Chess Thread: One tweet per online blitz rating milestone (I'm going by every 100 points I earned on, and the date I earned it), about what I did to get there.

You guys should your own too, because I want to know your stories!

Start: 525, (12/21/2016)
I started playing chess. I didn't know not to play blitz and focus on longer time controls. I just started playing chess. I watched a video of some old guys playing bullet OTB and I felt super inspired to learn to play.
600: 01/02/2017
Slowly but surely learning to avoid the pitfalls of the Wayward Queen Attack. It was all super basic elemental stuff. I open with 1.e4 and mostly 2.d3. I play the Philidor as Black. It takes me 260 games in 13 days to reach 600.
700 (01/11/2017)
Picking up steam. Continuing with tactics (learned exclusively from playing games). I think I did some cursory reading on chess on wikipedia. I favor 2.Nf3 and 3.d3. Philidor still, but I played the Elephant Gambit too! 160 games in 9 days to reach 700.
800 (02/02/2017)
I've started learning a bit more about opening principles. I now play 1.e4 2.Nf3 and 3.Bd3 in the majority of my games as white. Black: goodbye e5, hello Caro-Kann(!!?!) and Sicilian. 150 games in 23 days to reach 800.
900 (05/12/2017)
Again, it's all tactics and all doing by learning. I am now playing the Scotch and Italian. I've come to my senses and ditched the Caro-Kann in favor of the Sicilian full-time. My opponents never play 3.d4 😂Seeing more 1.d4 games. 640 games in 100 days.
1000 (06/19/2017)
Still learning tactics ad-hoc by playing. I start favoring 2.d4 after 1.e4 in some situations. I also flirt with 1.d4. Against 1.e4 I'm mixing it up with e5, c5, and d5. I post on reddit (…). Some people dislike it. 190 games in 38 days.
1100 (09/16/2017)
My tactics are still getting better every day. I've begun using the tactics trainer. I switch to the Queen's Gambit after reading about it, and immediately begin winning easy games. I join #teamscandi full-time. 750 games in 90 days
1200 (11/09/2017)
I'm becoming very confident in my tactical abilities. The only experience I have is online tactics trainers and the thousands of games I have already played. I switch back to the Sicilian I post on /r/chess again (…).
500 games in 55 days.
1300 (06/11/2018)
I still have not read a single chess book. All my practice is chess puzzles online and games + occasional youtube. I no longer try to punish unorthodox play, which at my level is its own punishment. I learn 1.d4 Nf6
My first real plateau: 2800 games in 215 days.
1400 (10/30/2018)
I have become slightly aware of the endgame and weak pawns, and start using this to my advantage sometimes. online chess puzzles and my own games is all I'm doing. I post on /r/chess (…)
1350 games in 142 days.
1500 (12/13/2019)
I start going to chess club. I meet a master. I learn the Colle-Z
I read "My System". Most of it goes over my head.
I read "How To Beat Your Dad At Chess" and score a 28 on the final test. I should try it again today!
A very long plateau: 4250 games in 410 days.
1600 (04/10/2020)
I switch to the Blackmar-Diemer, Budapest, and French. I buy the BDG course on @chessable. My passive playing tendencies with the Colle-Zukertort begin to melt away. I am now playing very crazy chess and having a lot more fun.
1350 games in 120 days
1700 (08/25/2020)
I experience lots of near-1700 streaks and drop a lot of points and for the first time have to psychologically reckon with feeling hard failures.
I'm practicing my openings a lot more, and doing tactics on chessable as well.
2700 games in 138 days
1800 (10/10/2021)
I switch to e4 and Scandi. I soon switch to 1...e5 because I finally understand the bishop pair. I read Winning Chess Strategies and Chess Strategy for Club Players. I do endgames for the first time. I am now finally really beginning to understand endgames.
1800 (cont'd)
I stop worrying about my peak rating as much and much more about average upward trend over time. I start playing rapid chess. I play my first regular chess tournament. I start hanging out with the #chesspunks community. Chess becomes both wider and deeper.
1800 (cont'd) I start doing actual calculation exercises. I try to solve puzzles instead of one-move guesses. I start listening to @Bennyficial1 and all his guests on perpetual chess podcast. I discover @chesscoachandra whose youtube convinces me to play active chess openings.
1800 (cont'd) I stop worrying about my rating altogether. Instead, I start actively trying to improve. I start doing exercises to keep in "chess shape". I warm up with tactics every day. I study some positional concept once a day. I do harder calculation exercises every day.
1800 (con't) I get used to the idea of being in the plateau -- I even find myself enjoying it. The pressure to keep my rating up is no longer there. I can concentrate on learning and applying; getting a higher rating number which WILL come in time.

6000 games in 413 days.
By my count, two huge plateaus so far: 1400-1500 and 1700-1800. My attitude between the two has changed immensely. I don't know if I'm already going to hit the next plateau yet or not... but bring it on. I'm here for the long game. 😀 #chesspunks

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