Pre-COVID failing biotech co. Moderna was rumored to be the next Theranos pharma fraud. Moderna was valued at $1B despite never publishing any of their work. It’s CEO Stephane Bancel’s former boss helped build the Wuhan lab. DARPA would later make the co. COVIDs star Vax maker.
Why would DARPA invest in a company w/such a bad reputation and nothing to show for its hype for what has been billed as the worlds most dangerous virus. Deadly enough to justify shutting down the world for? Why gamble on a company who never published any of their work?
STAT News sounded the alarms in 2017:

“Lavishly funded Moderna hits safety problems in bold bid to revolutionize medicine”…
[Silicon Valley venture capitalist investments] allow the govt to operate in a regulatory “gray area” b/c the technology they sell is not directly categorized as medical.
While a vaccine or medication would require a more stringent approval process from the (FDA), technologies like those offered by Theranos are able to get products into the public w/little regulatory oversight.
John Ioannidis, a Stanford professor of medicine who was one of the first to challenge Theranos, argued that even amid growing scrutiny, medical testing companies in the Valley have continued some of the mistakes the blood testing startup made.
Like Theranos once did, many medical tech companies still operate in “stealth mode”, launching and raising funding for their products without offering legitimate proof the products work, a study Ioannidis published in 2019 found.
Of the 18 “unicorns”, or tech companies valued over $1bn, in the field, more than half had “no highly cited papers” on their work, according to the study.
“Operating in stealth mode, making extravagant claims, and eventually driving people to make uninformed decisions about their health is very scary,” Ioannidis said. “This is not a laptop or a mobile phone, this is life and death.”
If you peel back all of the layers of Theranos fraud, at the center you will find one of the more insidious culprits: the Silicon Valley tech press. They embraced Holmes and her start-up with a surprising paucity of questions about the technology she had supposedly developed.
Why did Holmes and Theranos get such a break? Was she an anomaly who somehow pulled one over on the tech press in Silicon Valley? Not even close. The system here has been molded to effectively prevent reporters from asking tough questions.
As witnessed in the mainstream press greed & politics driven business model so too as in the tech press failure to ask imperative questions, they became culpable and proved to be an integral factor in creating the deflating tech bubble.…
In the case of COVID, it is not a stretch to determine the mainstream press is culpable in the murder of millions across the globe in their deliberate failure to expose China, foreign govt. faulty PCR tests, side effects/toxicity of vaccines, WEF, Silicon Valley, DARPA, NIH etc.
2015 Scientific American WARNS:

Silicon Valley and "Disruptive" War Research

The Pentagon hopes to generate more "disruptive" weapons technologies by pursuing closer ties with researchers in Silicon Valley and elsewhere…
“When the Pentagon talks about “disruptive” technologies, it doesn’t mean cool new smart-phone apps; it means cool new ways to kill people. The alliance of the Pentagon and Silicon Valley should make us all ask, “Wait. What?”
2013: Former U.S. officials and intelligence sources say the collaboration between the tech industry and spy agencies is both broader and deeper than most people realize, dating back to the formative years of Silicon Valley itself.…
The US military has essentially been funding & conducting medical experiments on its own people. Silicon Valley creates the means of the security state to manage info, to hunt/censor dissenters, and to conduct the largest psychological/behavioral experiment on mankind in history.
What can everyday people do?

The best suggestions for action I’ve encountered thus far were handed down to us by the man below. It’s up to you heed his warning.


• • •

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