I guess I would just say that it’s actually pretty funny to argue that Sonya Larson is not allowed to discuss her racial background without having weirdos on the internet weigh in on how non-white she get to be based on photos while simultaneously invoking one’s Judaism as a
reason why ones objectively caliper-y tweets about this woman’s appearance shouldn’t be described as caliper-y. Happily, I’m Jewish *and* Asian which means I’m perfectly comfortable saying can everyone please just stop being weird about this woman’s race it’s gross
There seem to be a group of people who think that once someone mentions their race (ie “plays the race card”) in any way then it’s open season to question/attack their background and seriously, what? Why is that a place that anyone is going? What is the value of that?
If you feel like weighing in on whether a multiracial person looks X or counts as Y, a good idea is just to keep that thought to yourself and move on with your day

• • •

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12 Oct
Sophie Zhang went public in April 2021 with extensive documentation revealing how Facebook failed to address political manipulation in dozens of countries.

I’m glad people are paying attention to her now but it’s weird to retcon her into a secondary player in Haugen’s narrative
Her revelations were complex and nuanced and required caring about countries that Facebook also refuses to care about. They were not soundbite friendly but they are really worth reading and grappling with in full. theguardian.com/technology/202…
She showed how Facebook let the authoritarian leader of Honduras break its rules and manipulate its platform for 11 months before bothering to do anything about it

Read 7 tweets
5 Oct
I honestly do not know how to handle the anger and despair and sadness I feel reading the QAnon sections of these whistleblower complaints. vice.com/en/article/wx5…
I sent Facebook so much information about what was happening with QAnon on its platform, starting in May 2020.

This wasn't about suppressing speech. It was about FB actively PUSHING QAnon into the way of people who would never encounter it otherwise.

Facebook told me that it wasn't recommending QAnon groups to users. I knew that was untrue because Facebook had recommended QAnon groups to my accounts. And it kept doing so, even after I had started talking with FB.
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4 Oct
An honest (if utterly soul-crushing) analysis of facebook's moral universe from @kevinroose: human rights abuses facilitated by Facebook might kill *people*, but they won't kill Facebook. Only American teens (and the advertisers who love them) can do that. nytimes.com/2021/10/04/tec…
I would say that I don't think it's safe to assume that Facebook could fix its human rights abuse problems in the Global South with more resources and focus. Having the vast majority of its resources focused on the US and West hasn't exactly fixed its core issues here.
But the past few weeks have demonstrated the core dynamics of the FB debate in the US. Serious and urgent harms against human rights and democracy in the Global South included in the WSJ's investigation have been wholly overshadowed by the Instagram eating disorder issue.
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3 Oct
This is only the end point if you insist on framing the question in a obtuse way. Criminal defendants can and will use many arguments, as is their right, and judges & juries will decide. That has nothing to do with whether FB has a responsibility not to push ppl toward extremism.
Disinformation contrarianism seems to insist that everyone who cares about disinformation is hopelessly stupid and incapable of making fine distinctions, which makes it frequently indistinguishable from Facebook apologia.
Of course Facebook played a role in inciting the Jan 6 riots. No one can look honestly at the rightwing conspiracy movement that erupted last spring and summer and escalated last fall and ignore the role that Facebook played in shaping and amplifying it.
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23 Sep
It’s true that if you mischaracterize what Franzen said by ignoring half of his stated reason (the context of the BLM uprisings), you can twist it into a point that’s easier to attack, but since we can all read what he actually said, the only person who looks bad here is you.
Franzen was correct that the letter was received within the context of the BLM, and widely considered a rebuke of them. Part of this was the timing, and part of it was the list of signatories. The fact that Franzen anticipated this and Chait could not says little about Franzen.
Had to go play with legos but I really do feel like it’s important that there be some kind of public reckoning with the role that the Harper’s letter played in creating an acceptable veneer for the reactionary movement that coalesced in the aftermath of the George Floyd uprisings
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21 Sep
This is obviously pitch-perfect satanic panic logic, and the fixation on lost speaking engagements is obviously hilarious, but do people ever talk about how self-censorship might be good, actually? Image
Pretty much all “cancel culture” debate is at root a disagreement over whether the social conditions of certain marginalized groups (mostly Black people but sometimes others) are the result of centuries of (well documented) legal and structural oppression or inherent inferiority
The people who argue for inherent inferiority tend couch their eugenics in whatever pseudoscientific language suits the age (the bell curve, “human biodiversity”, the “hereditarian left” 🙄) but it’s all the same bullshit.
Read 8 tweets

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