I'm calling this the #BeYou thread.

If you are a plate of beige account with a provincial flag for a banner and are run by an Easter Seals & disability org volunteer don't call yourself a disability activist and don't occupy those spaces. Don't pretend. Be You.
If you're a white, wealthy, non-disabled man who, as a result of the birth of a disabled child decades ago, set yourself up as govt's consigliere of wealthy, white, non-disabled parents of disabled kids. Be you. Don't call yourself an activist or pretend to grasp our politics.
If you're promoting/benefiting from the neoliberal model that further marginalizes, impoverishes, and causes harm to some crips via defunding, deregulation and privatization, while simultaneously profits by appealing to the consumerism of privileged crips, don't call it activism.
My point is that I would have way less issues with any of these people if they would just own who they are and not pretend to be "activists" or "leaders" or speaking for disabled people, especially those who are poor or share the same concerns, analysis, values or views.
And it's hard not to treat the fact that they behave the way they do as suspect.
If Rick Hansen Foundation just said, 'you know what we never had an interest in accessibility, we wanted a cure & in lieu of that exoskeletons, but if there are grants, sure we'll put our hands up, we basically are just gonna steal bits of what's out there & put our brand on it'
I mean that is a legit business plan. It's not one I subscribe to or would advocate buying from, but name recognition is the value-added piece under capitalism & people would likely still buy their half-assed product.

But it would have the integrity of not pretending.
Anyway, none of them are going to change. This thread isn't for them it's to explain why I rage tweet sometimes. This stuff is not only irritating but it's harmful.
And I do want to set the record straight on who is helping who. These people who sit alongside & benefit from power and wealth are not the ones making change for us. The only reason they exist is because we make it necessary for govt to maintain a pretence of caring about crips.
Their schmoozing & VIP contact list are not why anything happens. They are the stand-in for dealing with us. Which is one of the many harms they do.

I'm usually angrier at them than open opposition to disabled people's rights and justice bc I honestly believe they do more harm.
Anyway, I just wanted to try to explain that so you understand when you see some of my tweets that may look like personal attacks they aren't. They are political - an attempt at unmasking so we can speak face to face. Be you. Even if I disagree I will respect that about you.

• • •

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12 Oct
Here's the thing. Disabled people exist. Disability is part of the human condition. If your policies are designed only for non-disabled humans and fail to uphold & safeguard disabled humans than they are ableist & your policy & government played a role in this young teen's death.
It is not a matter of being 'bad' to mention that the youth was disabled. It points to the discriminatory nature of the policies and the systemic violation of the human rights of disabled people. In a just society this would be more of an indictment not less.
It disturbs people when the fact the person was disabled is mentioned because they know immediately that this means that people will experience this death as more tolerable and less of an injustice or a concern. That's the ableism you all need to face.
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12 Oct
While back someone on here bragged about how easy it was for them to find accessible affordable housing. (Obviously their experience was in no way representative of most but for some reason didn't bother to acknowledge that at all.) Anyhooww...
I asked if they were on disability benefits and they didn't answer. So anyway, I was criticized for asking...etc. Flash forward months and someone in my DMs was looking for help around housing. I suggested program this person used - I mean apparently it's soooo easy & affordable
Person in my DMs got back to me to say, thanks but um...I don't have that kind of money. They make more than disability benefits but not enough to afford any of the apts that were listed - because um yes, this is exactly what i figured at the time was the case but... 🤷🏻‍♀️
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12 Oct
I love the cognitive dissonance I cause when I tell people asking me to come speak that I can't print, sign, scan and send back the document they are asking me to because I don't have a printer and a scanner and I barely have a computer that sorta partially works.
You can almost hear the "but why are we having you come speak/train if you're that poor which I associate as meaning you have no value and nothing worth saying and oh wait, we do mention being poor in your bio but I didn't think you were *that* poor" wheels turning.
Or when they ask about my slides and I have to explain program I use is so old I'm not sure it will work on their computers.

It's a non-stop experience of "you aren't like the other people we work with" lol.

I figure it's part of the learning I don't charge for.
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12 Oct
CW ableism

This is the letter responding to the article in which a city attorney called a disabled person a "pathetic little wheel boy"

CW ableism

This is the original article.

From a city lawyer to a disabled activist: “God recognized evil and sentenced you to sit while people like me run free and spread our DNA into the universe like you can’t.”

Apparently the city attorney, James Allen, Sr, represents the following places:

Dearborn: 313-943-2300
Dearborn Heights: 313-791-3490
Hamtramck: 313-800-5233 ext 361
Inkster: 313-563-4234
Wayne Co.: 313-224-0286

If you happen to live in any of these you might want to call them
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12 Oct
It feels pointless to point urbanists to this thread because they don’t care and don’t listen. I wish they’d have the humility of at least considering that previous generations of their profession were as certain as they are about their bad decisions. Try to read & not react.
Try to just sit with what is being said. Don’t write a reply arguing why you are right. Just read it and remember this is a person who is part of a highly marginalized demographic that’s very excluded from public space and has lost what little access they had bc of urban planning
I'm extraordinarily tired of watching the the professions that are responsible for why cities are designed as they are blame people for needing vehicles to get around them, particularly disabled people. They didn't lay cities out. Not everyone can ride a bike everywhere.
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12 Oct
Because people who call 911 definitely aren't in any hurry.

Will there be an ocean sounds playing with Dr. Bonnie Henry's voice telling us to think positive while we wait?
Honestly I'm at a loss as to what will make people take to the streets at this point? Being able to run an effective ambulance service in a city has got to be one of the most basic elements of the right to govern. I don't even understand what govt is if it can't do this?
If you would have asked me when I was young I would have said people dying while waiting on hold for someone to answer the emergency phone would definitely result in mass protest. But it's happened. Again and again. Many people we know about. NVM those we don't.
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