@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 Yeah like they somehow got it into their head that she's the only kidney donor in the world doing anything like this

Like she's uniquely narcissistic for sitting on that parade float even though THERE WERE SEVERAL OTHER DONORS ON THE FLOAT
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 She didn't BUILD the fucking float

She didn't enter the float in the Rose Parade

That was the National Kidney Foundation


They not only have to raise awareness to get donors they need money donations to keep the whole system going
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 Fuck's sake I keep getting sucked back into being mad about this, it's just limitless

Sonya being all "#DoMoreForEachOther? What am I supposed to do, give an organ?!"

"No actually if you watch that whole PSA she says you can also just make a $10 monthly donation"
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 "And goes into a gushing little thing about how any amount of money helps and she's grateful to all the people who couldn't donate their own kidney but helped pay for her hospital stay and her lost wages and made her feel so welcome and supported at the foundation"
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 "Oh but I guess that's also cloying and cringe"
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 They just

They were in full Bitch Eating Crackers mode

And it's hugely triggering for me because I've experienced this

You're on screenshot surveillance and the asshole who's made roasting you his whole shtick needs more content so they start clipping context
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 And even when there is no context that can actually make what you said into a bad thing

They just go off on you anyway

It's the RULES OF THE GAME that what you say has to be bad and they have to find a way to riff on it
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 Like even if you're QUOTING SOMEBODY ELSE

"What the fuck is that? I've never heard of that

Uh oh, is Arthur off his meds"

"Arthur is ALWAYS off his meds"

"Actually I have heard of that thing and [explains thing] but that doesn't mean Arthur isn't off his meds!"
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 Such little fucking dillweeds

Dawn posts a photo of herself (WITH THE OTHER DONORS) on the float

"Here before the Rose Parade for Judging Day!"

"Judging Day?! WHAT THE FUCK"

"Judging Day is a disturbing new chapter for Dawn"

"Of course Dawn would participate in Judging Day"
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 "JUDGING DAY



Etc etc etc

For pages and pages

They look like such shits

It's impossible not to want to punch them
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 The day before the Rose Parade is called "Judging Day" because that's the day, before the floats are actually used in the parade, when the judges go around and give awards for which floats are Most Creative Theme, Best Use of Materials, Best Live Performance, Best Overall, etc
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 As you'd know if you lived in Southern California

Ever been to this kind of parade or event in general

Or, you know

Thought about it for like two seconds as to why they would logically have a thing called that

Using your big smart award-winning writer brains
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 And anyway obviously Dawn did not come up with the fucking name and roasting her for the phrase "Judging Day" because it's cringey is, itself, the cringiest thing I've ever seen someone do

Little eight-year-old piece of shit fucks
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 There were SO MANY bad takes in the immediate wake of this

Just so many people who didn't know jack shit and hadn't even thought about it instantly reacting to find a way to say something to make Dawn worse
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 "What I find most troubling is how this woman's ego has completely erased the MOST important person in this conversation, the RECIPIENT

These two women having their literary fight have completely eclipsed a husband and father -- and, let us not forget, an Orthodox Jew"
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 "I find it very sad seeing how even in her righteous takedown of this narcissist Sonya has forgotten the man who ought to be at the center of this story"



@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 It's DAWN'S FACEBOOK PAGE

Whether she posts on it a lot or a little, whether her posts are awesome and inspiring or stupid and cringe, SHE CAN'T MAKE POSTS ABOUT THE GUY

@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 Should Dawn be posting photos of HIM all over her Facebook page? Be telling his story? Giving people his personal information?

You don't think that if she did that that would be worse? Blasting this poor guy's image all over social media "to aggrandize herself"?
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 Isn't the thing that supposedly makes her a narcissist the fact that she got in touch with him with a letter in the first place? Went to meet his family? Isn't that what you were calling her a monster inserting herself into this poor man's life for? (Even though he reached out!)
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 If she HADN'T sent that letter NOBODY would know ANY of the facts about him you just named

You ONLY KNOW THEM because he and Dawn agreed to meet and she shared them on her Facebook page (with his permission)

@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 You people don't make SENSE

You just TALK

You just realize we're having a Two Minutes Hate about somebody and you find a SCRIPT to hate them with

How the fuck did Dawn "steal the story" of a guy who wanted to be anonymous and didn't share his story
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 How is her story of giving a kidney "really" his story of receiving one

In Sonya's own short story isn't the whole fucking thing that Chuntao's story of why she needs a kidney in the first place really traumatizing and embarrassing and she doesn't want to share it
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 Jesus Christ if we SWITCHED Dawn and the guy and Dawn, who was still the Bitch Eating Crackers, was the one who got renal failure and went to the hospital and made an FB group about her "kidney transplant experience" YOU WOULD ROAST HER EVEN HARDER
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 "I feel like a horrible person for saying this, but Dawn is trying WAY too hard to feel special just because her kidneys failed

Like, we've all had problems too lady"

"She acts like getting a kidney is an ACCOMPLISHMENT for her, what a pathetic loser"
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 "Hey, aren't we forgetting the really important person in the story? The kidney DONOR? The person who actually made a voluntary sacrifice to give life to another person while Dawn just passively received his gift? Why does DAWN'S story matter so much just because she was dying"
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 You KNOW that's how the story would go down

You KNOW it

The ONLY reason anyone would automatically say "The recipient's story matters more than the donor's, they're the one who was truly suffering and in fear of death" is if the donor was the Bitch Eating Crackers
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 The reason that so much more of the foundation's outreach is donors than recipients is donors are the ones who volunteered to help out in the first place!

It makes sense!
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 Recipients are just random poor bastards who got sick! It's not fair to ask of them!

Recipients DO make better PR -- "This is someone whose life was saved" -- but it's a more uncomfortable position to be in!

@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 Some other dude was like "You know who I would like to applaud today?

The surgeon who does kidney transplants

Who doesn't post on Facebook about it or make a page about what a great person he is, who just does his job, and saves HUNDREDS of lives a year"
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 Fuckin' A well the surgeon also pulls down a six-figure salary a year for what he does and those selfish narcissistic donors get no money because the law says they aren't allowed to

But I guess that's okay right, doing things for money is more honest than for "validation"
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 Oh wait wait what -- I'm getting some news here -- this can't be happening --

The surgeon who performed Dawn's transplant was ON TV

Yes, he was ON THE EVENING NEWS, the same segment that Dawn was featured in

He takes a selfie with her

He talks longer about it than she does
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 Oh and what's this, what's this --

One of the Facebook posts that Sonya and her friends were tremendously shitty about was Dawn talking about her surgeon


@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 A FB post in which she calls him a genius, a hero, and says that it was his calm and steady presence that finally convinced her to pull the trigger on agreeing to be a donor and most of the credit for anything good that happened from it should go to him
@TrickiestHarpy @shadowmaster132 Wow I guess they're just both really huge fuckin' narcissists huh

Oh right and guess what as a surgeon he does in fact have a personal website where he talks up his resume and how successful of a surgeon he is

You know, because that's normal

Fuckin' dipshit

• • •

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13 Oct
Sitting here wondering if they'll tell me I have to lose weight to make it through the donor screening (if you're REALLY fat the FAQ says they'll just exclude you, but someone at my level of fat "may be asked to lose weight)
And I mean like I'm like

"Is that actually a good reason to lose weight"

And then I'm like

"If that's NOT a good reason then what would a good reason even be"
It's not saying I agree with the rule to say that if that is the rule and I can't donate otherwise then it might make a lifesaving difference to someone else if I at least try right

I dunno
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13 Oct
The litfic world comes off TERRIBLY here

And it's not just snobbery and cliquishness, which of course is everywhere

It really is something specific to this kind of "artistic community" - the insistence that your ONLY real responsibility as a Writer is to your own "truth"
That if you think there's any competing interest to "your truth", like THE truth, then you're the same as all the censorious Christian moms who ban books and shit

That there's nothing that being a Writer is ABOUT other than vomiting up your feelings onto the page
And look it's not like I hate and despise litfic and only read books that have robots or dragons or both

I do strongly believe that ultimately the only point of writing books is "emotional truth", is feeling like you've formed some connection with another person's experience
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13 Oct
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Lol yeah I'm trying to picture what kind of car accident this was, like did a single piece of flying shrapnel just somehow travel along the EXACT vector to shoot through both her kidneys and touch no other vital organs
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Or if she was already losing most of her kidney function, on dialysis regularly -- but somehow still drinking! -- and THEN the stress from the car accident was the last straw

You can try to make some scenario work
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Oh and in the story it explains why she meets the donor despite her extreme reluctance, her husband insists on it

...Weirdly, it says nothing about the husband offering to donate his own kidney, or becoming part of a transplant chain
Read 26 tweets
12 Oct
Okay one more

I can already see the narrative building that I'm a guy, and so is Dan Nguyen (who posted one of the first viral threads collating evidence that Sonya was in fact the asshole)

And as MEN of color we just don't understand the WoC vs WW dynamic
(Even though the FIRST really big such thread, the one the haters called "obsessive" in much the same tone people used for Dawn, whose author keeps on periodically locking to avoid harassment, was written by a WoC)

But okay
The narrative is that "You're a man who exists in a het world, you were raised to seek approval and validation from white women, your internalized racism and misogyny means you put white women on a pedestal and throw WoC especially of your own race under the bus"
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12 Oct
You know why this is so galling right

Why it feels so personal to so many people

It's not even that I think donating a kidney is the HARDEST or the BEST thing a human being can do

It's just that this is UNAMBIGUOUS

If this isn't enough, NOTHING is enough
It's the Cool Kids with all the social privilege saying "It doesn't matter WHAT you do

You don't have the power to make us respect you

We get to just decide that based on anything we want"

And making this a progressive statement! Making it "woke"! Making it all defiant!
What because the asshole who started it is a WoC talking to a white lady so this is a statement that "Your white privilege doesn't apply here! You can't MAKE me respect you for doing ANYTHING, you entitled white bitch!"

And then all these white women AND WHITE MEN join in!
Read 28 tweets
12 Oct
I dunno what word I'd use for this -- "gaslighting" doesn't seem quite right -- but it's shocking how successful communities like this are at getting you paranoid that "everyone hates you" and no one who knows you casually has any fucking idea what they mean
WAS the letter invasive and creepy and cringey and shit?

The dude didn't have to reply! He could've "ghosted" her completely -- "ghosting" is the NORMAL DEFAULT in this situation!

He went out of his way to meet with her! It seems like he liked the letter!
WAS everyone revolted at how narcissistic and self-involved her cringey video on the Jumbotron was?

Can't find ANYONE saying that shit about her "post-donation media blitz" -- probably because if a normal person said that about someone who donated a kidney you'd get punched
Read 12 tweets

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