@NathanStall @NightShiftMD With your first statement, I had to fly to Los Angeles where Johnson & Johnson clinic were set up for any traveller to acquire immunization. Despite 8 weeks, over 40 emails & 70 phone calls, I was unable to acquire this vaccine which due to my medical history was the only one 1/2
@NathanStall @NightShiftMD I was safely able to have and despite my EIGHT weeks of contacting every govt. official, politician both Federally and Provincially (I'm in BC) who I could think of and as well US pharmacies in Wash. to see if a dose could be sent to a pharmacy in Canada, I had to give up and 2/3
@NathanStall @NightShiftMD since even flying un-immunized was a great risk to me, I paid extra for a seat in a premium cabin area (front row of the plane seating plan) to avoid others, stayed 15 days to fly back fully immunized and thus safer. The test prior to the first flight: $135. The PCR test for 3/4
@NathanStall @NightShiftMD the trip back to Canada: $256 Can. funds. My hotel stay was over $3,600, the flight over $1,000. ALL other Canadians didn't have to pay a dime to be immunized & as a former Critical Care RN x 34 years as well as a Nurse Clinician, there was no equality in health care for me. 4/5
@NathanStall @NightShiftMD The total cost to me (since I spent 98% of my time in my hotel room when for 1/2 of it I had the effects of feeling excessive fatigue, nausea, unwell generally from the vaccine so it was not a vacation) has ended up being over $6,000. With the soon to be effective no travel 5/6
@NathanStall @NightShiftMD unless immunized, I also faced a time restriction on being able to even leave Canada to be immunized against this deadly virus. How great was this situation for me? I had to (after over 470 days of mainly self isolation, following all the restrictions) to take the risk of 6/7
@NathanStall @NightShiftMD going to busy airports, flying on a plane unimmunized in order to obtain my Covid vaccine. I kept hearing both Fed. and Prov. politicians saying, "ALL CANADIANS CAN BE IMMUNIZED." Then the clincher: the condemnation of those who were not immunized. Meanwhile I spent a eight 7/8
@NathanStall @NightShiftMD weeks trying to be immunized in my own country. Does it surprise you to know I received no support from any govt. office or Health Canada who kept saying, "Call the BC Covid HealthLine. When I did this, I was told by the staff at the call centre, "It's not our responsibility. 8/9
@NathanStall @NightShiftMD Call Health Canada." I did this three weeks in a row. No one was willing to take this responsibility that I and many other Canadians could NOT acquire the needed vaccine. IF the UK, US and EU could provide it, why couldn't Canada? I know of the rejected J&J import, etc., BUT 9/10
@NathanStall @NightShiftMD That happened in mid June and was a Health Canada decision. Not good enough over July, Aug. and early September with not even any offer of this J&J vaccine being made available. Absolute silence from all govt. level. Who else would have been willing to pay even $100.00 for 10/11
@NathanStall @NightShiftMD Their Covid immunization. I ended up paying 6,000% more to be finally immunized on Sept. 14th. I doubt as many would be immunized if that had been the cost for Covid immunization in Canada. Please do not assume all Canadians had equal healthcare with this pandemic immunization.
@NathanStall @NightShiftMD @UnrollHelper Unroll please and thank you.
@NathanStall @NightShiftMD As a PS to this: I am now retired and as someone born in London, England and coming to Canada as a child, I have had nearly all my relatives in England. Now decades later I have a few cousins I love to visit. The savings I had which I've now spent to go to LA, was for a 1/2
@NathanStall @NightShiftMD future trip to see them as they are getting much older now. It took me over 3 years to save this money and now I don't know when I'll be able to fly there again or even if ever again. That is a heartache for me as have no other family in Canada. But I did want to be vaccinated.

• • •

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9 Oct
@delilah20071 @metalmama80 Here's a story for you from when I was about 33 yr. old. Being British born, once in Canada, my parents only ever had British type meals, never any pumpkin dishes in our house. I decided to make a pumpkin pie. I'd never even seen a pumpkin cut open. I was pleased with the 1/2
@delilah20071 @metalmama80 pastry I'd made and placed in the bottom of the baking pie dish. Then I cut off the top of the pumpkin. There it was the ingredients for the pie. I scooped out all of it and even thought how nutritious the baked seeds in the mass of contents would be for a friend coming over 2/3
@delilah20071 @metalmama80 later in the afternoon. It was baked perfectly with the top even with the fork marks letting out the steam of the cooking pumpkin. With my friend and I having tea, I cut the pie - a bit stringy I thought but what did I know? My friend using her fork to take a bit looked a bit 3/4
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9 Oct
Since it's Canada's Thanksgiving weekend, I wanted to extend my thanks to many on Twitter who during past months and even years, have become friends, even without meeting. Some are those who have lost a loved one for various reasons and are dealing bravely with their sorrow.
Others are facing nearly insurmountable challenges and especially if healthcare professionals or healthcare staff. I admire them all greatly having been an RN x 34 yr. Others have decided very stoically even during the challenges of the pandemic to become healthier by maybe
giving up an addiction or share personal difficulties. To those individuals you each have my respect and I hope I've been encouraging in comments to you. To those who share their writing or poems or even songs, they have added to my day in a most positive way. Others sadly who
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7 Oct
For the past few days, I've been wrestling with a question to which I don't know the right answer. Many who follow me know how I had to leave Canada to be immunized with the J&J vaccine (my medical history eliminated the other immunization products offered so far in Canada.
As a nurse, former RN, I knew it was the only vaccine I could have and did advocate for weeks trying to acquire it without leaving Canada. In Sept. I realized it was a futile attempt & flew to LA where at LAX airport I received at their J&J clinic I was finally immunized. I took
a chance even flying not immunized and so remained in the LA hotel (not an expensive one) x 15 days to fly back to Canada immunized. Even just testing before each flight cost: $135 in YVR, $256 at LAX. Total cost to me was over $5,000. I'm retired & not rich at all as this cost
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7 Oct
@jannarden This is how much I wanted to be immunized against Covid, Jan. I spent 8 wks advocating for the J&J vaccine to be made avail. in Canada: July - early Sept. Sent over 40 emails to govt. officials, Health Canada, etc. Made over 70 phone calls even to the US pharmacies to see 1/2
@jannarden if my GP could order a dose to be sent via a pharmacy here. Not possible. Couldn't drive over to Wash. from Vancouver for it as not immunized. No support from any govt. official federally or provincially. Ended up on Sept. 14th flying to LA, where at LAX there were free J&J 2/3
@jannarden clinics at the airport for any travellers even if international. Had my vaccine there. Stayed 15 days to be immunized for once again being in crowded airports (LAX very crowded) and flying back to Vancouver. Cost to me which for other Canadians was a free vaccine was: 3/4
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6 Oct
Ask me if I love reading? This year have finished (and enjoyed immensely) 43 and have 15 waiting for me to turn the pages. Today visited a wonderful secondhand bookstore to recycle 10 books. Found 3 more to come home with me. One is a history of nurses of Nfld & Labrador.
It examines those nurses who immigrated there with the first two arriving in 1893 and since then hundreds, if not by now thousands have arrived. As a former RN, I am always interested in the history of nursing in Canada. This book will add to my appreciation of the challenges
these nurses faced in years past. Many were British nurses who were able to have their fare paid for travel there and on return if they worked their full contract for the 3 -5 years. With interviews this book relates 41 nurses experiences from the 1950's to the late 1990's. #RN
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4 Oct
Are those who use the facilities at the Harry Jerome Community Centre (well over 20,000) aware the @CityOfNorthVan recently voted to close the centre while the new facility is being constructed going against the previous agreement which was voted in by the previous Mayor?
This means those who walk to the community centre will no longer have access to one as the other few in North Vancouver are miles away from this one. It also means staff will lose their jobs. Hundreds of individuals will lose program access. Older seniors will no longer have this
social hub which many have used for years. This is to appease the developer who paid the city thousands for this change in order to build another residential building in North Vancouver. The high density now is out of control due to over 50 high rise buildings, over 40 low rise
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