🧵 1/ It’s a very first world western ideal that one has to be happy & personally actualised to live a meaningful life.
2/ In the east (where I grew up), possibly because living conditions are harder, it’s different.

There is far too much else to worry about than the self.
3/ It is understood that happiness is ephemeral- it comes & goes. So enjoy it when it’s present.

And accept it when it leaves.
4/ Faith underpins culture, which provides a sense of meaning to the vicissitudes of life.

And helps you weather & tolerate them.
5/ Instead of the self, life is centred around family, faith, duty, philosophical meaning & service.

That has its own set of problems- but also has its own set of benefits.
6/ Chronic self-focus isn’t the norm in the same way it is in the west.

It’s a pretty luxury idea that one could spend vast amounts of time thinking about yourself, your feelings, and desires.
7/ I think a great deal of unhappiness is the result of this chronic self-focus coupled with a lack of meaning or purpose.
8/ There is also a great deal of unhappiness that results from believing you should feel happy all the time- why?

It’s not the default state.
9/ Meaning- finding it AND making it- is an integral part of a well ordered psyche.

Purpose provides meaning. Especially a purpose bigger than yourself.
10/ There are a lot of lessons to be extracted from this way of life.

Balanced with (healthy) individualism, freedom & autonomy, that is encouraged in the west.
11/ I suspect the sweet spot is the middle way. Pragmatism, stoicism, community.

AND a well developed sense of sense, personal responsibility, freedom & agency.


• • •

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9 Oct
🧵 1/ The so called online ‘psycho education’ places far too much emphasis on self importance.

And far too little on self awareness or development.
2/ Such an emphasis on labelling & cataloguing every minute aspect of oneself.

So little on experiencing yourself.
3/ Endless dialogue on declaring your boundaries & preferences.

Very little on respecting other people’s boundaries or preferences.
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3 Oct
🧵 1/ I made an Instagram post based on my tweet yesterday.

Someone reported it for ‘bullying & harassment’ and it got taken down.

This was my response.
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1 Oct
🧵 1/ There’s a lot of advice online that sounds like, ‘you’re not too much, they’re not enough.’

Or, ‘if they don’t understand you, their loss’.
2/ This is not useful advice. At all.

It actively discourages self-reflection, and encourages an unearned sense of self-satisfaction & entitlement.
3/ It might feel nice & offer relief in the moment, but it won’t improve your relationships.

And it won’t aid your development.
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23 Aug
🧵1/ The last few months while I’ve been grieving, working on this has kept me going.

I’m really proud of it. And am excited to share it with you 😊
2/ I want to teach people how to develop resilience, take responsibility for themselves and develop character.
3/ I also wanted to build an actual ‘safe space’, where we can speak freely, hear different perspectives, have mature conversations & agree to disagree.
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12 Aug
🧵 1/ It’s becoming increasingly socially unacceptable to advocate for personal responsibility, building resilience, & developing fortitude.
2/ Anyone who advocates for personal responsibility is inevitably demonised.

In fact, people go to great lengths to discredit them.
3/ Think about that for a moment.

Demonising & smearing people who advocate that we take control of what we can & develop internal resources *so we suffer less* & cope with life better.
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4 Aug
People love cancel culture for the same reason they love to watch the real housewives.

It’s got nothing to do with justice.
Cancel culture is when the woke mob goes after someone & it becomes a public spectacle.

The real housewives is a (v popular) reality show where rich high society women over share their lives & have messy fights.

I’m drawing a correlation between the popularity of both.
It’s salacious, voyeuristic, and quite sadistic because it uses real human beings lives/pain/mistakes as entertainment for increasing bored & online people.

The same reason people love tabloids.
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