Ever heard the saying that a Navy aircraft carrier is like "a small city?" That's true, and it's also just a sliver of broad range of tasks the DoD accomplishes. As the President tries to strongarm more private businesses into vaccine mandates, here's why that so scary.
Knowing that the DoD has endless medical personnel, @GovKathyHochul got us started by ordering the termination of thousands of NY healthcare workers and replacing them with National Guardsmen. The civilians were simply swapped for uniforms, extending governmental power.
These new employees have been forced into vaccination, are accustomed to doing as they're told, and are paid with tax dollars. None of those pesky union reps, no exemption requests to consider, and better profit margins for the corporations using their services.
The crippling of @SouthwestAir is a great example of how employees can band together to force their employers to fight back, but the DoD has far more pilots than Southwest. Indeed, 80% of their pilots are former military, but those still in the service can't walk off the job.
What about plumbers and electricians once their unions inevitably become covered by the newest mandate? The DoD has those, too. Pick just about any job and there are countless people in uniforming doing it everyday.
The scariest example of all, though, is your local police. Half of them won't get the jab? No problem. All the better from the federal government's perspective, actually. Armed men answerable only to the federal government in every locality is a dictatorship's fantasy.
The timing of the ill-executed surrender of Afghanistan brought troops, materiel, and focus home from abroad is useful. Now attention and resources can directed at the regime's real enemies: that portion of the citizenry that won't bend to its will.
Aesop's "The Wolf and the Lamb" taught us well: "a tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny." That pretext is public health, and a majority of the population has succumbed to history's grandest PSYOP, conditioning them to crave oppression and despise those who resist.
Half the country - untrained in history, ignorant if the Constitution, whipped into baseless panic over the virus, and weaponized to vilify those who haven't joined them - would be genuinely pleased to have their local police replaced by Army soldiers, unaware of the danger.
If local sheriffs run afoul of the people, they can be voted out. Not so the Army. If a corporation enforces policies you dislike, you can choose a competitor. Federal mandates and replacement of private citizens by federal personnel leave you prey to the state at every turn.
The creep of federal power into the local facets of your life has been ongoing for years, but the floodgates have opened now that so useful a tool as COVID is handy. Pay attention, push back, save whatever bits of represetative government you can. It's going to get bad quick.
Not saying it will happen (but I've been surprised much in the last year), but if there were ever going to be an attempt to forcibly vaccinate civilians, sliding federal troops into local law enforcement, medicine, transportation, etc. would be the first step. Good luck.

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6 Oct
Here's a brief bit on where I'm thinking of heading post-Navy. I'm looking to build as things fall apart.
I despise the maltreatment I see of everyday Americans simply trying to serve, protect, and provide for their families and would love to see them leave the jobs and positions that hold them hostage, but I recognize this is no easy task.
As large corporations have continually expanded into communities across the country and displaced the local businesses that once served and employed the citizenry, these jobs are hard to come by. I mean to create them.
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5 Oct
A brief examination of the relationship between the federal government/Department of Defense and the Americans who serve in uniform and what it means for the vaccine mandate.
I suspect most haven't thought it through, so many approach the issue of the mandate with something like "You signed on the dotted line. Your body belongs to the government" or "You volunteered to potentially die, so the shot is no big deal."
That response fails to understand the nature of the agreement made by these citizens with their government. They swear to "support and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic." Additionally, enlisted troops swear to obey the officers appointed over them.
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17 Sep
In the wake of revelations in the news this week regarding your actions in the days after January 6th, I have a number of questions for which I'd genuinely like to hear the answers. So here goes.

"Open Letter to GEN Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff"

You and I have something in common. We're both active duty military officers, both sworn to uphold the Constitution, to defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Beyond that, we're quite different. You're a General. I am not and never will be.
But before you dismiss my questions as unimportant because they're asked by someone so junior to you, let's dwell for a moment on how junior I am by comparison. Indeed, I'd like to understand just how senior I'd need to be to mimic your behavior.
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17 Sep
Today would've been my dad's 69th birthday. He didn't die famous or wealthy. He didn't leave me a fortune, but he left a godly heritage to future generations. He loved, served, and defended his wife, children, church, and truth. He taught me to love thinking and the Word of God.
My dad loved New Testament Greek, so it's a peculiar joy every time @DrOakley1689 discusses it. He spoke endlessly on the sovereignty of God, the smallness of man, and his longing to be free of sin. I cannot express how much I loved him and how well he loved me.
I quoted this with my mother and siblings as we watched him enter glory: "Those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified." Romans 8:30
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14 Sep
Today's military is a shell of what it once was. Our warfighting ability has been sacrificed on the altar of woke ideology and service members are threatened with discharge for refusing an unproven vaccine. Here's what wise state governors can do to make the best of it.
While the vaccine is the most immediate threat to our service, the DoD has long been chipping away at force morale and unit cohesion by forcefeeding divisive politics like Critical Race Theory and transgender ideology and branding everyone who disagrees a bigot.
Long story short: the military has made itself willfully hostile to innumerable patriotic, dedicated, and upstanding service members. For many of us, the vaccine mandate is simply the last straw. The final pill that's just too much to swallow. Many of us may be leaving.
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11 Sep
This may strike you as odd or counterintuitive, but consider that we're not well served by extended periods of prosperity and ease, that we're better off facing occasional tragedies, even when they take life and disrupt livelihoods.

"Why America Needs to Get Sick"

America began on rough footing. We declared our independence from and war on the world's mightiest empire all at once. We tend to look back on the Revolution the way we do on Norman Rockwell paintings, but this misses the danger and dread the Founders faced.
They wagered their reputations, fortunes, and lives to attempt independence. Their unlikely victory remains the greatest impediment to understanding just how risky their play was. Everything we have they won for us on a mad gamble.
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