Adi Yogi & Maha Yogi
I am attempting to write a #Thread on Him ,who can never be defined with my limited knowledge, of what I have found in Love for Him

Shiva means The One that is present yet absent ,Auspicious despite everything inauspicious around Him
When Mata Sati was to be married, Narad ji told Raja Daksh that she would be married to a man, who belongs yet not belong to the the world,associated with all inauspicious things, yet as pure as purity could be
creates & destroys,Master of all beasts, humans, Devas & beyond
There is only one, Shiva🙏

Bhavani is the part of Bhav,meaning to be
Shiva & Shakti together created the Cosmos
Yin & Yang
Matter & Antimatter
cosmic integration of creation & destruction, symbolizing the Mortality of beings, everything  that's born wud perish
Shiva has Jata on his head,represents abstaining from physical glorification & penance
Its's so expansive that He held Ganga in it to save the world from drowning when brought to Earth
Gang Dhara also represents Crown Chakra that constantly replenishes the World with knowledge
Ardh Chandra on Mastak signifies the power of New Moon,that manifestation is constant
Moon also controls emotions, Half Moon thus representing that He is in touch with all his emotions & still beyond them!
Jata is held by a Snake holding knowledge & constant replishment of it
Forehead has a 3rd eye That represents the most activated for of Pineal gland, or third eye Chakra
The entire power of Yoga is centered around it!
Hence it remains half closed. For the complete opening of it would burn the entire Cosmos
Neel Kanth
It is believed that His throat is blue bcoz of Halahal that he drank during Samudra Manthan was held there by Vasuki Nag around His neck
Blue is also the colour of Throat Chakra

Shiva represents activated form of it ,the sound that created the Universe was Aum
Vasuki did Tapasya & Shiv ji was so happy with him that He wrapped Him around His neck
It's a symbol of alertness, Kundalini Shakti,Rebirth, Patience & penance
Vasuki was used for Samudra Manthan too signifying the power of Churning Wisdom !
That's painful yet liberating

Symbolizes 3 worlds& 3 states,dream, awake sleep
It also represents power of Trinity
Damru attached to Trident represents the playfulness & Innocence, eternal music that makes the world dance
Pashupati Nath is Lord of All beasts
Signifies oneness of all Living creatures
Each animal represents a power of human psychic
Pashupati Nath ji controls all of them!
The Mrig chal around his waist & Nandi Baba with Him represents it along with the Ghungru tied to His waist
BholeNath bcoz He is in touch with His Inner Child
He can be pleased very easily Hence Max places His Temples are found
He prefers Bel Patra,Shami,Dhatura, Aank,Majiri over the richest of Offerings bcoz He controls Nature

During Samudra Manthan among all other things,Jyeshtha
or Alaxmi was also obtained,who is the elder sister of Laxmi ji
married to Rishi Dussaha
But since she doesn't like anything Auspicious,she was told to live among Inauspicious things
She is said to worship Shiva for her plight
& to absolve Her
Shiva embodied all of those things
To absolve her
Interpretation that Shiva smoked W33d for enlightenment or to manage the pain of Drinking poison, can't be farthest from the truth
He controls all Chakras & indriyas, doesn't need it to achieve The state of Euphoria
He embodied those things to Save the world from all the Evils !
He is constantly in Trans & yet aware!
Bhasma on His body represents that at the end we all merge into Him
Hence He is also the controller of life in between,yonis in bet human form & Moksha !

Remember Resonance!
Natraj & Tandav Nritya are form of Creation & destruction
Circle around Natraj represents Cosmos, the circle of Life
While during Tandav, the beats of his feet resonate with that of the world!
Leading to destruction
Even The most enlightened Rishis couldn't describe Him
So I am a nobody
But what little I read from them ,I have tried to compile here
My sincere attempt to make people understand that calling Mahakal, being bound with intoxication or Ego or anything so small, is humiating the very existence of the Universe 🙏

• • •

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13 Aug
Today is #Nagpanchami2021
Sharing a beautiful #Story of today

#Snakes have been worshipped since ancient time in India
As they represent Rebirth, Mortality & knowledge!
#Kundalini energy inside us is also the coiled serpent
There has been huge attempt to defame them
2)King #Parikshit was Son of Abhimanyu
Once during his hunting,came across sage #Samika meditating
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Furious he placed a de@d snake on him.
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King Parikshit accepted his fate. But his ministers built a well guarded, single column mansion to keep him

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Now notice #Trend
Just before the protests, many leftist handles already started tweeting against #JaiShriRam
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9 Aug
It's considered the most sacred of all & is believed to give many benefits both health wise & spiritually !
Parad means Mercury (Hg). Which is the only noble metal found free on Earth
Bcoz of which it's believed to respresnt #SHIVA & swayambhu
On the other hand #Copper is believed to represent #Shakti
So when Mercury is fused with Copper to form #Shivling it's believed to be super charged & magical

There are places with parad shivling
They are believed to have healing properties &, ward off evil
Ravana was know to be a very established #Alchemist
Believed to have worshipped Parad Shivling to gain his power
Mercury finds place in many Hindu texts
Believed to be a power house that also interacts with the electromagnetic field of the earth hence influencing our Bodies
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The New UNESCO heritage site from India, #Dholavira
Why & what should u know?
Y'day PM @narendramodi took to microbolgging site to announce how happy he is about the new site being recognized. It's one of the many sites in India requested for preservation &recognition
Located in Khadir bet, Rann of Kutch , it is one of the largest #Harappan cities to be found

Why is it important?
It's considered grandest cities of its time, with the entire city lay out made of stones!

Recently it's been established that it was occupied from 3500  BCE
(Pre Harappan) to 1800 BCE (Late Harappan)

Meaning it should have been predecessor of Harappa!

Stretched on120 acres,city was well organized into 3 parts,depending on occupation of settlers
Citadel, middle & lower town

Each complete with it's own defence & street system
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24 Jul
The most interesting part of discovery of Sinauli was #SinauliChariot
It's a glorified reflection of how advanced our ancestors were in terms of Engineering
However, most people deny these chariots from being advanced #War chariots!
So lets compare them!
It's said that since there were no spokes on #SinauliChariot it couldn't be for War.

Function of spokes on a wheel was however to reduce the perpendicular force on the hub, at the same time reduce weight & prevent the Wheel from flattening!

But we aren't talking #Bicycle
We are talking about #Chariots pulled by horse Power!
Much comparable to Racing Cars these days!
Where aerodynamic pressure created on back wheels is immense
& to compensate that u need strength of the back wheels.
Now lets compare #SinauliChariot with #Mesopotamia pic 1 & 2
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Do u realise the link between ancient culture across globe?
How is #Hinduism related to ancient Egypt ?
Ans is through common propaganda of Maligning the ancient Symnolims by Abhr@hamic religions!

Do u know Goddess #Mut ?
Also spelled as #Maut or #Mout
Pronounced as मात
She is ancient Egyptian Goddess who was considered #Mother of entire world.
Mout literally means mother
She controlled fertility, oceans & lands
Later on reduced to just being mother of #Khonsu or moon God

She wore a double crown,for upper & lower Egypt
3) and vulture headress
She had her own temple & was the Goddess who was exclusively worshipped by #Priestesses
She was also known to control oceans, fertility & kingdoms
So the Priestesses were the Queen or Princesses
Pharoah or the King also worshipped Her for his lands
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