@CurrentReligion @AsaZernik @theDwarf It's amazing that Dawn promoting actually DOING the thing of donating a kidney for a year was massive narcissism

But Sonya has been promoting this short story she wrote about her own feels about kidney donation being BAD, for SIX YEARS

Promoting it HARD
@CurrentReligion @AsaZernik @theDwarf Seriously the fact that this one 20-page story is the only thing she's written that people really care about and so she's never stopped talking about it or shilling it is...

I mean I don't think it WOULD be "cringe" if it were someone else
@CurrentReligion @AsaZernik @theDwarf That's life, that's the hustle

But to think that you shopping around your little staggering work of literary genius is somehow humbler and more down-to-earth and "normal" than what Dawn did

Oh my God
@CurrentReligion @AsaZernik @theDwarf And the emails show she was PUSHING this story too

Push push pushing

Nagging the editor of the magazine that bought it if they couldn't pretty please make an exception to their policy and put it up online, unpaywalled, right away
@CurrentReligion @AsaZernik @theDwarf Because she "just wants people to see it"

Nagging the editor of the Best American Short Stories collection about how she JUST MISSED to be in the deadline for this year's anthology and wishes she didn't have to wait for next year's, can't he bend the rules a LITTLE
@CurrentReligion @AsaZernik @theDwarf Sorry, for FOUR YEARS (brain fart on the math)

That's still a long time
@CurrentReligion @AsaZernik @theDwarf When the Boston Book Fair says they can't do an event around her story because it's the subject of an active lawsuit and THEY EXPOSE THEMSELVES TO LEGAL ACTION and they cannot ask their donors to fund them becoming her fucking CO-DEFENDANTS she WHINES
@CurrentReligion @AsaZernik @theDwarf She has all her buddies write in repeatedly, harassing Deborah from the BBF, basically telling her she'll be doing literature a great blow and "letting white saviorism win" if she gives in to Dawn's unreasonable demands (which kinda feels like "White women's tears" to me)
@CurrentReligion @AsaZernik @theDwarf Until Deborah finally snaps and says "Stop it, you've fucked us over enough with this shit, we should've dropped you the moment we heard there was a credible plagiarism complaint and we've given you way too much leeway already"
@CurrentReligion @AsaZernik @theDwarf That all sounds kind of self-involved to me!

That all sounds a LOT like someone who cares a lot about her own image, her own ego, her own sense of herself as a brilliant and sensitive and important artist, far more than she cares about other people's feelings or needs!
@CurrentReligion @AsaZernik @theDwarf But what do I know! I'm not an expert on pathological narcissism! I'm just an idiot with a Twitter account, not like all these well-trained and highly-credentialed therapists and psychiatrists I'm apparently constantly surrounded by!

• • •

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More from @arthur_affect

13 Oct
Sitting here wondering if they'll tell me I have to lose weight to make it through the donor screening (if you're REALLY fat the FAQ says they'll just exclude you, but someone at my level of fat "may be asked to lose weight)
And I mean like I'm like

"Is that actually a good reason to lose weight"

And then I'm like

"If that's NOT a good reason then what would a good reason even be"
It's not saying I agree with the rule to say that if that is the rule and I can't donate otherwise then it might make a lifesaving difference to someone else if I at least try right

I dunno
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13 Oct
The litfic world comes off TERRIBLY here

And it's not just snobbery and cliquishness, which of course is everywhere

It really is something specific to this kind of "artistic community" - the insistence that your ONLY real responsibility as a Writer is to your own "truth"
That if you think there's any competing interest to "your truth", like THE truth, then you're the same as all the censorious Christian moms who ban books and shit

That there's nothing that being a Writer is ABOUT other than vomiting up your feelings onto the page
And look it's not like I hate and despise litfic and only read books that have robots or dragons or both

I do strongly believe that ultimately the only point of writing books is "emotional truth", is feeling like you've formed some connection with another person's experience
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13 Oct
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Lol yeah I'm trying to picture what kind of car accident this was, like did a single piece of flying shrapnel just somehow travel along the EXACT vector to shoot through both her kidneys and touch no other vital organs
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Or if she was already losing most of her kidney function, on dialysis regularly -- but somehow still drinking! -- and THEN the stress from the car accident was the last straw

You can try to make some scenario work
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Oh and in the story it explains why she meets the donor despite her extreme reluctance, her husband insists on it

...Weirdly, it says nothing about the husband offering to donate his own kidney, or becoming part of a transplant chain
Read 26 tweets
12 Oct
Okay one more

I can already see the narrative building that I'm a guy, and so is Dan Nguyen (who posted one of the first viral threads collating evidence that Sonya was in fact the asshole)

And as MEN of color we just don't understand the WoC vs WW dynamic
(Even though the FIRST really big such thread, the one the haters called "obsessive" in much the same tone people used for Dawn, whose author keeps on periodically locking to avoid harassment, was written by a WoC)

But okay
The narrative is that "You're a man who exists in a het world, you were raised to seek approval and validation from white women, your internalized racism and misogyny means you put white women on a pedestal and throw WoC especially of your own race under the bus"
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12 Oct
You know why this is so galling right

Why it feels so personal to so many people

It's not even that I think donating a kidney is the HARDEST or the BEST thing a human being can do

It's just that this is UNAMBIGUOUS

If this isn't enough, NOTHING is enough
It's the Cool Kids with all the social privilege saying "It doesn't matter WHAT you do

You don't have the power to make us respect you

We get to just decide that based on anything we want"

And making this a progressive statement! Making it "woke"! Making it all defiant!
What because the asshole who started it is a WoC talking to a white lady so this is a statement that "Your white privilege doesn't apply here! You can't MAKE me respect you for doing ANYTHING, you entitled white bitch!"

And then all these white women AND WHITE MEN join in!
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12 Oct
I dunno what word I'd use for this -- "gaslighting" doesn't seem quite right -- but it's shocking how successful communities like this are at getting you paranoid that "everyone hates you" and no one who knows you casually has any fucking idea what they mean
WAS the letter invasive and creepy and cringey and shit?

The dude didn't have to reply! He could've "ghosted" her completely -- "ghosting" is the NORMAL DEFAULT in this situation!

He went out of his way to meet with her! It seems like he liked the letter!
WAS everyone revolted at how narcissistic and self-involved her cringey video on the Jumbotron was?

Can't find ANYONE saying that shit about her "post-donation media blitz" -- probably because if a normal person said that about someone who donated a kidney you'd get punched
Read 12 tweets

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