Your Gumroad reality check

Why it’s a LOT harder than you think to make a full-time living selling $20-$50 products on Twitter

In 2020…

Across the ENTIRE PLANET...

Only 179 gumroad-ers made more than $100,000.

That’s the whole world, not just Money Twitter.
Whatever your current belief is about building a Twitter audience, hacking together a $25 ebook and platitude-ing your way to financial freedom….

You need to RUN THE NUMBERS.
Because here’s another reality check…

I am here to tell you that cracking 6-figures doesn’t mean “true” financial freedom.

And it hasn’t since, like, the 80s.

You need to think bigger.

You need to think like a 7-figure gumroad guru.

What do I mean by this?
By all means write e-books and launch products.

Ed Latimore and JK Molina recently made north of $40k each with their ‘Templates’ launch.

Yours truly has a few tweets in there you can model, and no I'm not an affiliate.
The real money, the real “play”, the real reason anyone builds an email list and the realest of real truths that I know Ed and JK would tell you themselves…
Is that backend offers are where you can build a 7-figure biz.

The ebooks exist to create a list of buyers.

Not to make a lot of money unless you have a GREAT product and a lot of eyeballs

From your own audience and/or from affiliates (who you typically would give 30-50%)
So the $25-50 product is your top of funnel

Much like the free + shipping books you see all over Facebook and IG (technically these are probably self-liquidating offers, a topic for another thread)
So what you want to do..

Assuming you want to do low-price product (and you may not if you want to maintain premium positioning)

Is to validate that the eyeballs you have access to like and trust you enough to buy from you...
Keeping in mind that you intend to serve the most eager and able buyers at a higher level

Might be a masterclass at $500, coaching at $2-5000, a community at $50-100/month (recurring revenue!)
If you're just getting started, and don't have your first offer, or a "high-ticket" offer yet

What "rich people problem" are you uniquely positioned to solve in a way that no one else can?
I say "rich people problem" because you need ppl experiencing a REAL problem (could be a desire, but pain is always stronger than desire)

They need to like you and trust you (part of that can be done by delivering WAY MORE than $25-50 of value in your lower priced product)
And you need to target the right combination of PROBLEM + AUDIENCE.

Simple example: TONS of 18-20 year olds would love to get jacked with a coach.

But how many can afford to work with a coach in a premium coaching model?
To summarize I'm not anti info products, I'm not anti Gumroad and I can think of countless examples of GREAT businesses that have lower priced products
The lesson is that if you want to earn a comfortable living online as a creator

You must RUN THE NUMBERS and not expect to magically, and consistently

Earn 10-20K per month from lower-priced products unless you have a KILLER product, tons of social proof and PLENTY OF EYEBALLS

• • •

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