We were often told to not bring work home but we brought the worst of our family and community power dynamics into work and replicate these abusive, often patriarchal, misogynistic, abled, non-compassionate, and very classicist ways of being into "work".
When workplaces become everyday battlegrounds. Where schools are no longer places we can safely learn in.
When friendship and partnerships work like contracts.
When languages and communication in community is stepping into minefields and bombshells.
This is not living.
Communities, regardless of whether it's home, school, workplace, shared spaces, public spaces all deserve to reflect love, compassion, dignity and reflection.
Converging is stronger than diverse. Cells will tell you that. Viruses will show you that. "Being together" takes more than brain intention. It takes body coordination.
Yes we are diverse but are we able to converse and converge with each other, the way trees and oceans do?
Yes we are no longer multi-cultural. Instead, we are over-cultured by doctrines of power disproportion, all so we could send rockets to space, and give Thank You messages.
The workplace is the school place is the home place is the public place is the heart space of our being.

Beyond diversity is the exploration of converging and conversing.


• • •

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More from @franfreemanhkh

12 Oct
Thought of the day: Current governance and social management systems need to recognize, identify and know how to prioritize SOCIAL REST as a pillar of community health. REST is a BASIC human need. Access to RESTING and RECOVERY, when inequitable, kills RESILIENCE
Instead, we get all stimulated and over-sensitized by the ways our environments are built and created, by some, that takes no care in understanding how different peoples from different cultures rest. Vancouver is not a City of Resting. Many cities and countries aren't RESTFUL
Instead, access to REST & RECOVERY is given to the most wealthy and privileged through unjust systems designed to literally embed and produce inequity into everything we do.
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24 Jul
I'm curious about MDG's call of discrimination. As far as I know, when I was married, I had to be forced to get less financial support because I was married. That included student loans and bank loans. I couldn't recuse citing marriage as a right against financial discrimination
I'm not rich like MDG who makes over $100k a year plus another $100k from her partner and plus the biz she owns.

So I cannot afford lawyers to have legal advice.

Human rights lawyers interested in pro-bono advice, would love for you to shed some light on this issue.
I can't pay you but I can cook nice food.
Read 19 tweets
23 Jul
My ama whom I love but am estranged from is in the hospital and possibly leaving. Her kidneys had failed. I've been prepping for news like these for 20 years. As a solo immigrant. This is the pain we carry knowing that we cannot be with loved ones when they pass.
I'm tired, exhausted and holding many pieces, remembering the labour of so many migrants who leave to find a place that loves them, only to face racism and hold grief this heavy.
I have written funeral apolpgy notes so many times in my mind and heart, for each of my fam, to ask forgiveness for not being able to be there for them, even though as a fam, we are stuck on abuse and pain.
Read 4 tweets
23 Jul
One death, one displacement, one forced removal, one policing related tragedy, one overdose, one accident, one incident, one, one, one, is all we need to demand change. Policing-caused death such as what has happened in CR, shatters a community and also our ways of relating
I don't know what it would take for council to listen to unhoused, poor, disabled and queer peoples about the need for alternatives from policing. You have an equity framework but it didnt work with this motion. You have reconciliation but it didn't work with this motion.
You have "thank you for coming to speak to us" courtesies but it didn't work with this motion. You forced us to sit through a full day with you just to tell us you would support more policing.
Read 6 tweets
23 Jul
I would like all 11 CPCs in so-called Vancouver to respond to this billboard and if billboards like these make it harder for them to provide the care they are providing.

I need CPCs to take a look at how VPD creates the CARE work they so passionately undertake as volunteers. A billboard owned by Jim Pattison by the Georgia Viaduct tha
Right here. Police is asking you to criminalize each other in our heads. They are intruding their very extreme idea of safety and effectively erasing our capacities and abilities to do this ourselves. They are not our trusted elders. Would you heed the advice of violencers?
I ask again. WHY does the VPD allow for messages like these, filled with innuendos and really bad relational messaging, to be shown in public? Because we gave them the power to police our culture and ways of being.
Show me one cop that isn't colonized by white supremacy.
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23 Jul
The first public comment to this piece is "you've lost me at equating vagrants with residents."

Welcome to so-called Vancouver.
This is why police brutality is accepted by folks who see residents as vagrants and makes up a decision about them. So far, the pro-CPC folks I have witnessed are not kind to those they don't see as residents; poor, disabled, queer, racialized and unhoused residents.
The small number of NPO liaisons also do not represent the vast number of VPD officers that are highly violent and problematic people to start with. I have seen many VPD police officers in action, spitting violent words and cuffing people without reason.
Read 10 tweets

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