I'm seeing a ton of jokes about learning to fly but being broke on twitter today and I can't tell if they're serious but if they are LET ME TELL YOU A STORY.

It took me 11 years to save up and get my PPL. I started working illegally in the food industry at 13, and never stopped.
I've known this is what I wanted to do for as long as I remember. When I was ~10ish I took my first flight through the @EAA Young Eagles program where kids get a free flight, and that totally sealed the deal.
My first job was at a take-out restaurant when I was 13. By 15 I had 5 part-time jobs on top of school, and by 16 I landed a gig trading hours at an airport 1-1.5hrs from my home for flight time. For every 20 hours I worked, I got an hour in this beautiful bird.
I did ~60hrs/wk as a ramp rat, earning ~3hrs/wk flight time. My boss was really kind and let me come along and log photo flights, maintenance flights, etc for free, so I got a little extra. I swapped my part time jobs to weekends so I could still earn money.
I soloed on New Years Eve of 2013 at 17, having earned all my flight time on line crew. I still didn't have enough $ to finish my PPL though, and I decided to go to college for engineering out of state. So I quit flying for 6 years which was the WORST
I won a $5k fellowship grant in 2019 that I hadn't budgeted into my survival for the year, so I put it aside and decided to use it all on flight training. I went back and started from practically zero, and re-soloed in 10 hrs. Got through my solo xc and ran out of money again
Shortly after that, I was contacted by a YouTube manager who suggested I leave the channel I had been working on and start one on my own. It would also let me move to CA, but I knew I'd HAVE to finish my PPL in Ohio where I could *maybe* afford it
So yeah, I took like a month off of making videos, put the very last of my lifelong savings into it, and finished my PPL a week before leaving for Los Angeles
So alls that to say, it IS possible to be a broke pilot with enough determination, grit, and steadfast knowledge that this is what you want to do. I got really lucky but also i worked insanely hard for literally most of my life.
And also if you're making these jokes to be diminutive toward the "rich", maybe don't?

And ALSO, money aside, learning to be a pilot is HARD and it's A LOT OF WORK. Is it worth it? Absofuckinglutely. But it's not a random weekend project and shouldn't be treated as such
I literally have no idea what the vibe on the memes is but I *think* they are all positive and I am so SO excited to see so much interest in General Aviation. So tweet questions at me anytime, I would LOVEEEE to see more folks airborne!!!!

• • •

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25 Sep 20
Ya guys. Showed up at the airport to get checked out in a C172 this morning (I trained on C152s) only to be told the owner saw my post about sexual harassment/carbon monoxide and is trying to ground me for "writing a bad review" and that the CFI was instructed not to fly with me
I wrote about my honest experiences on my own personal social media and didn't even name the school.

I had screenshots of inappropriate behavior. My CFI showed them to the owner. I reported the carbon monoxide directly to him and he told me "nah you're imagining it sweetie".
The chief of maintenance (owner's son) was there when the new CFI (the one owner called to tell not to let me fly) told me what was going on. I asked him about the CO leak. NO ONE TOLD HIM. Multiple reports to the owner from women (we feel the effects first) and he never told A&P
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24 Sep 20
I did the thing. Finally. Today, after 11 years of obsessively saving money, 9 instructors, 5 plane swaps, 4 rescheduled checkrides, 2 sexual harassment reports, and 1 plane trying to kill me with carbon monoxide... IM FINALLY A LICENSED PILOT #aviatrix
(moral of the story. When you finally save up the $$, spend the extra $10/hr for a flight school that isn't sketchy as all hell, can retain instructors for more than a month, and has CO detectors in the aircraft)
I've known I wanted to fly for as long as I can remember. As a kid I was obsessed with birds and understanding how wings worked. At some point an adult in my life must have pointed out planes were a thing. Eventually I went to a @EAA Young Eagles event, where kids get to fly free
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It's that time of year. I am now accepting applications for @BeautyandBolt's 2021 Princesses with Power Tools calendar! This was a HUGE success last year and I can't WAIT to see what this year brings.

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They're so much fun and are so well received. Here's our Leia from last year, pilot & aircraft mechanic @ThatLadyLindy, wrenching on one of only 2 flying B-29s left (what the Millennium Falcon cockpit was modeled after) Image
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9 Sep 20
When the Cuyahoga River caught on fire for the 9th (possibly 13th) time in 1969, @TIME magazine published this striking image and called attention to the effects of the industrial revolution on our climate. This sparked nation outrage and in 1970 EPA was established. Image
By 1972, the Clean Water Act was signed into law, and thus began the long (and still in progress) journey of revitalizing our nation's waterways. Image
Guys, California needs our attention. CLIMATE CHANGE needs our attention. Cleveland & TIME proved in the '60s that powerful photography and journalism have the power to spark national outage and encourage our government to act.

We are running out of time. It's time to be angry. Image
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So @AnyTechnology sent me a very inconspicuous care package because he's an amazing friend and hooman bean...

.....but opening to find this should have been a warning
Anyway we were chatting one day and I was complaining about dudes who try to cop a feel at salsa dance socials and how I wanted stun gun booty shorts to shock them away

Such inconspicuous. Much wow.

Thank you Allen @AnyTechnology
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🔥MOVING SALE!🔥 BURNING RIVER TABLE. Make an offer. Located in Cleveland! Sold as is, it's got some flaws. I made it last summer in honor of 50 years of the Cuyahoga River not catching fire (though it recently did again because it's 2020)

Build video:
Please help me get rid of it it's currently taking up space in a unit I have to be out of asap.

(The laser engraving is of headlines at the time sparking national outrage regarding pollution that eventually led to the EPA) Image
I can ship it too if you pay for shipping! I just don't know how to estimate shipping cost for such an item.
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