#DurgaPuja is for meeting up with friends, family. It's about getting together and generally having a good time. But Pujo also serves a very important purpose in a youngster's life. Many Pujo pandals actually serve as physical Tinder. Where you check out profiles.
+ Image
And then swipe either left or right and pray. This one goes back to mid 90s. I was in 1st year. We were group of 6-7 guys. There was one Suranjan (name changed). Slightly older than us. Now, he was an interesting character. Had the distinction of scoring in single digits in
+ Image
every paper for his XII boards.
This was a community Puja. And our distinguished friend was eyeing a girl for long. She was from Loreto & that in itself was enough to intimidate Suranjan. Given his impeccable academic record. But you know, jab pyaar kissi se hotaa hai....
On Shosthi he had made up his mind that he was going to take the plunge, come what may. This pujo would be memorable for him. But there was one problem. He WOULD propose in English (Loreto and stuff). He approached us in the afternoon, tora toh sob Englisey diggoj (you guys..
are punts in the Queen's language). We needed to write something for him. He'd memorize it and propose. There was no Google in those days. We referred a few books. And wrote 4-5 lines for our friend. That night, he went home happy.
#Saptami morning saw us in the pandal again.
+ Image
Suranjan was there. All confident. So was the girl. In all her pujo finery. One from our group overheard that she'd be going out with her friends in the evening. Or so he said. Suranjan was aghast. All that effort...do it now. We egged him. He was sweating. But go on. You've
memorized it. Just do it now. Yes.
And there went our friend...asked the girl politely, if she could spare minute. The girl agreed. They stepped a few metres away. And he did it. Next thing, the girl was laughing, uncontrollably so. Suranjan took an about turn and walked. Kept
+ Image
walking. We were a bit confused. Then we figured it out. The script read something like, "Under this moonlit night, beneath this tree ....", Only that it was 11:30 in the morning!
Needless to say Suranjan didn't speak to us till Diwali.

• • •

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