The reason why there are so many ex-TRAs, mostly gay/female, and no ex-gay rights activists, is that the gay rights movement was *actually* about gay rights - not enforcing a religion of sex denialism that erases homosexuals and obliterates women's boundaries 🌛
Gay rights didn't put males in women's prisons, it didn't lift men into positions that represent women, it didn't tell lesbians they're bigots for not having sex with men, it didn't sterilize nonconforming gay kids and shame them for speaking up on their medicalization regret 🌛
Gay rights didn't police anyone from acknowledging reality, demanding that every person, particularly women, gaslight themselves into disbelieving their senses. It didn't take away women's ability to truthfully describe themselves - on the basis of reality, not a man's fantasy.
Gay rights never infringed on any other person's rights or boundaries.

Gender Ideology, definitively, repeatedly and undeniably, does. Because it's not about protecting anyone's rights and it never was. Gender Identity Ideology is about enforcing a belief.

• • •

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4 Oct
'Woke' ppl will really rave about a man's right to specifically buy an ACTUAL woman ('cis') for sex, then in the same breath demand a woman be ostracized, fired and branded a bigot if she requests a female rape crisis counselor or advocates for other women's right to do the same
A horny man is allowed more autonomy over women's bodies and boundaries, as well as his own, than raped women could ever dream to have ffs
He's permitted to acknowledge what a woman is - no 'identity' dogma, just reality - & make his own informed decisions, establish his spaces & boundaries, based on that knowledge

Female-only porn? Prostitution? Strip clubs? ✅

Female-only sports? Prisons? SA crisis centers? 🚫
Read 6 tweets
1 Sep
Gender Ideology insists that women shouldn't be allowed female-only spaces, that same-sex attraction is a 'genital fetish' that can/should be reconditioned, that female is a 'feeling' not based in material reality - and that disagreeing with any of this is blasphemy, hate speech.
To any women/gays who have seen the cracks, who are feeling wary, who have questions:

Do not be threatened. Do not think for a moment that because someone presents a homophobic/misogynistic idea as if it were 'progressive,' you cannot question it.

Question. Challenge it.
I did. I challenged gender ideology after adhering to it, unquestioningly, for a long, long time. After I saw lesbian friends cast out of their own community and friend group, and cruelly derided, for politely declining to include the opposite sex in their dating pool.
Read 11 tweets
17 Aug
Thinking abt how gays are the sole targets for those screeching about 'genital preferences'

The groundwork's already been laid. At what point have homosexuals, particularly women, ever been free of ppl trying to recondition our sexuality to fit in someone else's ideological box?
Entire organizations/careers have been built out of the apparent necessity to instill opposite-sex attraction in us ffs

This new trend of 'bi is the only moral way to be gay' is in fact nothing new at all, if you've been following the way gays have been treated since... ever
We're seen as easy prey for gender ideologues because we have *always* been the primary target for reconditioning

Some heterosexuals face cultural restrictions prohibiting sex itself, but no-one is out there attempting to convert their opposite-sex attraction into same-sex.
Read 9 tweets
21 Jul
'Author JK Rowling says-' This absolute horseshit phrasing is deliberate. There are multiple screenshot compilations. Many threatening tweets remain up. This is not something JKR 'says' happened. This is something that objectively, observably did happen to her.
They'll encourage you not to believe a woman, to question her motives, when the evidence of abuse is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES.

When the reality of the abuse becomes too evident, they'll simply claim that she deserved it. That she brought it on herself.
Ofc the word games don't stop there. Anyone following JKRs 'remarks' in earnest would know that she speaks on women's rights, not 'transgender rights,' that her views, that women are an oppressed sex class deserving of autonomy and boundaries, are anything but controversial.
Read 12 tweets
26 Jun
This bs of using gays as a shield to defend transing kids. There's nothing to conflate. Gay ppl don't alter any part of themselves to be gay. There is no lifetime of medicalization/pharmaceutical dependence, there's no unattainable endgoal prompting inevitable body modification.
There is no sacred 'kind' lie that every stranger in the world is expected to affirm, at the risk of the child's identity crumbling at the slightest mention of reality. Being gay, same-sex attracted, is just that: reality, not identity. It is predicated on the reality of sex.
'Gender identity' is predicated on a fantasy built from, and in service to, sexist stereotypes. It has absolutely *nothing* to do with being gay. A gay child does not require an affirmation cult and a fucking medical intervention to be gay.
Read 5 tweets
25 Jun
Women were not oppressed throughout all of recorded human history because they 'felt' female.

Women were, and are, oppressed because they *are* female.
Likewise, homosexuals were not murdered, mocked, correctively raped and subjected to conversion therapy because we 'identified' as gay.

We were, and are, oppressed on the basis of *being* same-sex attracted.
To deny the fact that dimorphic sex is the basis for so many of our human experiences, to deny the ways it shapes how we navigate the world and each other, is to deny material reality. It's silly. It's magical thinking. And it has real consequences, primarily for women.
Read 5 tweets

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