I realized the very hard way that caring about others before yourself leads to a very bad place. When I cry for help and instead I get ignored and ridiculed, it hurts A LOT. It makes me do things to ease and relieve that pain. It’s a drug problem, but not in your classical sense.
I had someone tell me recent that because of my high anxiety from COVID, I’m dead already. Things were not any easier when a childhood friend died suddenly in October.

I deep down believe this person wants me to commit suicide and I won’t give in. Oh, wait until 11/8.
This is a family member telling me this. Amazing how people in your own family can be this cruel and harmful.
You will not meet anyone else in the world more frightened about COVID than me. I’m paranoid about everything and nothing I have done has helped one bit.

Chronic ITP is the reason for my paranoia, along with having a horrible hematologist.
If it was not for social media during the past 20 months, I would have very little communication with people.

I may have been the closest to live under a rock than any other human being on Planet Earth.
Quite frankly, I do like it and wished that I would be isolated for life. But instead of being a waste of a human being, I would be honored to do it for science. @elonmusk, I have great respect for you and one of the best trips of my life was here in 2017. ImageImageImage
I know that NASA and SpaceX have a goal to reach Mars by 2032. Mars is a one-way ticket…you are not returning to Earth.

While it’s a bummer that this is not 10 years, you need an isolationist to see how the plans can work. I’m more than willing to do it under certain conditions
The amount of science and research you can get from me isolating for the rest of my days on planet Earth will be extraordinary. Of course, it will be modified to make it humane, but the gist would be total isolation. You need that for people going to Mars, which I fully support.
I would love to do this. It would make me have a great purpose on Earth and the future. This would be for the good of humanity and the future both on Earth and Mars. I would also love that when I die, if some of my ashes went to Mars, which would be awesome and an honor.

• • •

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14 Oct
I was just about to start a thread about this. Yes, this is very true.
@McKaylaRoseJ @goodblackdude @zeynepmyenisey @elizableu @rondeaulivia @sirhottest @yeahrightgirlhg @libertythot_ @theashtonblaise

All of you are extremely brave in fighting this. You are all great Patriots of not just the USA, but all of humanity during this difficult time.
You must continue to fight and push so hard against this post-human agenda, which they have succeeded in persuading a 1/3 of the planet in doing. However, even many pro-vaxxers think this is ridiculous and I have plenty of friends who told me they are not getting another shot.
Read 10 tweets
14 Oct
What is happening to me in 3 1/2 weeks has nothing to do with mandates, which for those who love their jobs, but do not want to get vaccinated, I hope it turns out extremely well for them.
As for me, I need to work on my physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health.

I will have a podcast episode on November 8th to reveal all. I will be alone & it will be the most emotional two hours of my entire life. Again, Lord willing.
Like I have said, even though I am pro-mask & for targeted vaccine approach, I’m also for freedom of choice.

There are medical reasons why I can’t be vaccinated. There are now 31 papers out about the vaccines & the condition that I have.
Read 17 tweets
13 Oct
I’m living proof of how a person with a preexisting condition should not be treated.

What I am going through is now more than 3 1/2 months (since early July) is inhumane. I believe that @NorthwellHealth just wants me to be out of their hair and skin for good.
@FidelisCare, thank you for the message you left me today. Will call you tomorrow. Northwell should be calling to inform me what is the situation with my treatment in pill form and not me calling to the point of harassment.
I will take the disgraceful part out from @FidelisCare since they did call me back and trying to help. But this is getting ridiculous.
Read 5 tweets
12 Oct
In life, I learned to not get mad, but get even, which is very difficult to do at times. If this person who wants to treat me like garbage wants me to go down, I’m going to start taking to social media on the POS and bring him down.
For all men out there who are in a serious relationship, always be honest with your significant other. Don’t cheat or be very deceitful to them. I’ll go further, the POS not only cheated for decades, but also blamed his wife for cheating on her and called her a mental case.
The wife needed the health insurance, hence why it took many years for it to finally go through.

If you don’t love your significant other anymore, be honest with them and say I want a separation/divorce. Don’t cause massive drama and don’t try to play innocent when you’re guilty
Read 4 tweets
21 Jan
For 15 years, I have warned about artificial intelligence & now I need this quote from a very famous movie. I accept all followers, no matter who you are.

This is a warning if we do not stand up to this now. China already uses drones on their people and we don’t want to be next
Here is one article about this, but we all know they do worse than this.

“Mankind, that word should have new meaning for all of us today.

We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore.

We will be united in our common interests.

We’re fighting for our right to live, to exist.”
Read 8 tweets
21 Jan
Sadly, history will show that Biden/Harris & Hayes are very similar. Amazing how history always repeats itself.

Also, this new movement will be something we have needed since 1900. A movement that everyone is welcome. Free thinkers will win in the end, not Dems or Reps
A movement where it does not matter what gender, age, skin color, financial status or sexual identity (you can pronouns too).

A movement where it is by and for the People, along with law and order and people cannot be bought and paid for by special interests and foreign powers.
People don’t trust politicians at all and I don’t blame them. They have sold the United States out for decades and beyond. This is nothing new.
Read 5 tweets

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