📜 Forgotten Battles — Battle of Narmada 1705 CE ⚔️

Maratha Sarsenapati Khanderao Dabhade vs. Mughals🚩

When 8,000 Marathas destroyed 24,000 Mughal - Koli Army with 0 casualties in ONE SINGLE Day!

A Classic example of how Marathas destroyed Mughal Empire using Ganimi Kava 🔥
During the phase of Maratha victory over Mughals in 27 Years War of Hindu Liberation, Mughal General Muhammad Beg Khan was sent from Ahmadabād city to stop and counter the Maratha advance.

Sarsenapati Khanderao Dabhade was one of the two Maratha heroes deployed in the North.
Muhammad Beg Khan and 10-12 Mughal Sardars were deployed with 13,000-14,000 Regular Mughal Cavaliers in addition with 10,000 Kolis.

Sarsenapati Khanderao sent forth some Maratha Squadrons to harass this army, who were attacked by over 20,000 Mughal horsemen & retired 2-3 Koses.
Muhammad Beg believed he had won an easy victory scattering away the cowardly Marathas.

The 24,000 strong Mughal-Koli army camped by the Narmada river, having unsaddled their horses, disarmed in their siestas.

From a distance Maratha Recons had observed all this.
Sarsenapati Khanderao timed this moment with the tide flow of Narmada river, and charged the slow-witted Mughal camp with 8,000 Maratha Cavaliers.

The Mughals were shook from their slumber and tried to flee by crossing the Narmada but got swept away by the strong currents.
The entire army was thus smashed with all 24,000 Mughals & Kolis and over 12 Mughal Sardars either killed or captured by Marathas, or drowned in Narmada.

This was accomplished in ONE single day. A barely recorded, random battle from 27 Years War. A testament to Maratha warcraft.

•A History of the Maratha People Vol. II, C.A. Kincaid, pages 110-111
•Muntakhāb-Ul-Lubab of Khafi Khan, trans. in Elliot's History of India according to it's own Historians - Muhammad Period, Vol. VII, pg. 375-376

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12 Oct
👑 Mahratta Contribution to Tirupati Mandir ⭐

On 1740 CE, Hindupati Padshah Chattrapati Shahu Maharaja deployed Senasahebsubah Raghujiraje Bhonsale with an army of 40,000 Marathas

Mission: To crush Nawab Dost Ali Khan who harassed Hindus of Tamizh Nadu.
The new Nizam, Nasir Jung, hated Chanda Sahib as well, and so worked with Senasahebsubah in providing logistics along with countless local Hindu Poligars to the Maratha army.

The Mysuru Wadiyar Raja had also begged Marathas come destroy Chanda Sahib on formal invitation.
As Marathas of Hindupat Padshahi had to avenge the humiliation of Tanjavur Choladeshadhipati Bhonsale Maratha kingdom, the Marathas attacked the Nawab.

Senasahebsubah Raghujiraje killed Nawab Dost Ali Khan & his son Hassan Ali in the fierce Battle of Damalcheruvu.
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11 Oct
Produce whole detail of the Treaty, OliveGreens.

Subehdar Ranojirao Shinde came second in bureaucratic hierarchy to Peshwa who recieved the yielded Malwa Subah of Mughals in return for registering as Mansabdar at Delhi Darbar.

If Peshwa dissatisfied Badshah, Subehdari would...

Could still ONLY go to Peshwa's lieutenants, (Who were already granted Saranjams in Malwa by Chattrapati Shahu Maharaja), who were next in hierarchy.

In short, Malwa would remain under Maratha Sardars' domain in perpetuity regardless of any future excuses by Delhi Badshah.
Gwalior *FORT* had "Mussalmān Gaddi" if any, NOT Gwalior Kingdom.

There's not ONE primary source to support existence of this term.

Shindes ruled as Lieutenants of Peshwa of the Chattapati. Shindes did NOT even occupy Gwalior directly until Ambaji Ingle yielded it in 1803 CE.
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10 Oct
🔥RAREST IMAGE — A Maratha in Armour ⚔️

Illustration of an Armed Indian Hindu Maratha retainer of Raja Hindurao Ghatge 👑
This is one of the few illustrations found of Marathas in armour:

•Chārāinā Cuirass.
•Dastana Gauntlet with Red Velvet Flap.
•Topé Helmet with Aventail. Image
Weaponry popular in North India during the period of Maratha Empire🚩

And beautiful sets of Indian armour, commonly worn by Maratha Shiledars:

The Chārāinā Cuirass,
Dastāna Gauntlets,
Khulākhud Topé Helmets.

Maratha Huzurat had it's own unique Uniform-Issued Design Armour. ImageImageImageImage
The Indian Hindu Maratha Huzurat Armour, Headgear with Aventail ⚔️ ImageImageImageImage
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10 Oct

Maratha Navy Grand Admiral Sar-I-Khel Kanhoji Angre Sakpal composed this response to President of British East India Company.

Offers exclusive look at Maratha Statecraft Philosophy on
Violence, Punishment, & More! Image
FIRST Letter to the British 📜

24th May, 1724 CE. To East India Company President William Phipps.

By Sarkhel Kanhojiraje Angre, asking the British for a ceasefire, for sake of innocent locals' security.

Kanhoji nobly speaks of how poor local people suffered in these conflicts. Image
British Response Letter SUMMARY —

• The British accused Angre of following policy of Anti-merchantile avaricious aggressions (against them).

• The British "believed" Sarkhel Kanhoji could become world renowned & his cities equal to Surat if:

1. Angres favoured commerce... ImageImage
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5 Oct
🔥 FULL UNEDITED Speech of Peshwa Bajirao Bhat in Hindupati Padshah Chattrapati Shahuji Maharaja's Darbar 👑

And RAREST illustration of Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath and Peshwa Bajirao Bhat as a teenager 🚩
Only parts of the famous speech in Satara Darbar have been seen here & there. Today for the FIRST time the whole speech is presented here, a speech that changed history:

"The Mughal power is lying prostrate, it is nearing its end, it is torn up by factions & internecine feuds...

The Badshah desires to bolster up his throne with our support. Your Majesty speaks of Nizam breaking the treaty (1719 CE) and commencing hostilities. But he is of no account.

Aurangzeb when a prince, reduced the Subah of Aurangabad and resided there...
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4 Oct
"...The very name of the Marathas creates such a terror that entire Asia trembles when it is mentioned..."

— Portuguese dispatch on the Maratha Empire's Might in 1746 CE 🔥

SOURCE: Portuguese-Marathe Sambandh, Pandurang Pissurlenkar, trans. PR Kakodkar, pp - 440 (1975 CE)
The Complete Dispatch of the Portuguese 📜

SOURCE: Portuguese-Marathe Sambandh, Pandurang Pissurlenkar, trans. PR Kakodkar pp - 440, 1975
The Bhonsale KhemSawants of Sawantwadi fiercely opposed the Xtian Colonial fanatics.

KhemSawant Bhonsales would slay brainwasher missionary Padres & destroy Portuguese churches in retaliation.

The Portuguese changed their name from Khem Sawant to Quemar Santo (Saint-Burner) 🔥
Read 4 tweets

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