Working on some crazy shit rn.

Now I have clearer view of “dominionist.” Turns out they can have all sorts of conflicting beliefs but work together toward theocracy anyway.

They all think their flavor of god will prove them right. They can’t wait for “toldya.” (Rev. Moon) Image
I’m going to tie a few things together in this thread. Bear with me.

Erik Prince and Betsy DeVos’ father Edgar Prince was an ardent supporter of dominionist causes. James Dobson was close to the Princes. He will come up again.… Image
Edgar Prince was also a longtime member of the dominionist Council for National Policy #CNP

The CNP, along with all dominionists, exists to turn America into a theocracy. The founder Tim LaHaye was an antisemitic doomsday cultist who wrote fan fiction about “The Rapture.”
Of course, Erik Prince’s mom Elsa has also been with the CNP from the beginning and took a turn as president in the 80s. She is currently a “Gold Circle Member.”
Erik Prince joined Dana “Putin pays” Rohrbacher’s office in 1991. In 1992 he converted to Catholicism and was knighted — no seriously — into an extremist arm of the Church called The Order of Malta.
Back to James Dobson, a fiery apocalyptic dominionist who started the KKK-associated Family Research Council which was folded into Focus on the Family.

Dobson got a lot of support from the Prince family. Elsa was on the board and Erik was an intern.… ImageImage
Here’s where it gets really weird. James Dobson appears to be a student of theosophy and there is significant overlap between the Theosophical Society and Focus on the Family. Image
A former employee of FOTF said in 1995 it “is a mixture of psychology, humanism, New Age, political activism and ecumenism packed in… morality... It is being sold to the Christian Community in lieu of biblical authority… by James Dobson and [FOTF]”… Image
I’m going to pause here and restate my thesis a bit.

I think “dominionism” is a shared project between doomsday cults to turn the world into a theocracy.

I think this works because dominionism is naturally syncretic, which is a nerdy but perfect word. Image
Here’s a religious cult that overtly espouses syncretism in a transparent desire to absorb members from other faiths.

This is a Moonies propaganda video from an event in 2004. It takes a hard turn near the end. I don’t know why Batman (?) is in there.
Yes, they are in a Senate building — to crown the Moons as “True Parents.”

Here, a Rabbi has a “miraculous” realization that Rev. Moon is the Messiah, then a Congressman reads Moon’s scripture, finally the last guy comes very close to calling Moon the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.
Sun Myung Moon died in 2012, but Mrs. Moon is still operating the cult. Last month Donald Trump spoke at a Moonies conference along with “representatives from all of the world’s faiths.”

Mrs. Moon directed the audience to worship her as “True Parent” — God’s “proxy.”
From a book by a Moonie called “Practical Plan for World Peace, Unificationism the Teachings of Sun Myung Moon”

It’s hard to come up with a clearer example of syncretism driven by doomsday ideology with the goal of creating a theocracy. But I’ll try. 🤓… Image
The “True Parents” are both abusive psychopaths. It’s unsurprising their son, Sean Moon, would take things to the next level.

Rod of Iron Ministries is an even more fascist, violent offshoot of Moonie dominionist doomsday ideology — focused on firearms.…
Elizabeth Clare Prophet was a master of using syncretism to appropriate the ideas and authority of other belief systems to build her own doomsday cult.

In this short clip, she refers to Christ, Buddha, Bodhisattva, and obliquely, the Freemasons and Luciferianism.
Although Elizabeth Prophet died over a decade ago, her theosophical ideology appears to be alive and well.

Mike Flynn, who created the QAnon cult, used her words to lead a Christian church in an occult prayer — without their knowledge. I will call this “weaponized syncretism.”
One more example of syncretism from Elizabeth Prophet who says that Jesus taught that mortals are all reincarnated — with “evidence” from scripture.

This leads of course to her claim that she talks to Jesus all the time and that she was his disciple Martha 2,000 years ago.
This thread is a review of “Ur-fascism” by Umberto Eco in 1995. It’s about 14 features of “eternal fascism.”

The first feature is the “cult of tradition” — “which must be syncretic.”

This is why doomsday cults are usually fascist and have traditionalist/“conservative” ideology.
Flynn combines fascism, conspiracy theories and religion — “a set of elites … have replaced God’s Law as the rule of law in America.”

This is Eco’s point. Flynn is cloaking his fascist plan as God’s plan which is a return to a false “tradition.”

Syncretism enables deception.
This is a long thread of doomsday cults cooperating with one another. But Voltaire has the basic point.

Syncretic ideologies — where existing religions and ideas are weaponized to suit the few rather the many — get you nazis. Although they come in many flavors and guises.
Archbishop Vigano was the head liaison/administrator of the Catholic Church to the United States for five years until 2016.

Since then he has worked with fascists to try to create a schism by attacking Francis and encouraging traditionalist Catholic cults as well as QAnon.
This video has it all.

It’s a syncretic smorgasbord of Catholic-ish stuff, Trump sayings, QAnon fiction, Freemason conspiracies and fancy jargon to inject his point, which is that a Handmaid’s Tale style Catholic theocracy would solve everything.

He says this out loud. 😑
Cardinal Burke is a “traditionalist” who thinks any progress in the Church is an abomination. Also anti-vaxx and was on a vent from COVID, now recovering.

Until Pope Francis demoted him, Burke was the head of the Knights of Malta, one of just 13,000 including Erik Prince.
Julius Evola advised Hitler and created a highly syncretic but “traditionalist” belief system combining the occult, Hinduism, Catholicism, Freemasonry and Nazism.

Evola is Steve Bannon’s favorite “philosopher.”
This is why Bannon wants to “dismantle the administrative state.”
Here’s the result of weaponized syncretism. This guy was arrested for sitting in the Speaker’s chair in the House on 1/6.

He says he’s a Christian, but he’s wearing nordic symbols appropriated by neo-nazis and believes “Q” is real.
Spoiler alert. Here’s where weaponized syncretism ends up.

The Nazis both suppressed and appropriated Christian, pagan and occult ideologies. The “DC” flag is for “Positive Christianity” which was Hitler’s attempt at creating a Nazi Church.…

• • •

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19 Oct
Jim Watkins owner of the QAnon/nazi website 8chan/8kun, is a Satanist and appears to be a member of the Church of Satan and/or the Temple of Set.

People can believe what they want, just not lying criminals like Jim Watkins who fake who they are in order to harm people.🧵
For a long time Jim called himself Watkins Xerxes or similar. Anton Lavey, founder of the Church of Satan with Michael Aquino, named his son Satan Xerxes.

Jim Watkins larps as a Christian. Nothing could be further from the truth. ImageImageImageImage
This video is from an IG yoga channel called “xerxeswatkins“ in which Jim engages in “yoga” such as this which is perfectly normal and not at all Satanic.

By the way “Q” had an odd interest in yoga. 🙄
TW: This is terrifying and horrible don’t watch it.
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18 Oct
You are not imagining things.
This is really happening.
You have been told for years now that you were just being paranoid.
That was a lie.
When you sounded the alarm, you were called an alarmist.
You were right, they were wrong.

Keep sounding the alarm. You’re still right. 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️
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17 Oct
What do you see? Looks like a hummingbird to me.
Nope, according to UFO cult leader @Kabamur_Taygeta they are “Fairies.”

And here’s why it’s dangerous:
“As the Shift nears, Fairies are allowing themselves to be seen more and more.
What does Apocalypse really mean? The unveiling of hidden truth.”

It’s Heaven’s Gate 2.0 Image
If you’re not familiar with Heaven’s Gate, it did not turn out well. There is a tendency to dismiss UFO cults as too kooky to be dangerous. Nothing is further from the truth.

Remember the guy who blew himself up in the RV in Nashville? He was a UFO cultist.
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17 Oct
I wrote a thread describing some of the process that has indoctrinated so many of our loved ones into what I’ll just call the Cult which has captured at least 25% of our population.

The follow up question is of course, what do we do about it?
I have some thoughts. 🧵
Cults isolate from the outside world and they require a constant reinforcement of doctrine.

The Cult does this online by creating an alternate reality.
It’s insulated, self-reinforcing and self-policing. Dissent is not tolerated, nor is unfiltered information from outside.
The Cult itself is a honeycomb of sub-cults segmented by a number of demographics and phobias. Individuals may be part of many sub-cults although a large percentage focus on one and get radicalized on a specific “issue.”
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17 Oct
“I’m an atheist but it’s true and that makes me cringe and sad and i’m so sad about that guy and he is not a racist lol but he has a good job in his job lol”

What the fuck?
“I’m an atheist but it’s true and that makes me cringe and i believe it lol i don’t know why he was so sad and i didn’t want it lol i don’t even have a big deal with it anymore and i’m is a lie lol”

This AI sucks.
First one from GPT3. It’s real:
“I’m an atheist but I like the idea of praying,” he says. “I think it’s a lovely thing to do. I’m a very spiritual person.” It’s a surprising admission from a man who is about to launch an atheist organisation to rival the Catholic church.”

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16 Oct
Cults indoctrinate their victims into behavior that makes them as horrifying to “normies” as possible.

This is by design. You are supposed to hate them and to shun them. You are supposed to think something is wrong with them.

Something is wrong with them. They’re in a cult. 🧵
CW: Violence and child ab*se
Nothing explicit but it’s not easy material.
Cults exert “undue influence” — a softer, friendlier phrase for “brainwashing” (which is also problematic because it sounds like your brain is minty fresh by the end.)

Either way, it’s mind control. If you want to understand what we’re experiencing, get used to that idea.
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