@JDaviesPhD 🙄
I'm starting to feel, increasingly @JDaviesPhD that twitter psychologists not allies in human rights & substantive equality, but sharks who are actually guilty of what DX based med model proponents have been accusing them of: only seeking to supplant them as our new masters 1/
@JDaviesPhD I have **repeatedly** tried to say to you, & to @psychgeist52 and to @peterkinderman 3 people I had come to trust in as having honourable & reliable intentions that the continued reification of "mental health" and "intervention" philosophy runs contrary to human rights guidance2/
@JDaviesPhD @psychgeist52 @peterkinderman Rarely, do any of you *ever* respond & as yet *none* of you have ceased reification of mental health philosophy & intervention philosophy as top level discourse for where the psychology profession needs to go or how Psychosocial disability & crisis support sector needs to grow 3/
@JDaviesPhD @psychgeist52 @peterkinderman In its perspective, structure, ethos, language, philosophy & organisation to place an understanding & embrace of the rights based model of disability and the substantial social change we need to realise substantive equality at the centre.
Why? What's your agenda? 4/
@JDaviesPhD @psychgeist52 @peterkinderman I am getting deeply fed up with entitlement and exploitation in this sector.
I am not cattle for your farm @JDaviesPhD any more than for that of psychiatry.
I am a fellow community member fighting for a right to substantive Equality that has been denied for hundreds of years 5/
@JDaviesPhD @psychgeist52 @peterkinderman Contrary to Prejudice against my kind so deeply entrenched it is common belief, I am human, not a "dangerous animal" insensate to rules, norms, laws & needs of my fellow men and women who must "intervened" with to be "normal" and safe. I do not need "intervention" 6/
@JDaviesPhD @psychgeist52 @peterkinderman On the contrary, it is you who requires intervention. In the way you feel so entitled to continue this Prejudice against me or against others whom you do not understand.
Mental health is a philosophy, and a particularly predjudiced one at that 7/
@JDaviesPhD @psychgeist52 @peterkinderman Which situates those who society has long persecuted as being "in poor health" and needing to be "intervened with" by others who feel entitled to believe *their* mentality is healthy & sound. I beg to differ. Your mentality is neither healthy, nor sound. 8/
@JDaviesPhD @psychgeist52 @peterkinderman It is essentially rooted in eugenics, just as much as that of Psychiatry, only they are more honest about their eugenicist tendencies & directly refer to action of my genes. My genes are there, & relevant, irrespective of your denial, their evidence on that actually holds.9/
@JDaviesPhD @psychgeist52 @peterkinderman You claim to be against eugenics, yet seen incapable of considering that I'm not in "poor mental health" for being different to you, not in need of an "intervention" to render me the same as you. You seem comfortable in entitlement to believe in your own superiority 10/
@JDaviesPhD @psychgeist52 @peterkinderman I disagree. My capacity to externalise my imagination, and indeed my morality, to work through very difficult issues that mean so much time they can bring me to crisis is not poor health or a generic flaw. It is part of my character, which of course includes the things 11/
@JDaviesPhD @psychgeist52 @peterkinderman that promote expression of my genes in particular ways under particular circumstances. It is the visceral engagement of my emotions, my senses, my capacity for imagery & my need to resolve deep personal moral conundrums 12/
@JDaviesPhD @psychgeist52 @peterkinderman Far from making me "dangerous" it diverts any tendency towards serious harm into an imaginary realm where I have been able to explore the consequences of that temptation without actually causing other people harm 13/
@JDaviesPhD @psychgeist52 @peterkinderman While, the narrow minded hubris of the Prejudiced & the entitled have no concept of this, because they never asked. I am finding psychologists & other members of my communities who are happy to help me finally work through this and resolve the fragmentation *caused* 14/
@JDaviesPhD @psychgeist52 @peterkinderman By previous psychiatrists, psychologists and community members who refused me the right to make sense of my experience in the past. Causing immense harm to me and others as they persecuted, cajoled, manipulated, button pressed or hounded us out of our instincts 15/
@JDaviesPhD @psychgeist52 @peterkinderman To make natural sense of our natural experiences and responses,as human do, by persisting in shaping a predjudiced narrative that we were not human people exploring human things but "mentally unhealthy" people needing "intervention" 16/
@JDaviesPhD @psychgeist52 @peterkinderman I see the reprehensible benefits that persons who espouse such narratives gain, from behaving as they do.
What I fail to understand, is why some psychologists willing to listen & change their views & beliefs& others, who once claimed to be "allies" who now refuse to? 17/
@JDaviesPhD @psychgeist52 @peterkinderman I presume Psychiatry gives trouble because it's comes it's identity on dehumanisation & abnormalisation & doesn't want to give that up plus fears it can't compete in a world of human rights & substantive Equality.
So why do you, give trouble, James?

• • •

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13 Oct
@RosenbergSeb @DavidColemanMP @ian_hickie @AUMentalHealth @CMHAustralia @NMHC @BEINGMHC So, once again, lobbies serve themselves, and, once again, the entire narrative of substantive equality is erased from the collective consciousness
This is not progress in implementing a ratified convention for substantive equality. This is not in the wider public interest 1/
@RosenbergSeb @DavidColemanMP @ian_hickie @AUMentalHealth @CMHAustralia @NMHC @BEINGMHC This is three men who have used influence and strategic association to build a lobbying empire, and in some cases, a charity empire practicing anticompetitive behaviour, and exploitation. Knowingly forcing mental health philosophy, medicalisation & judicialision 2/
@RosenbergSeb @DavidColemanMP @ian_hickie @AUMentalHealth @CMHAustralia @NMHC @BEINGMHC To serve their interests at the cost of wider discourse on diversity & substantive Equality
By continuing to perpetuate Prejudice and misinform on the distinction between a scientific finding and a preconceived philosophy assumed apriori 3/
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13 Oct
@VMIAC But are they for people who have diverse experience of advocating for substantive equality under a rights based/diversity based model of disability, @VMIAC ?
The issues of persons with "lived experience of mental health" seeking to impose their mental health philosophy 1/
@VMIAC On others and refusing to allow wider discussion of substantive equality inherent in CRPD guidance & international discourse to even take place.
How do we address substantive equality, within our ranks?
What accountability will be laid against persons with "lived experience" 2/
@VMIAC To uphold the rights of substantive equality and not to oppose them, for example by insisting that the peak body for persons experiencing crisis or Psychosocial disability continue to be clear "Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council" 3/
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13 Oct
@MHReformVic @MHReformVic please do not ever say "mental health" without another, non-medical word
I appreciate you said "mental health and wellbeing" in the main title, but you reverted to "mental health needs of your region" alone in the text body.
@MHReformVic The wellbeing needs of a large diversity of many different communities, includes those people whose wellbeing is significantly damaged by exerting undue pressure and influence to view life through a "mental health" paradigm/philosophy 2/
@MHReformVic "mental health" is not an interchangeable word with wellbeing. It is a specific philosophy that posits wellbeing as a personal "health issue" situated within an individual, the construction shifts in its definition, but the latest one is that 3/
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13 Oct
@PWDAustralia Do these stats include legalised violence @PWDAustralia ?
And unreported violence?
How were the stats gathered?
And what do we need to do to get a more accurate picture of the rates & types of violence reported or experienced by women with disabilities?
&Their impacts?
Especially, legalised violence, which can, by definition, be ended by the strike of a pen 😑
It's very difficult, of not impossible, to report violence as a crime in places where violence has been legalised. Legalised violence doesn't count, and there are no mechanisms to exclude
illegal violence from legalised violence perpetrated by those empowered to legally enact violence on women with disabilities in circumstances where violence would not be legal against an abled woman.
Police will either refuse to accept complaints, or the staff will be empowered
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10 Oct
@kbmann64 @notgoingquieter @DrNic16 You manage risk @kbmann64
That's how you stave off death or injury to the best of your ability
You need to sit down and look at the relative risks on both sides of the equation & make a decision
You also need to understand that you are making a decision that affects others
@kbmann64 @notgoingquieter @DrNic16 So the balance on the public interest, is that you need to make the decision that actually mitigates your risk of any vaccine harms, which is not just whether to take it, but which to take, and how to respond to any adverse effects with treatment
@kbmann64 @notgoingquieter @DrNic16 If you are a person who *genuinely* cannot take a vaccine because of *genuine* contraindications, then obviously you need to be accommodated. But if you are not such a person, but have made your decision based on ignoring the risks to yourself and to others of contracting
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10 Oct
@regnans @notgoingquieter @DrNic16 If you have concerns about the document, or any official document, the responsible thing to do is to sit down and outline those concerns, and consider what the document *should* say, and why it should say that, in the benefit of public interest as a whole. Then advocate 1/2
@regnans @notgoingquieter @DrNic16 That is the clarification I am seeking to make. You are an adult, and a member of a democracy. You do not have government-kings, you have elected representatives who are bound to listen to reasoned argument. You are equally bound to make reasoned argument, when you advocate 2/2
@regnans @notgoingquieter @DrNic16 What is really ridiculous, is that there has been a dearth on reasoned discussion within the community over the past few months, ever since Vic went into its second lockdown, conversation degraded. Instead of calm, rational analysis of what had gone wrong to cause an outbreak 1/n
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