*sees a friend's engagement party on status, 2 days ago*

Me: oh, wow!! Congrats Jenny.
Jenny: I don't know what I'm doing, Gift.🥺
Me: pardon?
J: Yea, I have no idea what I'm doing. fuck! I don't even know if he's the one.
Me: how many are they?
J: I didn't want to embarrass him.🥺
I'm seeing two guys; a Lagos guy and this one. Been dating the lagos guy for over 7 years, 2 years before I got into uniben.
I met this one here in uniben.
Gift, I never thought things will get this deep between us...
...I was hoping it'd be some sort of friends with benefit, you know?
He was so nice, I wanted him to be a side dude.
But with time, I grew to love him. He so hardworking.🥺

Me: if you're this deep in love with him, you gotta let the Lagos guy go then🤷🏾‍♂️
J: I can't!😭😭
I love him too. We've known for over 7yrs now, he's the sweetest man on earth!
I can't let him go, Gift. He's been my backbone all through my years in school. He so handsome. Bought the iPhone I use

*she sends two pics; the two guys*
...just compare the two, and see for yourself.
God! I feel miserable. What do I do?
I was shocked at the engagement party.

Me: hmm...you know you gotta choose one eventually, the pain is inevitable.

J: I don't wanna make a mistake, Gift. I don't!😭
Me: Tbh, they're the ones making a mistake.

J: ouch!🥺

Me: True. 7 yrs, you've known the lagos guy, he literally trained you in school, been there all the way. Bought you the iPhone 11 you currently use.
And gave you everything! How did you reward him?
J: hey, common Gift. You make it sound like it's intentional, I don't take him for granted, but he's not always here. He's in lagos! I couldn't cope, "body no be firewood na". I was lonely and needed someone, you know?
All these were never planned.
Me: damn jenny... I have a lot to say to you. I mean, I'm sure he'd have no problem coming over as often as you wanted, if you had communicated. I think you did what you did cos you wanna, no excuses. I'm not buying any of it.

J: fuck! What have I done?
Me: sooner or later, the lagos guy is gonna see your engagement party online, It'll hurt more. The damage is done, tell him already.

J: nah...I don't think he'll see it. I blocked him from viewing my status. He didn't see it.

Me: lol, ok.
*this morning, she called me...crying over the phone*

J: Gift, I'M FINISHED!!! OMG! Gift he saw it. My Benin man uploaded it on Facebook, I didn't knowwwww. He called me now!😭💔💔💔

Me: what did he say?

J: he asked if that was me. Gift, he is broken 💔
...he asked me why? God, I'm finished.
My dad has called me to come home immediately. He's not in support of me marrying from Benin.
What have I done?
I'm losing my mind, Gift. I can't live without him!(the lagos guy).
I can't, Gift. God I'll kill myself!
Me: This was inevitable. I feel really bad for him. Damn!
I have no words for you, Jenny. No comforting words.
You're an adult, actions have consequences.
I'd have been the 3rd guy, you know?
You lied about every darn thing! I left unscathed, thankfully.
J: I'm really sorry Gift, everyday I regret how I lied to you. I did love you, I didn't want to lose you.u were so different and adventurous.
I'm such a mess.

Me: You have a weird definition of love. And I agree to your last sentence.
But this isn't about me
...go see your dad.
Don't think about killing yourself, it solves nothing.
Confront the situation, accept whatever outcome you get, come out from hiding, be honest to all parties involved.

J: I'm not going to survive this. My heart's failing.

Me: You will.
Please, let me add this here. This is very important to me. Help, if you can.🙏🏾

• • •

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