For our inaugural misinformation busting, why don't we start with some good old Covid-19 and vaccine reality.

Antivax talking point:
"People who have gotten vaccinated still catch it and spread it. Natural immunity is best!"

So this is a combo of horse shit. It's the type of thing you hear from people who do their own research on everything except virology and vaccines.
So anyone who has been vaccinated for anything can still catch the virus they've been inoculated against. This is because, obviously, vaccines aren't force fields, and immune response isn't immediate.
Viruses have a few stages.

The transmission stage, which is where you contract it via droplets, air, body fluids, etc. Vaccines cannot prevent this stage.

The incubation stage is next. The virus begins replicating, but isn't yet triggering an immune response.
The incubation stage can feature a long period of dormancy. With COVID-19, it can vary from a few days to a couple of weeks.

The symptomatic stage is next. The virus is actively attacking the cells that it adapted to target. The first part of this has a mild immune response...
And has usually become contagious. However, at this stage most people are showing mild symptoms at worst. Then the symptomatic stage becomes illness. The part where you become sick. If your immune system can't keep up, this is where you die.
After that is the decline stage, where your immune system has turned the tide. You're still sick, but the viral load has decreased. You're still infectious, though, and still in danger of secondary infections.
Then finally, there's the recovery stage. It's self explanatory. You get better.

So what does this have to do with the vaccines or natural immunity? Read on.
If you are unvaccinated and you catch COVID, you're going through all of those stages. You're also contagious for most of the sickness. We're talking weeks. Yes, you'll probably survive, but with a huge risk of permanent ailments.
Get vaccinated, however, and most people can fight off COVID entirely during the incubation period. Sometimes, though, people will be unlucky enough to get a really short incubating virus, and they'll move into that mildly symptomatic stage.
Which means that while they're not really sick, their immune system hasn't quite had enough time to fight off the virus. At this stage, vaccinated or not, COVID is contagious. Most people that reach this while vaxxed will still fight it off soon after.
An even smaller percent will pass into the illness part, which is what breakthrough cases are. The symptoms are still mild compared to an unvaccinated person's infection.
Natural immunity is a real thing gotten from exposure, getting sick and then recovering. But you still have to get sick with something that can be a nightmarish illness and cause lifelong persistent secondary issues.
Let's say there's a disease that causes near constant firey diarrhea. It's mostly survivable, but lasts two weeks. If you catch it and live, you're immune forever, but there's a 50% chance you'll have a permanent weak sphincter and randomly shit your pants.
The alternative is a quickly developed vaccine made with perfectly safe techniques that have been developed over 20 years. You don't understand it, and are scared of it, but everyone who's taken it maybe had a few hours of loose stools and recovered with healthy buttholes.
The vaccine sounds like a no brainer.

Same with COVID.

Look, nobody cares about any of you enough to even begin to want to control you. But the reason we're still in this mess is because the fraidy cats maintain the prolonged contagious stages.
And it's frustrating. The vaxxed want to get back to normal without gross, sick people spreading this. The unvaxxed want to get back to normal with no concern for what anyone else wants. And as people drop dead, keep spreading the same lies and misinformation.
To sum up:
The vaxxed contract and can spread COVID, because that's just the reality of all viruses and vaccines.

Most vaxxed never even become contagious, thus halting the spread.

Halting the spread means less people contract it.

Less people contracting it eradicates it.
I'll do another post dealing with why COVID is so wonky, in the future, also exposing how the people who claim to do their own research are researching everything but the important parts.

• • •

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