Every nonviolent act of resistance is good right now. You’ve been under occupation for two years.

Anyone telling you otherwise or to “think of the optics” is fucking you over.

The optics? This isn’t 2004.
You are justified, and your job is to make people see that you are justified.

Screw the media.
Make a scene with mandate-enforcers. Strike. Grind the supply chain to a halt if necessary. Organize around community-sufficiency.

You did not start this fight. You are in the right. We are far past the point of “going along to get along”.
The blackpill is that they want you gone or at least to bend the knee. It’s not up for debate anymore. You are already their enemy, whether you admit it or not.

The white pill is that we have a lot of power, and they want you to be afraid to exercise it.

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12 Oct
See? They have people denigrating every act of meaningful resistance. That is extremely effective propaganda.

The idea of a fool-proof omniscient plan is BS both ways.

“Every act of resistance is their goal.”

Not buying it.
Followed to its conclusion, that line of reasoning leads to:

Get the shot, because the Regime actually wants you to not get it. Don’t walk out, because the regime actually wants you to. Give into social credit, because the regime wants you to resist it.
Don’t protest, because the regime wants you to protest. In fact, act smug when nobody shows up to protests for your side, as if you dodged a trap.

Don’t locally organize, because they want you to so they can bomb you like Waco.

You have to respect that level of propaganda.
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10 Oct
If you’re in a small town and deadset on calling yourself a “militia” (as poisoned as that word is), frame it as backup for the Sheriff’s office.

Gets you in with the sheriff, the community, and it’s non-threatening.

But I’d recommend going by “emergency response volunteers”.
Literally go to the sheriff and ask for advice, how you can be prepared to help him.
Host community events. Be PUBLIC, actually. Don’t just chill in the woods with plate carriers on lol.
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10 Oct
There are no big, easy answers. No sinply “retake the institutions bro” kind of answers.

There are a million small ones and they require a lot of work. Are they doable? Yes.
Will forming a small food-raising co-op with ten other people kill the NWO?


But it will make it so that YOU don’t eat the bugs, and combined with thousands/millions of others doing the same, it has a gigantic impact.

Same with trading under the table. Etc.
Our strategy will be that of an emergent network. The key is getting a solid base of activity. That can’t happen without people starting on their own instead of waiting for everyone else to do it.

You need to be those first movers.
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7 Oct
That’s true. America is insanely free for the rich.

Which is why the way forward is to build a goon squad of 10-20 people and make a “rich person”.

Buy a plane. Build a compound. Conduct business.
There will be no mandates or carbon restrictions on private planes, for example.
One goonsquad could specialize in meat packing. Another in metal components. Another in ammo reloading.

There will be plenty of opportunity as supply chains continue to break down.
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6 Oct
American and Euro “rightwing” are very different. Americans are descended from the Euros who rejected the more collectivist right in Europe. Euro rightwing has its advantages, particularly in its ability to create centralized power centers, but I think Americans need a diff strat
Monarchism and racial cohesion provide a deep well to whip allies into line, but imo those factors aren’t as applicable here.

Here, victory will be more distributed and localized, imo. It mirrors the albeit bruised American genetic/cultural ethos.
If you’re waiting for an American Caesar, in the vein of Moldbug, I think you’ll be waiting for a long time. Not to say there won’t be leaders, because we have produced very good leaders in the past.

I could be wrong, I just don’t think Euro rightism will catch on here.
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5 Oct
While I’ve been guilty of it as well, our side is starting to see every dissident activity as purely fed-driven.

That could be intentional and if so it’s a propaganda coup of epic proportions.
Don’t do dumb shit that doesn’t move the needle, but of course you should organize and meet your needs on a local level. Of course you should make your points and mark up the street with our narrative.

And also focus on group culture so that you trust the people around you.
The Feds can’t infiltrate every little group of people. They just can’t. It’s physically not possible.

Openly advertising militia? Easy to infiltrate. A group of people that trade with each other and know each other? No.
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