You are an A10 Pilot part of the 163d Fighter Squadron. Recently your squadron got relocated to Blackstone Army Airfield in southern Virginia. 3RD ID has been ordered to push into the Appalachian Mountain range also known as Appalachianstan under the enlisted.
It's a rough and dangerous terrain. Enough foliage to cover every speck of dirt in the entire region. 3rd ID has a 40% Casualty rate because of the many hills and shrubbery covering every hill/mountain top. The whole Appalachian mountain range is filled with self sustained
settlements that are supported by local authorities such as mayors and sheriff departments. It's been weeks since they have been told to surrender by presidential order but it's been a blood bath. The insurgents are experienced and know the trail by thumb.
They target 3rd's JTAC's and FO's meaning that our communication is extremely bad and does not follow any procedure at all resulting in large amount of civilian casualties. Riley my wingman has been relieved from duty after sending a burst of 30mm trough a middle school.
The JTAC got reprimanded but was soon released back into the field as they couldn't afford to train another one. We've been doing gun runs and destroying their Infrastructure, it appears they are using the caves within the mountain range to store weaponry and AA emplacements.
You recently dropped a bomb causing an massive explosion as you hit an ammunition pile. BDA reports the detonation of an small supply of 20mm and 30mm shells. There were reports of a couple APC's and IFV captured by the group after a platoon surrendered.
The surrendered platoon were released without any harm and were given enough supplies to march back to their nearest base. You have been doing daily runs and only managed to shoot a couple of times. Your CO has established a baseball card for the destruction of the captured vics.
Your CO also said that whoever destroyed them would receive free access to the internet for a couple of days meaning that you could contact your family without being censored or spied upon. Not that it's new there are a lot of burner phones at the base but the MP are quite smart.
They are being assisted by the partner force and those guys are harassing everyone on the tarmac. Even with the partner force the Airfield is not secure the amount of equipment being "lost" is insane from Machineguns to 30mm shells. A lot of info is being sold by enlisted.
The AA Presence has been increased over the span of several weeks. You've been encountering Quad .50's, a couple of Bofors and an enormous amount of manpads. About a week ago 3rd ID lost 2 Chinooks as they got peppered by the WW2 quad .50 10 KIA and 15 WIA.
Every time you fly over the trail you take small arms fire and can't get any clearance because of the amount of civilian casualties. Your new wingman tells you not to worry. They are just a couple of confederates waiting to be blown up with their AR-15's

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Archive 3 by @FedUpGrump
You're a battalion commander in 2ID. For nine months you've been tasked with keeping I85 open between Portland and Boise.
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Your companies are strung out in platoon COPs across 500 miles of mostly remote highway.
Most of your HHC is in ad hoc platoons covering sectors as well.
The supply line is absolutely vital to keep the rest of your brigade sustained as it tries to secure Idaho.
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You're a tank commander with 1st Armored.
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BDA determines 13 dead, 5 under the age of 14. The army is trying to spin it, but there's no solid link between any of the adults and extremist activity.
You're sure you saw someone with a rifle go down, but no weapons are recovered.
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It doesn't seem like that's really an option anymore.
Early on, before the troubles got bad at all, your Sheriff declared the county a constitutional sanctuary and refused to enforce any edicts coming from Salem.
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Talks of insurgent attacks targeting checkpoints and FOB's. All highways now have medical checkpoints and are guarded by the Army. It all falls under the Health mandate of 2020. You hear the stories of civilian casualties and fear the worst. It's been 3 months and new assignment
Are given out. You and your crew have been assigned to run medevacs. Your Co-pilot has told his stories from his time in the middle east where he served a tour as a medevac pilot. He tells you to get mentally prepared. Your first couple of flights are casualties from the partner
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