@LumrahL Burnout doesn't happen overnight. It's the accumulation and build up of pressures and strains, demands and expectations that's conscious or dormant. The reason for the escalation of burnout recently is the inability to define boundaries and establish barriers from WFH.
@LumrahL Yes, from an office perspective its easy. You work there and home is your safe space, your refuge. WFH the lines blur, whether you're aware or not (and of course to "fill time" and avoid boredom of confinement) you will say "well I just work" instead.
@LumrahL There is also a tendency to think, well you're at home nothing else to do so call and have meetings beyond what would be acceptable in an office environment. Why? The argument is "you're at home what?". Basically no one respects or appreciates these boundaries and barriers gone.
@LumrahL So it creeps up on you. Without realising you pull 16-18 hour days sitting at your dining table and actually doing more work than you would do in the office. Don't forget there are the distractions, "join this meeting", "come in and see me","can we go have a coffee and discuss"
@LumrahL WFH you don't have that "luxury". You're at your dining table, makan pun it's just there, at the end of the day get up and move to your bedroom. So there's not ring fencing, no divide, no reset, no downtime which was the privilege of being at home. That impacts mental health.
@LumrahL And that's another thing. No one sees the mental health looming in the background. Why? It doesnt manifest physically immediately. And the long term effects are damaging. So be careful. Break away mentally if not physically every day. Once you burnout, recovery is hard.
@LumrahL I think I survived or at least minimised burnout despite for most of the MCO, work commitments of running several Departments, a few Committees and various Board meetings. Always allot time for YOU. It needs discipline, you need to stick to it. Yoga for one hour every morning.
@LumrahL Don't sit for hours looking at a screen. Take periodic breaks and stand up, get some fresh air on the balcony for 10 minutes in the morning and the afternoon.
@LumrahL Break the monotony. Yes devote some hours to office work but say do a course and take an afternoon off and do some online lectures. Over the 18 months of lockdown, I did one Professional Certification and 7 University based certificates. Take reading breaks, non work reading.
@LumrahL But most importantly, weekends and evenings drawn the line. No work. Do housework, watch videos etc. Thankfully it's over and we can go back to some semblance of normality but prepare yourself to be less social and out there. This isn't going away, just be careful.

• • •

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6 Oct
Unpopular opinion. Irrespective of political parties today, they all came from the same seeds. It was when divisions were no longer tolerable or tolerated that led to a divide. And this division inevitably also becomes economic.
Lets consider why PAS broke off from UMNO. Because the Alliance Coalition had a National Lottery (now succeeded by Magnum, Sports Toto?) which this particular UMNO wing couldn't tolerate. But its always been the confluence of politics and money which has been the divider.
The "best" illustration when the eco-political complex was refined and perfected was during the Mahathir V1 era. That was when the party  became a flagbearer of Bumiputra capitalism.
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4 Sep
Unpopular opinion. What do we do next? I had conversations with various people this week. The work calls were good - Alhamdulillah - and in'sha Allah in progress but still struggling to get going, but in between I catch up with friends who I know are in limbo and in the dark.
These are getting to be hard calls. When I say in the dark more and more I don't just mean in terms of direction but also some literally. They can't pay bills, their debts keep rolling and they really are in the dark as how to get out of this sinking feeling.
It's not just a matter of helping. And I know people say we should help where we can but most of us are equally struggling (maybe not as bad but still...). Just listening, as the @SpeakUpAtWork, helps but as she pointed out we can't solve everything, or don't expect to.
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7 Aug
A friend, a qualified investment professional, with a good market reputation, called earlier. We caught out on family, friends and the markets but I was surprised to hear that he was doing ad hoc work as it was hard to get a job as CIO or even as a Investment Manager.
This is a cautionary tale. When you're a professional be a professional. Sell yourself and promote yourself as a professional. Whatever your politics, not let that mix with your work, don't let it infringe or even reflect on your professional competency or ability.
This is not some newbie. At least for us in the market, he was known, but a few years ago we met by chance and he told me he decided to be Advisor/Special Officer to one of the previous Administration. On that basis he was also put on a few Government tied investment agencies.
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6 Aug
Unpopular opinion. The demise of UMNO is exaggerated. This is a Party that has survived and reinvented many times. Yes, splits. Yes, defections. UMNO has always had Warlords and Factions, dealing and wheeling, horse trading and compromise. Why? To retain power.
It's only since being in Opposition that the splits have been thrown open. Let's consider. Since Mahathir versus Tengku Razaleigh then it was Mahathir versus Musa then Mahathir versus...well you see the trend. And even when there was a dominant UMNO leader there were still splits
Factions led by Warlords, some even daring to challenge the leadership, has always happened. The fight, in some feudalistic practice, is always for the VP post, internal fighting, alighting support for the elusive position of heir presumptive. And this may not last.
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6 Aug
I heard today, that an organisation after several departures has had an influx of what constitutes a new (younger on average) team. Nothing unusual, in the financial services and banking industry "par for the course" actually. Yet there is one huge difference. Presence.
So today you are now head of a division or head of a department or even join the rank and file but you aren't actually present. Yes, you can do a Zoom call. Yes, a "old school" conference call. This innocuous phrase, the "new norm". Yet the reality is won't be not the same.
We are by nature "social animals". Interaction is important, having a physical face-to-face and a reading the signs, the tell tale body language, is now missing. A Zoom call is, by definition, two dimensional. Will it really replace and become the norm? Don't think so.
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5 Aug
Now that BNM is considering issuing digital banking licenses, what happens? Recent prospects at Citibank and HSBC is a sign of the times? Its easy to say all these employees should "reskill" or become an "entrepreneur" but in a weakened restricted economy, skills in what?
Don't get me wrong. This is inevitable. The relentless advances of technology will unavoidably have an impact on the dynamics of employement in a unionised but industry that will succumb to AI and digitalisation. When you hire more programmers instead of counter staff it's now?
Yet when I ask this question the response I get is reskill? So what does a 50 year middle manager who spent most of his career supposed to do? Learn python and Java, do Fintech and AI? This is not one or two individuals here. There's a lot of people in middle management!
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