101221 BTS Land Ep 4

🐥ARMYs hello
Welcome to BTS Land
🐨Where it is full of dreams and hope, BTS Land’s Second Corner, “Balance Hero”, has started
🐥Yes, they say that an interesting game awaits for us
🐹yes, just by looking at this pizza, I’m already getting excited. Are you getting excited?
🐨I’m hungry x3
🐹ah we can’t do anything about being hungry
🐹Please show us what kind of game it is
🐥oh this game.. it isn’t a difficult game and you put toppings on top of the pizza and if the pizza eventually falls [over]
🐹you lose
🐥it is a game you lose (finishing off his sentence)
🐹ah ok ok ok
🐥its a little.. what is this..the one you pull out..the one where you pull out blocks
🐨oh the pirate, Pirate
🐹Jenga Jenga
🐥Jenga. You can consider it as something like jenga
🐹ah ok x3
🐥we can now choose the order we’ll go in through✌️✊✋
🐨ok, If you don’t play, you lose (*a phrase that usually prefaces ✌️✊✋)✌️✊✋
🐥first place can choose [the order] for everyone
🐹I’ll go first and since Jimin-ssi is cute, go third, and Namjoon-ssi go second
🐨ok lets go
🐹ah why is this ahjussi (man) leaving making the pizza to someone else
🐨the ahjussi is an executive
🐹woah, this game is difficult
🐹its difficult for the first one up/starting it
🐥ah this..
🐨it is hard the first time
🐥Namjoon hyung balanced it out
🐹am I the one thats a little like so?(as in “am I the one that’s just bad at it”)
🐨since this does/doesn’t (couldn’t hear clearly; subs says it doesn’t) depend on what you put on top
🐥I’m worried
🐨I don’t want to get the punishment/penalty
🐨*sings to Ailee’s ‘I’ll Show You’ but changes the verses* I Showed You, a totally different me
🐥don’t be funny/don’t make me laugh
🐨Show me~
🐹It would be funny, if you hit it [whilst laughing]

🐨oh Jimin~ the balance is right on
🐥the pizza is getting tastier
🐹it’s difficult
🐥so then, let’s keep it so that the game ends when there’s a second place winner
🐨ok, I’ll go third. No, no I’ll go 2nd and let’s go 1st(🐥) and 3rd(🐹)
🐹ok, [sounds] good
🐥this time, I’ll go first. Actually, for pizza, it is pepperoni (as ini you do need to put or they go hand in hand)
🐥oh~ you’re going for the center. It’s an amazing plan
🐨you’re going for [the center] right away. If that’s the case, then, with a mushroom, I’ll try to balance it
🐥the mushroom does have some weight
🐨*sings Jump* No matter who stops me~
🐥ok, then shall we play one more round, everyone?
🐨let’s show [them/each other/not specified] one more time
🐥I can never get the chance to decide the order [we play in]
🐹I’ll go first, Jimin-ssi 2nd, Namjoon-ssi 3rd
🐨show me/us
🐥I wanted to do that
🐥for me, this..this..is a little like a trap/trick..It slips well.This spot is here/ready so that I can put it here (as in its a safe spot)
🐹but either way, doesn’t both 2nd and 3rd place get the penalty?
🐥yes,that’s right
🐹so if Jimin-ssi loses here, aren’t you tied again?
🐥right, then we’ll have to play one more round
🐹ah ok x3
🐥I’m 2nd right?
🐹aren’t I first?
🐥*realizes it’s not his turn yet* I’m just showing you ‘it’s nice/good to put it in spots like here. Hint hint
🐥ah I almost dropped it/made it fall
🐨it would’ve been funny if you dropped it
🐥it’s risky/dangerous. It’s my turn…around here
🐹He/you balance(s) it out well
🐥of course, a person has to be balanced (or a good balance in general), hyungnim
🐹you have a good sense of balance
🐥of course..it’s risky
🐨I showed you. There was nearly no movement
🐨ah this..
🐹it’s a topping, a topping. overlapping. Have you not had pizza before?
🐨ah this honestly..really..is a little
🐹have you not had pizza before?
🐨are you seeing this? Really
🐨no one is putting the mushroom on top
Pt 3

🐥the mushroom is heavy
🐨I balanced it out
🐥it’s difficult (?)
🐥do it one more time x2 (placing the topping on top of each other)
🐹don’t be funny/don’t make me laugh
🐥I’m watching it more seriously than ever
🐨he showed us. He showed us. He showed us that you can’t do/play it like so
🐥unfortunately, like so, Jin-hyung placed last and I placed first
🐨I placed 2nd
🐥they say that the two, excluding the 1st place winner, have to hold the half moon pose for 10 seconds
🐨what’s the half moon pose?
🐥it looks difficult
🐥are you ready?
🐹yes, I’m ready x2
🐥I will count the 10 seconds
🐹during those 10 seconds, Jimin-ssi, why don’t you hold this too..we’ll do the pose, so why don’t you hold this and take the photo?
🐥ok, I will hold this in the center
🐥*counts to 10*
🐥they say that the next team will be choosing the balance hero with a different game from ours. Shall we go see what game they’re proceeding with?
🐨2,3 lets go!
Preview for next month’s ep

🐻uh-huh (a phrase like uh-oh/in the context of hey hey) where are you touching
<end of thread>
Links to all prev eps can be found in the link in my bio

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211005 ARMY Calendar Ep 4


🐱Today is the second corner of BTS’ field day. Last time, who won?
🐿V won
🐱Yes, that is right. V won, but you can still be the final winner, right? Are your competitiveness on fire?
BTS: yes/its on fire
🐻I’ll take my time/take it easy
🐥This time, I’ll try to win
🐿If last time was games with our body/physical games, this time its a game we play with our fingers, everyone. Finger~
🐿fingers, are you ready to partake in field day?
🐥Yes, I’m ready!
🐨all ready
🐱Shall we go straight into the first game?
BTS: Magnet fishing game
🐹magnet fishing
🐥first is RM-ssi
🐨ok, I’ll go for it
🐨ok, sounds good. Should I go?
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Namjoon on weverse
🐨oh now, for me, too, [changing profile photos] is possible
🐨look at my profile
It’s new
🐨occupying/acquiring a rare-nick (slang for rare nickname) i’m envious.

*he tried changing his nickname to 남주니 (namjoonie) but it was already being used
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