Jesus came here as a teacher to teach you how to transcend the earthly plane. His soul was born into a physical body just like yours. He taught about the importance of riding above the base sexusl desires to ascend. He used the same chakra
Analogy that I am giving you today to harness Father's divine white light to heal and change negative events. You are a divine bring borrowing a human vessel to learn important lessons that strengthen your soul and when you succumb to just base sexual urges, you CANNOT ascend.
Of course those who set up the catholic church didn't want you to know. They HID many of his teachings underground in the Vatican and gave you just enough to keep your souls coming back over and over as their slaves. So you never made full ascension. The path was narrow.
That is because you were not given the full truth. You did not go to hell because you were not told the full truth. Instead your souls were locked into coming back again and again to try try try again. They killed Jesus to keep the whole truth from coming out.
Other teachers came down to try to get the word out too. Buddah, Muhammad, etc. Thry were ALL trying to help and all of their teachings were also partially hidden or corrupted. That is why I told you there are multiple paths to ascension. Ashtar showed you in a crop circle. 🤷‍♀️
Every word brought down here by ascended masters was corrupted or twisted by the evil ones to set religions against each other and cause religious wars. The evil ones did this to all of us globally. Still though we have managed to use the little we have.
Our souls instinctively KNEW there was more and finally there are enough of us to make this ascension work. You WILL know the truth. I love you and you WILL know.

• • •

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13 Oct
What about heaven? What about Jesus? Tesla described heaven as a realm and earth as a realm. Good name for it. Each are in different dimensions. Earth has been in 5D before. It is now rising back up from 3D to 5D again and us along with it.
Our bodies are changing from carbon based 3D to crystalline based to handle the higher amount of light in 5D. Your light body can go back to source as it is. It came from there and is not densely packed. Your physical body can't because it can't handle the light.
Those souls who chose evil can't get back to higher densities or source. They are stuck in 3D or lower. Since earth is ascending they will die and not be allowed to reincarnate back here. They can't handle the light. They are angry so are trying to kill our physical body off. 🤷‍♀️
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13 Oct
God is source, the central sun, not our sun or stars. Your light body was created from him in his image. A light orb that can attach and take on the shape it wants to any living thing.
Your soul was created as a light orb from Father/source. Your light body was given the choice to transform into whatever it wants and your communication with Father is through a combination of your light body and the physical vessel you choose to attach to.
You were created in God's image...a light body. Now you know.They cannot kill it or take it away. It is your God source. The physical vessel you choose at any given time is only to experience different things in a denser body form. You can keep coming back over and over.
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13 Oct
Medbed training last night. Ready? I want to talk about how the medbed is capable of recreating missing body parts. This is going to be kind of mind blowing but should make sense to you by the time I am finished.
Your light body is your soul body. It was created by a small spark of light that came into the womb and attached to your heart while your body was being created inside of your mom.That same light takes the shape of you in the womb and expands as you grow to make the physical body
So you are two parts. Your light body and your physical body. This picture of the soul leaving the body shows how the light body has grown to the shape of the physical body. Image
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12 Oct
About Ashtar. I direct you to the following. 👇 The New Jerusalem is under his command. It has been here for 5 recycles of earth. This will be the 6th. We are currently facing a mass extinction event due to the jabs. The 26000 recycle is not quite yet.
The evil ones are pushing an early event and that is why the galactics are here for an intervention. The jab is the mark of the beast but they hid that from you so the galactics are bringing down the medbeds to reverse the damage.
I know Ashtar well. We were married during the time of Lemuria. Oops. I remembered. 😂😂😂😇 Ashtar and I did a little astro travel there and then I recently made a little astro travel to his ship to check out the medbeds. You'll be seeing him in person before long. The medbeds
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12 Oct
Understand your personal soul ascension process. These pictures show your soul light progression. Your soul is your light body attached at the heart. Your root chakra is your sexusl organs.Too much emphasis on sex has always been the downfall of mankind because it is base desires
The root chakra is also the base of creativity and creation of mankind but if not properly balanced with the heart and crown chakras, it causes your soul to descend instead of ascend. Your highest self or soul ascension process is moving your focus up up up.
You become more of a spiritual human than a physical one. Your aura colors change as you rise in spiritual dimensions. Notice picture 2. That is my recent aura photo. I have purposely denied my root chakra or sexual side to strengthen my spiritual side what happens.
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10 Oct
Ashtar Sheran was my husband in the days of Lemuria. We are in contact again now to help with earth ascension and its inhabitants. He has asked me to pass on some important information. First, he is commander of the Galactic Light Federation, here to help assure your safety
during earth ascension. Earth itself has ascended to a 5D planet.With that happening, our bodies are changing from 3D carbon based to 5D crystalline based so we can handle the higher quantities of light coming into our planet now.Strong solar flares coming in require the upgrade.
Do not take the jab. The medbeds coming can reverse the damage but since they are not yet here, many are dying before they get here. We want you safe. You will be experiencing many physical and emotional symptoms, among these strange dreams as your 3rd eye activates.
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