Cancel culture

What happens when those accused of transphobia are cancelled?

Let’s thread this shit
Dave Chapelle, @transscribe argues, has benefited from transphobia as transphobia has featured in every special he has done since 2015

According to this report from verge, his last special was the most successful comedy special in Netflix’s history
She is almost certainly right, based on how this verge report quotes a Netflix higher up saying his last special was the most successful comedy special Netflix has ever had…
JK Rowling spent much of 2019 writing a book in her long running series that featured transphobic tropes based on the idea that trans people could be a Trojan horse for sex offenders and murderers.

Her subsequent ‘cancellation’ was covered by every outlet ever
That book she was writing?

Was the most successful book in that series. Which makes sense because every outlet was obsessed with it. Her cancellation was key to alerting everyone that she was still writing books…
Julie Bindel has apparently been cancelled

That hasn’t stopped her from regularly writing about that in the times, the spectator and most hilariously, UnHerd.

She also put a book out this year!
Kathleen Stock has also been cancelled apparently. That didn’t stop her book ‘material girls’ topping the charts and her being given an OBE.

When two posters went up at her uni calling for her to be fired, the government came to get defence in the form of foreign sec Liz Truss.
Rosie Duffield has apparently been cancelled…despite the fact that she gets regular gushing press in the times, is offered a place in the Conservative party and her profile has exploded despite her being a first time back bencher MP
Clearly, being cancelled for transphobia is good for people.

United you are Graham linehan, former comedy writer and current substack shit goblin
It’s hard to argue that he hasn’t lost his entire career and so much more but there are key differences here…

Mostly that he spent most of his time saying outright what the above only hinted at…
…that trans women are basically deluded sexual fetishists who groom children.

And he publically berated friends of his as well as many other toxic behaviours.
So, if you are looking for a career boost, all you need to do is a bit of transphobia.

Anything short of calling trans women pedophiles is clearly enough to garner terrific success
Do you have any examples of transphobes getting a bunch of money/status from peddling hate?
Add them below!

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10 Oct
Realised something

It’s easier to be a bigot than to do something in some way to combat that bigotry when it’s aimed at you

The people who hate us don’t feel distraught or hopeless. They may be scared of something but not in the same way.

They don’t have the burden we do.

But also, they have a choice. I don’t believe we do.

I can’t quit doing something that clearly helped people. Had enough messages saying it has. And I couldn’t look myself in the face if I stopped.

Been in a dark place for over a year now. Been sat on stories (including an absolute gift entirely thanks to GC ineptitude and blind luck) and felt totally unable to see them through.

Because I was actively triggered by them in the actual sense

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23 Sep
It’s happened

Michelle took new adhd meds and a sleeping tablet. She needed to sleep, adhd meds can keep her awake so she did a sleeping pill to counteract that and now she is quite, quite high by mistake

Here is a thread of weird things due to accidental/ legal drug abuse.
DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF. I got here by mistake. Don’t mess with drugs from your doc to get high with. That’s bad. What I did? Accident.

Got it? Good. Let’s get straaaNGE
The reason Batman don’t use his billions to save Gotham is because he is GC and doesn’t believe that should Gotham self identify as a safe nice to live place.

Down with gatekeepers. Even the bat.
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23 Sep
Some thoughts on where we are and where the U.K. community may be going.

A thread on why the trans community is in a similar position as LGB people were in 1987.

Cn: Transphobia (obvs)
In 1987 the U.K. was having a media lead moment about gay people. HIV was killing many, but the media made a stink about a book featuring gay parents being in schools.

75% of the U.K. population believed being gay was mostly or always wrong (social attitudes survey 87)
Powerful people in the media and in politics demanded something to be done to ‘protect’ young people from becoming gay and therefore contracting HIV. Section 28 was the answer, a law that banned ‘promoting’ homosexuality in schools, libraries etc
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21 Sep
We’re watching the U.K’s party leaders decide if transphobia is bad or respectable

So far, those who think transphobia is ok

@UKLabour (Duffield stuff) @Conservatives (everything except Crispin Glover and Caroline Nokes) @TheGreenParty (transphobe in leadership race)

Party leadership who believe transphobia is bad

@theSNP and @LibDems

There will be exceptions in the party, but as leadership goes, most parties are now at least both siding this and therefore saying transphobia is just as valid as trans people

Compared to 2015 when I started out, all party leadership were broadly on side. In 2016 all supported GRA reform (which the tories wanted to do then..,I know right?)

5 years of shitty press radicalising hundreds/thousand has resulted in a massive step back

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20 Sep
LGBT groups tied to political parties will always choose party first.

This is why the LGBT Conservatives said nothing about Kemi Badenoch and why LGBT Labour went full Duffield.

This is why I (Michelle) have huge issues with party loyalty trumping principles.

Political party activists are there for the party.

A political party's ideas can change drastically depending on who are in leadership positions. Just look at David Cameron's Conservatives (gay marriage!) to Boris Johnson's Conservatives (...fuck LGBT people)
A person who is party first can so easily find themselves pushing for policy that is terrible.

I am of the belief that, in these times, trans people have to be trans first because if you are party first then you will be supporting transphobia.
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19 Sep
This is a thread about why the Sunday Times report about Rosie Duffield is probably bollocks and the result of weaselly words

CN: All of the above and transphobia, references to non-binary people being blasted by Duffield and get the idea.

The Sunday Times has a report about Rosie Duffield

Headline & subheading: "Speaker’s anger as extremists terrorise Labour MP Rosie Duffield

"Threats after feminist branded ‘transphobic’"

What kind of threats? Death threats? Violence?

Let's take a look at the article. THREAD
Opening paragraph...we learn from this that she has received "online threats"

So we know how she got them. Not clear yet on what kind of threats. If they were death threats or threats of violence...wouldn't they be in the headline? Maybe not. Let's keep going. "The Speaker of the House of Commons has made an unprec
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