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11 Oct, 7 tweets, 2 min read
#xicheng spook day 11 concept

cw: dark!lxc, stalking

wwx has finally tired of jc complaining about being single and forces him to go out on a group date. there, jc meets the man of his dreams. lan xichen, he called himself.
he’s a successful businessman, drop-dead gorgeous, and respectful to boot. he’s everything jc’s looking for.

they have a great night, full of fun and flirting. lxc never pushes the boundaries, and it leaves jc so charmed he asks them to exchange numbers.
lxc, is the closest thing to his soulmate. of course he’s gonna get his number!

“give me yours, and i’ll call you now so you can add me as a contact,” he offers with an incredibly handsome smile.

jc does, and lxc calls him.
yet, when the call pops up, it isn’t an unlisted number. there’s a name.

“suspect?” is what it reads.

years ago, jc had received an onslaught of disconcerting calls from an unknown number. whenever he answered, he’d be met with nothing but heavy breathing.
he got a new number, but he’d remembered to save the caller’s number as “suspect?”

his hands shake slightly when he looks back up at lxc, his apparent soulmate.

lxc turns to face him, suddenly looking a lot bigger, a lot more daunting.
“do you have it?” he asks.

jc swallows down his nervousness.

“yeah, i have it.”

when you meet your soulmate for the first time, is it really the first time?
this was from a story i heard i don’t remember from where but yeah DARK LXC HDJEDJHE THE CREEP

• • •

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13 Oct
#xicheng spook day 12 au

lxc gets dragged to a halloween-themed costume party. it’s a drag, in all honesty. that is, until he catches the eyes of a really really attractive masked jc from across the room.

they make out.
and it’s the best make out lxc’s ever experienced! they go at it so hard, jc’s cinnamon-flavored gum ends up in lxc’s mouth by the end of it.

almost as soon as it had begun, it ends, and jc is suddenly no longer in sight.
cue cute search for cute guy that gave me the best kiss ever and i want him really bad and woah he hair kinda looks like wangji’s boyfriend’s brother huh what a coincidence!!
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10 Oct
tw: mentions of death, sickness

h.e. !!

#xicheng post canon last wish au

the jiang sect leader gets cursed and only has until the next full moon to live out the rest of his life.

as a last wish, he asks the lan sect leader to court him for 21 days under false pretenses.
jiang cheng wouldn’t change a thing about that night. something about the situation had worried him, and he couldn’t let jin ling attend to the matter himself, even if he had those other lan boys with him.

he’d walked away with only a few scratches.
initially, he didn’t think much of the vengeful forest spirit’s dying testimony. she’d laughed hysterically in her last moments, the rage visibly emanating off of her in red waves.
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22 Sep
modern #xicheng au w/ pa jc and actor lxc

jc spends his days attached to lxc. he’s there in the morning to take him to work, at his side all day, and there to take him home. he’s vital to lxc’s team, irreplaceable.

he’s also beloved actor lxc’s no.1 smutty fanfic author.
is it ethical for jc to not only harbor a fiercely debilitating crush on his boss but also write fanfiction about said boss railing twinks in multiple settings?

probably not, but what lxc doesn’t know, won’t hurt him!
so he spends his days being lxc’s own personal hero. they spend more time together than with their own families.

jc knows lxc like the back of his hand. as for lxc, he’s doubtful he’s the same.

regardless, jc loves his day-to-day life.
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13 Sep
modern #xicheng the one that got away au feat. ljy

ljy is on the hunt for the best mapo tofu. his dad’s (lxc) is.. sub-par, and after some searching, he stumbles upon a cozy restaurant rumored to have the “best mapo tofu in shanghai.”

the owner, a jiang cheng, takes his order.
ljy knows it’s late, later than late. a good give or take five hours has passed since everyone’s gotten off work.

even so, he can’t get mapo tofu off his mind. he’d gotten here earlier if he didn’t trip on that rail and miss his train. so if anything, blame the architecture.
if ljy were in a romance film, this would be the moment the protagonists come full circle. running to meet each other before it’s too late, huffing and puffing as they stare at each other, transfixed.

it’s how he feels right now, standing in front of 1314.
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12 Sep
cw: authority abuse (?), patient/doctor violation

modern #xicheng au with lxc who’s decided to go see a therapist after years of saying he would. he meets therapist jc and decides then and there he’s going to become a better man. he also fucks jc on the couch while he’s at it.
lan xichen isn’t sure of how it happens. one minute he’s telling dr. jiang about his job, how soul-sucking it is, how it isn’t really what he had planned for himself. then he’s scooting closer, leaning in whenever dr. jiang opens his pretty mouth.
he’s transfixed, hyper focused on everything. he’s can feel his rationale losing out to his impulses. he pushes further, past dr. jiang’s stuttered breaths of “what are you doing, mr. lan?”

he stares for a bit, admiring the beauty mark above his lip on the corner of his mouth.
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30 Aug
#xicheng abo au

back when they were younger, on a night hunt that went awry, lxc marks jc. lxc doesn’t remember anything, and the respective clans conceal the truth. jc lives the next decade hiding his mark, trying to survive until being away from his mate starts to take a toll
no one really questioned the high collars the omegan jiang sl always wore. they figured it was a sign of distinction, to revere the esteemed sl.

the dominant omega conducted himself with an unwavering sense of pride, someone to be feared if crossed.
so although the general public was curious about his mating status, no one dared to make an official inquiry.

the young, now nearing his 30s, sect leader was often seen alone. when he wasn’t, he was surrounded by his disciples and his rowdy, sometimes petulant, nephew.
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