Bloodborne had an underrated idea.

Enough zombie apocalypses, werewolf apocalypse is new and fresh.
"Plague of werewolves spreading like wildfire, perhaps guided by a semi-feral cult, twisting victims into packs of blood-maddened killing machines and turning cities and forests alike into wildernesses of fear" is one hell of a hook.
You can even pull a Bloodborne and have it be caused by monstrous ritual or eldritch forces reducing the innocent afflicted to base hatred.

In an RPGNet thread I once argued, as part of my thesis vampires were less bad than werewolves, that werewolves could be seen as fascist.
Seemingly ordinary, outwardly virtuous people yielding - sometimes shamefully, sometimes gleefully - to empowering animal hatred to prey on "lessers" while acting on all their foulest and most base instincts - that's not vampires. The double life of hate mobs is ALL werewolf.

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12 Oct
So here's the thing, friend:

Jesus is not in the Torah. At all.

There is a Christian tradition of seeing precursors to Jesus, "foreshadowing" if you will, in the story of Isaac and elsewhere, but Jesus is not mentioned in the Torah at all.
I don't entirely blame the quoted OP for this because the Jesus' presence within the Torah mythological cycle is one of those things Christian commentary just kind of assumes, or directly inserts into translations or interpretations thereof - but it's not original.
Furthermore, there's a habit of assuming that (latter) Jewish texts hoping for the Messiah/Maschiach are hoping for Jesus.
They are not. The Messiah is not a sacrificial martyr or redeemer from original sin, he is a divinely inspired redeemer of the temporal world from injustice.
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12 Oct
It's kind of funny that when I ask "has BDS achieved any measurable result," people invariably throw up their hands after a superficial reference to South Africa's boycott - a VERY different situation in terms of economic & political standing.
Like I'm not even debating the whole "they're equivalent crimes" situation - it's not really useful to get involved in a pissing contest over relative wrongs when debating this w/adherents.

I'm just asking "Has BDS achieved any result other than aggrandized its participants?"
And like, if you've got measurable examples of goals achieved, please, show them to me!

But those goals need to be more than just "more people dislike Israel" or "more people are participating in BDS," they need to actually impact the lives of ordinary Palestinians.
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12 Oct
So, seems like the "cultural boycott" of Hebrew is confirmed, per Times of Israel contacting Sally Rooney's agent.…
So here's the thing, folks, at least in MY opinion this is basically just "yes, I am doing the boycott but it's good because BDS," as if nobody was aware that was obviously why Rooney was doing it.

She hasn't actually committed to anything. It's "yes, but."
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11 Oct
If you're triggered by another culture's language, much less another culture who have historically struggled to maintain their linguistic and cultural practices in the face of massive persecution, that's not a "them" problem.

And somehow it's ONLY Hebrew that gets seen this way.
English, despite many more sins under its speakers' collective belt than Hebrew, is never seen as "triggering". We do not see cultural boycotts of English literature, media, or speakers.

Because it's too dominant to do that, and Hebrew is a marginalized language easily targeted.
Fuckit, I'll say it!

This is the beating heart of the popularity of (eliminationist) antizionism as a faux-progressive litmus test. Not that Israel doesn't commit many sins, but it not only commits many sins but is also easily isolated w/minimal personal sacrifice. BDS is EASY.
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11 Oct
I mean maybe but I'm just gonna go there:

Even if Hebrew was the purely colonial invention antisemitic antizionists claim it is...

boycotting it would still be antisemitic bigotry.
No apologies, no weasel words.

Attempting to destroy a majority Jewish culture, or viewing mere participation in the language and social practices of that culture, is antisemitism. Period. End of statement. No ifs, no ands, no buts.
Boycotting an organization may or may not be a defensible and efficacious action.

You cannot boycott a language or a people and not be a bigoted piece of shit.
Read 12 tweets
11 Oct

"A cultural boycott of Israel" oh GET FUCKED.
Hot take: "cultural boycotts" of entire ethnic groups aren't legitimate activism, they're bigotry.
Condemning the Israeli government = fine.
Boycotting businesses involved in the occupation of the West Bank & Gaza = fine
Boycotting all Israeli businesses due to axiomatic belief Israeli state's existence is imperial = v. questionable.
Boycotting Hebrew = blatant antisemitism.
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