I reluctantly eat meat never pork, rarely beef, but mostly chicken, and drink milk - despite knowing its murder, delicious fucking murder of a sentient being, because well we are conditioned to eat it, and from a young age never see the process - which I compare to sanitised news
Our news is there, it never shows the savagery of anything, its parochial, sports and celebrity driven - and avoids the real news, cos well, dont want a politically educated viewer.
Much like a young meat eater, seeing a bolt gun to a lamb's head, its throat slit, and gutted erse to chin as its organs drap into blood filled bucket to become meat byproducts...

We would then think differently, about global and national politics - in a different way.
In an independent Scotland, if we serve only to allow a Scottish Govt, to have absolute powers over news and broadcasting - then we are preparing ourselves for the repeat of Westminster over broadcasting - used as a tool, if not a weapon, on the channel surfing masses.
That is if we can pry them away from mobile phones, and social media - the pretenders to the throne of BBC, Murdoch, Rotheremeres etc.

Or we can instead use those phones, as a means to have live consent democracy - turning our Holyrood janitors into deliverers of OUR mandates
To date theres no political party offering "true" devolution of power to the people, some govts may have the occasional referendum, maybe a propostion or two on ballots - but there is none offering to lose their power, to digital world we are now used to using for voting.
Its not because the electorate are stupid, cough brexit/ndy ref - its because of conditioning, from the aforementioned Govts and media, able to kneejerk a response "desired" from the voters - and deliver a govt to supply.

They, corporate govt, know exactly what to say, and when.
2 decades of blaming the EU for successive different Govts failures as Westminster Govt - tropes became hate, hate became jingoism, and jingoism became the return of xenophobia and racism.

Phase 2 of course is (re)recreating that "British" pride, with promises undeliverable.
Buy British, British Jobs for British workers, Tv with a decade already of "the great british" this and than that means brexit was a long term plan - so the question then is, by whom - and the answer can only be, by those keen to destablise the state, then profit from its carcass
And by now ye ken why I started this thread with butchery and abattoir - are you Lambs to the slaughter, or are you willing to starve and pick from the fields - for a farmer that voted like a turkey for breXmas?

That is until he is bankrupted, because of USAgricorp imports.

• • •

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9 Oct
the overall point of refusing to recognise Scotland has never stopped being a nation, means that it cant leave a voluntary treaty as one - if it is a region.

I warned that the Scotland Acts replaced the act of union, and many of you chose to ignore it.
So that means there is only one recognised route, to the restoration of Scotland's nationhood - re all the powers of a state.

And thats what I have said for 4 fucking years - the Thatcher route - using first past the post, and a majority of SNP MPs with a mandate to leave the UK
Its of my opinion that there will be a General Election next Autumn, or the following spring - and if the SNP are unwilling to revert back to using FPTP, in Westminster, the "mother parliament" as a means to deliver a mandate FOR leaving - then its long past its sell by date.
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18 Sep
after 20 odd years of devolution, many have came to the conclusion its worse than Westminster Rule - some indy minded included

That's devolution, where England lost no powers of its own, but gained even more by defining our partially devolved ones for us, as a means of complaint
Thats 3 political parties ran by for and from another country, that created when in power the "unwritten" constitution, devolution, which then demands we use partially devolved powers to mitigate the polices they created in Westminster, we had no control over, or power to reject.
That should in theory be a "what the actual fuck" moment - but no, it isnt.

Whats there instead is loyalism, unionism, and working class conservatism - borrowed from Labour, whom did the same called Blairism.
Read 4 tweets
17 Sep
Look if yer gonny go all "ferret says false" about Scotland getting back less than the tax it generates, based on GERS - ye have, like the ferret, fucking failed.

You cant call ESTIMATES facts, to be fact checked

Right there - it lost its credibility to be called a fact checker
Westminster keeps no REAL data on tax vs spending - it "offers" what real world economists would call a fairytale. And the said article takes that as granted, as accurate, attributing a falsehood to what is exactly the same - an opinion by Mike Russell.
But all we need to do, to gauge a somewhat more "accurate" estimate, is look at similar sized INDEPENDENT nations economies - which has no oil, Ireland/Denmakr or had no theft of it by its neighbour re Norway.
Read 6 tweets
15 Sep
Those commenting on "inflation" boy do I have news for you, its not the highest in a decade at all, how its measured has always been adjusted so you dont KNOW the real level of inflation.

Housing for example, has went up 50% in a decade, and car prices are heading to 100%.
Wages in that time, pensions too, havent kept up - what you and I have seen instead is stagnation, where the pound in our pocket has also seen tax rises, also not included in inflation.

In appeasing and bailing out banks for failure, theres a storm coming.
In 2006 warnings went unheard, with casino banking, as Gordon Brown continued the neoliberal model he purported to be against, with "no more boom and bust", deregulating the banks - then bailing them out, and allowing the other inflation "mortgage books" to continue.
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10 Aug
Currently 32.4% of taxation collected in Scotland is in the form of taxes under the control of the Scottish parliament and 67.6% of all taxation collected in Scotland goes directly to the UK government in taxation that is a reserved matter of the UK parliament.
Prof Brian Ashcroft University of Strathclyde studied figures from the Scottish Government and found that extra spending per capita,Barnet, was almost exactly cancelled out by extra tax revenue between 1980/81 and 2011/2012.

Statistics for more recent years are not available.
Including "taxation denied us aka stealth theft and stealth taxes", and the "geographic share of North sea oil anomaly, plus oil from unknown region accounting" - Scotlands tax income surpasses 80 billion a year.

And thats based on the Westminster taxation model, not a new one.
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9 Aug
Bout time I reapeated this.

If you want a better state pension, then you make politicians pensions the same level as it, with the same claiming age.

If you want council housing, see councillors living in them and as an only home for life - solves two things that wan.
AND if you want to keep, and have a better NHS, when yer a politician, you cant use private healthcare - nor can your immediate family for the duration.

Nor can you be a shareholder, or director, in any companies AT ALL.
What the UK has is a parliament of English democratic dictatorship, consisting of 40% of the politicians being in millionaire households, deciding housing policy as landowner/landlord/developer, subsidy as shareholders/directors of private capital, running the NHS as privateers
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