@CriticalReikan @hollow_bastian @JusagiChan I have some advice of my own that I want to share in here: before considering what you can do to grow on Twitter, consider if you actually want to. Think of how you use this website, the stuff you see in here, and ask yourself if it's really worth it.

For me, the answer is no,
@CriticalReikan @hollow_bastian @JusagiChan I don't want to grow on Twitter - not anymore. I used to, back when I started VTubing, and the reason I wanted to grow was that, well, everyone else was doing it too. "Hololive members have Twitter, and Nijisanji members have Twitter, and even indes have Twitter, and they all use
@CriticalReikan @hollow_bastian @JusagiChan it regularly, so I probably should as well!" It was naïve of me to go in with that mentality.

I have to ask myself, and I hope you will too: WHEN do you open Twitter? Is it when you think of something clever that you want to Tweet out? Is it when you've got some content that
@CriticalReikan @hollow_bastian @JusagiChan you want to share? Is it when you're gonna let everyone know that you're going to go live in a few minutes, or are currently live? Is it when something eventful happened / is happening and you want to see everyone's reactions to it? Is it to check for art? Look, I'm asking, do
@CriticalReikan @hollow_bastian @JusagiChan you open Twitter for a particular REASON? Or... do you just... open Twitter? At random? For seemingly no reason?

You open Twitter as soon as you wake up in the morning, while watching a stream, while working, while taking a bathroom break, while browsing other websites, while
@CriticalReikan @hollow_bastian @JusagiChan making content, and even when there's absolutely nothing happening, you still just open Twitter, unconsciously, like a zombie trying to feel a pulse. And then you scroll, and you scroll, and you keep scrolling. You half-read tweets, you glance at the ads, you look at any given
@CriticalReikan @hollow_bastian @JusagiChan art for maybe 5 seconds tops (even though the art clearly took hours and days to do), you simply Like things not due to a genuine enjoyment but just because it feels "right" to do, and even the memes that are supposed to make you laugh get processed by your brain as "funny" but
@CriticalReikan @hollow_bastian @JusagiChan trigger no reaction.

Then you look at someone's Twitlonger (because there always is one) about how depressed they are, their traumatic story, announcing graduation, what they're going to change and why - or heck, even a positive one where they're just being thankful. And
@CriticalReikan @hollow_bastian @JusagiChan instead of reacting accordingly, your brain once again simply processes what you just witnessed as "noteworthy" with no real reaction, and you'll forget all about it in 20 seconds after you've already consumed 15 other Tweets after that.

Twitter doesn't let you think. It
@CriticalReikan @hollow_bastian @JusagiChan doens't WANT you to think. It just wants you to consume it, endlessly possible. It's a "necessary" evil that brings no growth to most, because it doesn't care if you grow, it only cares if you're actively using the website. If Twitter is making you feel like your brain is
@CriticalReikan @hollow_bastian @JusagiChan rotting, please consider getting away from it. I can't speak for anyone, but I personally have been trying to decrease my usage of this hell bird, and it feels like the right thing to do. Forget social media growth, your mental health is way more important. And remember, you
@CriticalReikan @hollow_bastian @JusagiChan DON'T have to feel a serious mental illness to validate that you're not ok.

• • •

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In the first year or so into our relationship,
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@CriticalReikan @_saintdrew Automation is going to

unemploy millions, so we need to create new busywork jobs to make sure everyone can keep getting paid and keep consuming.

We should institute a UBI and fill the void of lost jobs with

green new deal projects.

We should overthrow capitalism and build
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@CriticalReikan @sarahhollowell Q. Sad sister: I need advice about how to help my older sister who, after having been divorced for a few years, wants to start dating again. There are several barriers, though, and I'm afraid to talk to her about them. I don't want to upset her, but it might be difficult to find
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My sister (54) is very heavy (5'2" and well over 200 lbs) because of the medications she takes for bipolar disorder. These medications and their side effects have caused her to be disabled to the extent that she has trouble with daily tasks, like dishes,
@CriticalReikan @sarahhollowell walking to the store, etc. She trembles sometimes because of a side effect of a medication she's been taking for almost 30 years.

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