"
At least in NYC when Amazon would fuck up you could go buy whatever you’re looking for elsewhere. In this town, ain’t nothing else! It’s Amazon or the wolves get ya in the night! There’s a Costco 80 miles away in a town where no one is vaccinated and they cough all over you
Uh oh the fine detectives of marxist twitter have uncovered my dark secret
Somewhere in the universe someone must have quote-tweeted or screenshotted this thread and accused me of saying that ‘slavery is good’ but I never said that lol and don’t believe it and you’re all addicted to interpreting things in the worst possible way.
This cat is the next level cat. He figured it out. I actually grew up at Versailles. I had never touched an American dollar bill until 2013. I grew up with Euros (and before that, francs)

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11 Oct
The greatest achievement in journalism is getting immortalized on a wikipedia page about a historical event. Not just a bio page! Bio page is like a checkmark: means nothing. But have your work cited by the event you covered? Baby, you got a stew going.
Like, I’m mentioned on wikipedia a few times but they’re all bio pages of relatives and, uh, lists of jews?
What the fuck? Im on the “jew List” but they don’t even have me on the page for the rare eye disorder I am almost certainly the most “notable” person ever to have bit.ly/3iOn2JC
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11 Oct
In the 1960s, baby boomers had exactly two goals: fuck as many people as possible and stop the Vietnam war.
*spins around towards the class*
They apparently weren’t good at either.
I wonder what the “average sexual partners” numbers look like generationally. Because I really don’t think the young people of today (and the last 40 years) are fucking that few number of people.
It seems baffling to me that people know how many people they’ve slept with in general. Are you keeping a little list like a psycho?
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10 Oct
The New York Times gets a lot of heat from Twitter, which range the gauntlet from dumbass complaints about Maggie Haberman to real deserving screwups, but it’s a pretty amazing paper. Pretty cool that I can go to the NYTimes dot com and read smart stuff on basically any subject
The Washington Post is also a good paper.
I also think The Atlantic is a very good magazine.
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10 Oct
This is a good point in and of itself but I think that one of the things that has happened over the last decade is that “activist” now covers a much larger group of people and institutions. It’s not as easy to differentiate the activist part of the Democratic Party from the rest
Which is maybe a good thing! I don’t think it really is because it’s mostly just performative online-driven stuff that then creates echo chambers and makes everyone constantly be disappointed by the inevitable discovery that their in-group consensus is not universally held…
But like, of course activists should be asking for big asks. If they get everything they want, they haven’t asked for enough. But activists are definitionally supposed to be disappointed because that’s how pluralism works…
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10 Oct
This @ezraklein post about @davidshor is great. I really like David a lot and appreciate the way his mind works. nytimes.com/2021/10/08/opi…
One part of the story that I thought was interesting is that other data scientists don’t love his communication style. I’m obviously not a data scientist but one of the things I’ve always loved about David is how much I do jibe with his way of explaining his thinking.
I’m sure there is some obvious reason there between the data scientists just being smarter and more knowledgeable than me and David being better at packaging his ideas for dumdums like myself.
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9 Oct
it cuts both ways obviously. Like, I personally found Hillary really likable and have always been turned off by Bernie’s anger. But to Will’s point, I imagine I supported Hillary over him in 2016 for more that somewhat silly personality reason than any actual policy disagreement
So if I then in 2017 said “well Bernie had position x y z and he lost and it’s probably bc he believed x y z” (which I’m sure to an extent I did) then that was dumb.
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