Okay, I'll stop ranting in a ,minute..

But did a UNION, just seriously claim that 'employment rights' are being 'INSTRUMENTALISED.'

You know, if you were not stanning for an alleged rights movement that is trying to enforce its political program on this country by threatening people's jobs, maybe people wouldn't be worrying about the employment rights of women who believe women exist, would they???

You one job is to protect the employment rights and conditions of the workers you represent.

Not side with a neoliberal individualist movement of spoilt brats threatening people's fucking jobs.
Jesus, my brain cannot actually process how through the looking glass this it.

It's somehow so axiomatic of the distortion of words, concepts, institutions, processes, happening everywhere...



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13 Oct
It took me a good part of my twenties to sort through the internalised shit I had about being a woman. Feminism helped. So did acknowledging the violent shit I had experienced because I was female. And realising it wasn't my fault.
Today I never for a second wish I was anything other than a woman. I wish the world treated women better with all my heart, and I will fight for it till my last breath.

But women are fucking amazing. And if this fight has shown us anything, it is that the entire power structure
has no fucking idea how strong, and determined, and creative, and resourceful, and intelligent, and fierce, and passionate, and supportive, and loving, and no fucks giving women can be.

You confused us with your projections.

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13 Oct
1. The purpose of trade unions is to represent the interests of workers against employers and other threats to their working conditions. That's it. That is what they are for.

2. Lesbian women are not 'the power structure.' Female people arguing that female people should not be
erased in law are not 'the power structure.' A political movement that has managed to capture almost all of our public institutions, including your union, in less than a decade, and is supported by the police, the military, the security services, and many large corporations may
however, in fact, be 'the power structure.' How the hell do people who think they are leftists end up deciding lesbian feminist women are the power structure and an enormous political movement with unprecedented civic and corporate support is anti status quo. This is QAnon
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12 Oct
This thread is the clearest expression so far of what has been evident for a long time, that OJ's views on the trans issue are entirely informed by the belief that it is the same as being gay, and by his own identification and projection from that perspective.
1. People who have a problem with their kids being gay are wrong. Because there is nothing harmful about being gay. Medicalising children under the aegis of an unscientific ideology about gender identity is NOT THE SAME.
If OJ was able to stop and listen and think for one second about the compare and contrast here, it would be evident that these issues are not the same.

But he can't, because he can't think past his identification with the narrative as HIS narrative. janeclarejones.com/2018/09/09/gay…
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12 Oct
Oh goodie. The last one was an absolutely copper-bottomed rendition of trans ideological memes. It's such a good condensation I use it as a teaching example.
Is that evil transphobic purple lightening thoughts being emitted by an evil transphobic brain???
Let's just start with an assertion. And assertion that the movement for the liberation of female people is actually the movement for the liberation of trans people.

Feminism's job is to fight for EVERBODY's freedom, especially if those people are male, and irrespective of
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7 Oct
Oh the fucking layers of dimwitted irony.

1. So, after years of screaming blue fucking murder any time a women's rights poster or sticker or ribbon appears, suddenly you care about posters being removed.

2. What does 'debating the validity of trans lives' even mean. Lives are
not valid or invalid. The question is whether trans identification overrides sex, and whether the whole of public life should be reorganised on that basis. People who are oppressed on the basis of sex have a perfectly legitimate interest in that question.
3. Thinking that you get to redefine women and women have no right to say anything about it is the most egregious display of patriarchy we have seen in our lifetimes.

There is a debate.

And women refusing to be redefined by patriarchal diktat is fucking feminism.
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4 Oct
Thank you for providing an axiomatic articulation of so many trans ideological tropes to support our growing documentation of policy capture at the highest national and international levels.
'Colonialism invented the gender binary' check.
'Despite this pamphlet being a perfect recitation of trans ideological tropes there is no gender identity ideology and anyone who says there is a conspiracy theorist who probably got it from a bunch of conservative Christians.'
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